Missing health information 12 JUL 2013

My goal is to remind us that many ancient effective cures are being ignored. Over the years, natural remedies have been taken out of the books & are easy for us to forget. For instance, comfrey, which has the ability to knit together tissue, promote cell growth, reduce swelling and assist varicose veins, has been semi-forgotten. Another natural healing agent is Epson salts. I don’t think Epson salts and magnesium (in the various forms it is put in for internal use) have been forgotten by the public, because they are for sale in the stores, but I notice that many of my modern reference books like “Healing Without Medication” do not mention either the comfrey or the Epson salts. Considering that an Epson salt bath provides magnesium which is important for athletes, and is great to eliminate cramps, I would expect that my reference book “Men’s Health Total-Body Health & Fitness Guide” would mention it; but it doesn’t. How often do we read of the medicinal uses of honey, apple cider and clay? Certain clays can pull out the poison of a mosquito bite, or help the stomach with toxins. All around the world natural home remedies are used, what surprises me is that books purporting to be reference books leave so many of these old remedies out. How many know the anti-bacterial benefit of sliced onions on wounds?
In the Word we read of a healing poultices clear back in 2 Kgs 20:7 (c. 713 B.C.) and healing ointment in ISA 1:6 (c. 760 B.C.). In Ezekiel 47:12, we read “Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine.” Similar things can be found in the ancient Hindu scriptures. The point is that the use of natural remedies is ancient. My question is how well do modern people know about the thousands of natural remedies…in our modern rat races and dependence upon the highly paid professional experts are we losing track of these effective God-given “old” methods?
Some of my close friends are amazing sources of information on natural remedies & how to do preventive medicine. It seems to me that somehow the kind of information they know needs to get out to more people. I’ve found firsthand that there are some very bright medical people who don’t have a clue about many basic things. And many in the truth movement are suffering ills that need not be. On the other hand, we also have to deal with fakers & scams who want to pretend to know something. I am concerned that all of us are going through so much needless suffering because of the lack of knowledge. Reminds me of the verse in God’s Word, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”


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