An update (posted 7/24/2015). This post will provide new info on various aspects of the mind control, incl. military patents that relate to Operation Jade Helm 15 & the mind control aspects involved with it. This post will also touch on other m.c. concepts.

ZOMBIES. The concept of mind controlled zombies is not new. A few years ago the Russian Defense Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov caught people’s attention when he described Russia’s new weapons: “The development of weaponry based on new physics principles – direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, and so on – is part of the state arms procurement program until 2020.” “Psychotronic” weapons are amazing mind control instruments that use energy waves to control the targeted person’s behavior, essentially creating a “zombie.” You can learn more about the American version of this at the link provided: it deals with U.S. military patents for devices that can: a. read & manipulate brain waves from satellites, and b. that will allow computers to interface with the human mind via satellite with what is called artificial telepathy. The link to watch this youtube video presenting this information on these patents is:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-KuFtbRerM . This youtube video will also link these mind control devices to Jade Helm.

HAITI, THE ORIGINAL SOURCE OF ZOMBIES. As some readers are well aware, Haiti is a nation whose national religion is voodoo. Those readers who have read my mind control books may also be aware that Haiti was the first entire nation to be placed under trauma-based mind control. The voodoo priesthoods were “infiltrated” with men loyal to the intelligence assets that carried out the t.b.m.c. The secret voodoo societies of Haiti were co-opted by the programmers of the t.b.m.c. One of the tactics of the voodoo priests is to give a special poison to a person to make him look dead, and after he is buried, then dig him up, resuscitate him & then control the “zombie” via mind control. This gives the voodoo priests lots of credibility with their gullible controlled populations. Those who want more info on the voodoo priests can read Wade Davis’ book The Serpent & the Rainbow. Those who want to deal with internal zombies in a t.b.m.c. alter system might try giving the zombies saltwater. Of course, writing such a thing gives the other side notice of what is being done, and they may conduct countermeasures. This means the deprogrammer needs to be creative to discover what vulnerabilities the internal zombies have.

HOMOSEXUALITY. The mystery religions said that the deities were androgynous..that was one of their secrets. Homosexuality is said to be “natural” and has been claimed to aid in the evolutionary advancement of the soul. Not only is the Illuminati the continuation of the mystery religions…and for that reason alone they are supportive of homosexuality…but they also like it because of the negative side effects that deter the victim from wanting to be spiritually a follower of Christ…and that it helps control the population. Homosexuality is a standard feature of the programming, and as the percentage of the population subjected to the t.b.m.c. increases, it is only natural that homosexuality has also—not to mention all the additives in our food and water that contribute to it.

SPIRIT GUIDES. Children being raised in the Illuminati are given spirit guides. Spirit guides & guiding aliens can reside on the astral plane, or they can reside internally under the label one’s “higher self” or one’s angel. Altered states are used to interact with these guiding spirits. You will notice that various musicians & authors claim that their material came to them from their spirit guide. Richard Bach is an example of this; he says his spirit guide gave him his books of fiction on the astral plane.

MOVIES USED FOR PROGRAMMING. It appears to me that the trilogy of movies of The Hunger Games, which are based on a trilogy of books reportedly written by Suzanne Collins, serve as a programming prop for building internal worlds—esp. the second movie’s death games of the Quarter Quell, with an artificial world with artificial manufactured weather that occurs periodically. The main person in it all is Katniss…and it is so typical of the programming for the Delta & Beta alters to see themselves as cats and cat like. Collins says she was inspired by Greek mythology. In t.b.m.c. occult items like candles (used to tap into occult energy), mirrors (representing the goddess) and bells (occult creative power) also find their way into the internal programming. The ankh was an Egyptian hand mirror (aka the mirror of Venus). TBMC Programmers like Michael Aquino claim that Satanism comes from the mystery religions of Egypt & Babylon. One can expect lots of Egyptian themes in Aquino’s mind controlled victims.

FAKE HELP BY OTHERS & LIMITS TO MY RESOURCES. An ex-t.b.m.c. programmer tells me that false places of refuge are to be set up…the concept is for the controllers to play both sides of things. Well, this is not a new concept. When one reads the book 1984, that is exactly what Big Brother does…if you try to escape…you escape to Big Brother’s manufactured-controlled opposition. I have seen firsthand how corrupt the professional therapeutic community is. Many people recognize that I am sincere in fighting against the mind control. Every day it seems another t.b.m.c. victim, or a targeted individual asks me to help them. An example of just one of dozens read like this, “Please sir they are attempting to sacrifice me in a major ritual you have to help me.” Except for the power of prayer, I have little power to stop powerful evil people. Some expect that I can go into court & testify on their behalf. What people don’t realize is that I am in no position to help survivors of mind control. My testimony in court would do more harm than good—people need to remember I was sent to prison for “bank robbery”—(actually in court they only accused me of knowing about a bank robbery…aiding & abetting…and they already had the bank robber in custody who said I had nothing to do with it…but the Feds later wrote it up as if I did it.) What a survivor needs is a safe place & a support system. While some feel that long range therapy is helpful, my experience (and others also) has shown that it creates more problems than solves.

ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN. The secrets of the occult world seem to be quite vast. Here are some secrets about 47 and the golden proportion that someone recently shared with me. Albrecht Durer wrote that “Measurement with Rule & Compass” is “the true foundation for all painting”. Salvador Dali wrote in “Fifty Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship”: “I tell you here, young painter, yes, yes, yes, and Yes! you must, especially during your adolescence, make use of the geometric science of guiding lines of symmetry to compose your pictures. I know that painters of more or less romantic tendency claim that these mathematical scaffoldings kill an artist’s inspiration, giving him too much to think & reflect upon. Do not hesitate at that moment to answer them that on the contrary it is in order not to have to think and reflect upon them that you make use of the properties, unique and of a natural magic, derived from the wise use of the golden section, and called the divina proporzione by Luca Pacioli in his memorable book, the most important of all aesthetic treatises…As I do not wish you to spend days and killing hours which you might devote to painting at your mathematical calculations, I shall now reveal to you the secret of the compass – and this is Secret Number 47 – by means of which you will be able automatically to find as many golden sections as you wish…” I added this paragraph as an example of how the more one learns about the occult world—the more one sees it all around us. And these items of the occult are often woven into the m.c. programming.

And may we continue to fight for freedom of the mind. (Amen.)


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