MILITARY PERFORMANCE PREDICTIONS: Russia & the Ukraine. This post is a discussion of how the Russian military can & will operate if it is used. The Russian military this weekend seized the Ukraine’s only sub & their fleet flagship. They also seized an Ukrainian airforce base & a naval base, & have moved 2 divisions to the border of eastern Ukraine, perhaps giving them as much as 60,000 troops on the eastern border as well as good units in the Crimea.

THREATENING THE ILLUMINATI. In a related incident, Viscount Etienne Davignon, one of the top Illuminati kingpins who sits on the Bilderberger Steering Committee, was threatened by Putin & had to leave Moscow. Davignon is from Belgium, was chrmn. of the Illum. Societe Generale de Belgique, and a mmbr. of the European Round Table of Industrialists. Putin is strutting his stuff threatening powerful men like Davignon.

PUTIN APPEALS TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. He is feeding off of their anger & pride, and is their Vozhd (leader—a word similar to fuhrer). His bully charm and air of authority captures their imaginations. After the collapse of the USSR’s empire, the Russian people felt defeated & humiliated. Putin (like Stalin) has direct control over the military & its 90 secret cities that produce advanced weaons. He is bullying from his perceived position of strength.

The situation in the region of the Ukraine is looking increasingly like the middle of Europe when Hitler became militarily aggressive. The Rheinland, Austria, Sudetenland, Danzig, Memel, Alsace-Lorraine were all areas w/ Germans, providing him a ready pretext for aggression. Now Putin has a similar situation, where ethnic Russians can provide him a pretext for invasions. Putin has the Pro-Russian Moldavians in the Trans-Dniester region, and the pro-Russians in eastern Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia to legitimize his need for aggression. The Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia are seriously concerned because they see a pattern of aggression that may lead up to Russia invading them like it did in 1940.

Based on my decades of familiarity with military science, I can provide some worthwhile comments on how the Russian military works. What we saw in the Crimea was classic Russian tactics, where the special forces (Spetsnaz) made an exceptionally quick move into the Crimea before any reaction could take place from the other side. The Spetsnaz have been agitating things in the Ukraine for the last decade, and 16 of them were arrested on March 14 in the Ukrainian Zaporizhia region. The fact that Russian Spetsnaz troops are moving around in the Ukraine means that Putin is providing himself with the capability of an invasion. These special forces would seize important transportation/communication centers quickly. They would also suppress Ukrainian troops from holding keys points, and they might also assassinate key Ukrainian military figures. These special forces are much more brutal than Amer. special forces & have a history of moving fast & hard. When Russia invaded Japan’s Manchuria in Aug. ’45, their Spetsnaz troops moved so quickly that w/in hours they came into the room where Japan’s army generals were planning ops; they surprised the generals so fast they captured them all.

WEAPONS. Russia’s 800,000 army is supported by hundreds of attack helicopters & their T-90A main battle tanks. In recent years, they have been increasing the no. of attack helicopters. Their tanks are protected by explosive reactive armor (ERA) like Kontakt-5, plus the Shtora & Arena protective systems. The ERA are dangerous to infantry in the vicinity of the tank, but the survivability of individual Russian soldiers is unimportant, only the mission is important. The Ukraine, upon independence, wanted their arms industry independent of Russia and re-designed the T-80, into the T-84 variants which are diesel tanks (rather than gas like the Russia model). They also use the ERA and the Shtora and have 271 T-80s, and a handful of T-84s, to face 400 T-90 MBTs of Russia. While the Ukrainian tank numbers look fine, bear in mind, the Russia airforce with about 1,000 fighters, 600 strike aircraft (which would be used against tanks) and about 181 strategic bombers, would gain air dominance rather quickly. Whoever controls the air over a battlefield almost always wins. Russia also has drones by the way. Russian troops would reach Moldavia quickly, and we’d see another annexation like Crimea’s.

THE NATURE OF WAR W/ NATO. Should the war escalate to fighting NATO, then we would see the recent secret arms developments of Russia. Putin is working from a secret military superiority, while his economy is in shambles. Because he has no economic base from which to conduct a modern war, he needs a quick victory like the Axis powers in WW 2 sought. Like Hitler in WW 2, Putin doesn’t realize that the Brits & Americans, if attacked, don’t give up. From what I can read of the situation, he has some poor ideas of how Americans think. The Russian military drafts young men, & typically keeps them for some short period—it used to be 2 yrs. Then they take the equipment that they were trained with, store it permanently so that if they reactivate those same men, they can use the equipment they were trained on. On paper they have 2 million reserves, but in reality they have tens of millions of reserves with partially obsolete equipment stockpiled to equip them. The shock of large numbers of hard hitting mobile Russian troops would tear apart NATO, even though the Russians would experience casualties that the Europeans & Americans would for themselves not deem acceptable. While NATO’s airforce (w/ America’s airforce) would be superior to Russia’s, that might be the reason Russia employs their secret weapons.

This has been a review of recent aggressions by Putin, & a summary of why he feels like he is acting from a position of strength. Any rational person would realize that a war would be a disaster for everyone, esp. Russia. Hitler’s generals tried to talk him out of starting a war in 1939, but once it was successful they enjoyed it, until they realized they were headed for ruin. Likewise, Putin’s advisors will be loyal, & if he starts something, it will take utter ruin to change their minds. Let’s hope the ghosts of WW 2 are still prevalent enough in Russia that they remember the horrors of the last world war.


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