This post reflects my conclusions on the MIB for the edification of those who try to understand our World & the Illuminati better. For those who have the card game Illuminati you will notice that one of the cards is “Men In Black”. The card portrays them as they are typically reported: dressed completely in black incl. a black hat, black sunglasses, a black tie, and black shoes, w/ (sometimes) a white shirt, and an intimidating look.

First, we must recognize that behind all the UFO & MIB reports are a multitude of different explanations…in both kinds of reports we do have some of these phenomena which actually involve real 3D people & 3D anti-gravity craft. Evidence exists that some govt. agents have dressed as MIB, & our govt. does have anti-gravity saucer shaped craft. However, probably most reports of UFO’s & MIB are not based on actual 3D people, machines or normal event. This post will cover some of the other reasons for MIB reports, as well as some history of the phenomena.

Albert Bender, an occultist who was into Eliphas Levi (who was into spirits as a Mason, SRIA etc.) & satanist Aleister Crowley, was the person who started the MIB mythos. Bender lived in Bridgeport, Conn. (which is approx. 15 miles so. of Sandy Hook). Bender started the first UFO investigator group. He also appears to have been MPD from accounts of how he acted. His accounts of MIB are woven into stories that are obviously silly fantasy. Supposedly, MIB visited him in ’53 & that caused him to shut his IFSB research group down. A known hoaxer Gray Barker gave Bender’s sci-fi MIB stories a wide audience with his book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. In it, Barker claimed that the MIB were agents of the U.S. govt. perhaps the FBI. At this point, there wasn’t anything factual about the MIB. But once the mythos took hold in the public’s consciousness, then govt. agents in both the U.K. and U.S. took advantage of it to dress up as MIB and easily intimidate people. Also the non-govt. investigative group NICAP is known to have taken advantage of the mythos to help their investigations into UFO reports by appearing as MIB. The first two decades of MIB reports are very connected to people involved in the occult. In 1997, Hollywood brought out Men In Black starring Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones (& a sequel in 2002) where the U.S. govt. has a covert operation to hide the large alien presence on earth. This whole alien thing is actually part of a larger long-term alien deception operation, basically layers of lies.

After Bender’s & Barker’s books on MIB, others have picked up the subject and wrote book on MIB, incl. Tim Green Beckley (‘60’s, 2010), Jerome Clark (’80), Jenny Randles (’97) & Jim Keith (’97). Numerous articles (esp. in UFO magazines) & webpostings have come out on the subject also. Most of the sightings are in the U.S. & U.K., although I know of one in Mex. There are some common themes to the reports, but height is not one of them, the reports have short, medium & tall MIB. Often the MIB simply disappear. The person relating the story often has missing time (m.c.??), and the MIB appear in order to intimidate the person not to continue researching UFO’s, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. They often tell the person not to report a sighting, which in many cases the person does anyway, after telling people they were told not to by the MIB. At times, MIB is simply a PSYOP operation w/in the occultists in intell. groups who connect w/ the Illum. The stated mission of the MIB is not the true purpose.

Some of the MIB reports line up with occult/demonic activity reported around the world for centuries. Evil spirits have often materialized in black clothes. The Loch Ness monster seems to have occult abilities because numerous reports claim their working cameras malfunctioned. A researcher into Loch Ness, Patrick Kelly is a desc. of Edward Kelly the magician accomplice of Sir John Dee, who I mention in some of my books (like Bloodlines). Patrick Kelly’s father met with Crowley. Again we see part of the occult web that surrounds the whole phenomena. Another example, in Apr. 2008, a Wiccan priestess has a MIB experience. Fairies & Jinns were often black clothed. So in some cases, these occultists may be summoning spirits. 15 wild ponies were mangled & killed at Cherry Brook Valley, Dartmoor, Devonshire, England. I suspect that some of these kind of types of incidents would be traceable to the World Order, and that being the case, having MIB going about intimidating people helps muddy the waters significantly.

I believe most MIB reports are fantasy, occult paranormal events, & mind control. However, in a minority of the cases, they are govt. agents taking advantage of the entire mythos. And how would I explain how the MIB simply vanish? We are either seeing an unrevealed technology (like holograms) or demonic dark spirits. Someone close to me reported seeing what appeared to be life like hologram image of a person, and we know that such exist and are being used for board meetings and so forth. That might explain why the conversations of the MIB have a pattern of being simple, like scripted. To sum it all up, it’s a dark malevolent subject for sure.


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