Making Sense Out of Nonsense 22 OCT 2013

Making Sense Out of Nonsense: the Abominable ObamaCare. It was requested that I write on ObamaCare (aka PPACA Affordable Care Act), which is more nightmare than care. By providing this post it is hoped that those who haven’t had a chance to research the subject will be spared some time.

The act was over 900 pages & had thousands of additional pages attached, and some of the pages were kept from the public. I have not read all these pages but am confident that those few, who have & have written on it, are reliable for me build upon. The act was too long for those in Congress who had to vote on it to comprehend it, so time has aided Americans to discover what it entails, as well as realize the numerous lies Obama shamelessly told Congress & the Amer. people to calm their fears. I keep my posts to a few paragraphs, so I have distilled the ObamaNightmare down to 3 disasters, each of which will get a paragraph. Of course on the surface, who doesn’t want everyone to have health care, yet the reality will be different than lies being told to sell it.

VIOLATES ALL WE HOLD DEAR. It is unconstitutional, unbiblical, un-Amer., & anti-freedom. Employers are required to cover abortion & sterilization. Catholic/Christian employers who can’t conscientiously support abortion will have to drop health care coverage for their employees, & pay fines to the govt. The act’s home visitation program will mean the govt. will visit your home to instruct you on how to parent your child & what to do with your health. It will incl. making sure in the home that children are vaccinated (there will be home vaccination visits to preclude parents protecting their children from vaccines). If the govt. decrees an outbreak of something, everyone now will have to take the vaccine. Healthcare workers & military have already been coerced into taking vaccines. The 15 member IPAB will make all decisions on health care accessibility, treatment & fees. Further, assisting them, a large bureaucracy will now micromanage your health & health care. Much of the power given to these 159 new govt. agencies has yet to come into play…they have extensive regulative powers…incl. to make community transformation plans, regs for new strategies, new laws, money grants to favorites, etc. Exchanges were to be set up in each state, where people can buy health insurance, but the Supreme Ct. ruled in 2012 that the states don’t have to go along w/ ObamaNightmare, and 27 states decided not to…they have not set up exchanges. (Strangely, due to poor computer programs, on Oct. 1 when the exchanges began those states w/ exchanges had overwhelming computer technical problems so many people still didn’t get the new health insurance.) Obama’s admin. has said he will rule w/ executive orders, and many of his creations like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are simply unconstitutional. No wonder he wants to rule by decree, & forget Congress & even his own cabinet. He has ignored the laws anyway, such as the law forbidding using taxpayer money to support abortion in foreign countries—Obama financed abortion’s legalization in Kenya in disregard for the law. Under ObamaCare, forget about the civil rights of health care providers.

IT WILL DESTROY HEALTH CARE. Under ObamaCare, there will be less screening for cancers. This and countless other things has caused 60% of doctors to conclude that ObamaCare will negatively affect patient care. And 51% believe it will compromise their doctor-patient relationship, so it is no surprise that 43% of the doctors want to take an early retirement in the next 5 yrs. to get away from working under ObamaCare. A third of the employers have said they will stop giving employee healthcare but in the event it has been worse. Many Americans have lost their health insurance due to the act, but to hide the damage & costs, the Obama admin. early on gave out over a 1,000 exemptions to employers that were favorites (friends of Obama, unions, etc.), which shows that the admin. knows the act does not help things but destroys. Congress, their staff, & the IRS (who are to enforce many of the provisions of ObamaCare) were granted in Aug. ‘13 the option to opt out of ObamaCare…something that wasn’t granted to the rest of us!!

HIGH COSTS. Between 17 to 20 new taxes are in the works to finance ObamaNightmare which up to 2019 are figured to run $502 billion (based on the Joint Committee on Taxation). According to the Budget Office, Obama’s claim that the act would cost $940 billion was false, it will cost $1.76 trillion. Obama’s nose is longer than Pinocchio’s. One study estimates that the cost of ObamaCare will add $3 trillion to the national debt over the next 20 yrs. It points out that Medicare in ‘65 was projected to cost only $12 trillion in 1990, but actually cost $109.7 trillion.

I have tried to encapsulate the overwhelming negative impact of ObamaCare to this nation. Let us remember, All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. In the midst of this, we need to remember where our salvation comes from…and it isn’t Obama or his govt.


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