The purpose of this article is to put together a focused discussion of the crossover between elements of magic & the t.b. mind control. While my books on mind control touch on elements of magic throughout their texts, I have never put together a focused discussion of how the elements of magic (color, gems, mirrors, rings, trees, and twins) are employed. This post is for those who want to understand the programming better. It won’t touch on magical alphabets, and magical names used in programming.

COLOR PROGRAMMING/COLOR MAGIC. The earliest practitioners of t.b.m.c. (at least as far as written records) were the ancient Egyptians who used dream temples (hypnosis), electric eels to shock with, trauma & deception to create programmed multiples. The Egyptians were also skilled in color magic. A lot of research has gone into the effect of colors on people. One thing that baffles engineers (due to their way of thinking) is how a product they produce will sell better if packaged with a certain color. A number of times they have had to grudgingly admit that perhaps the marketers can provide something of value. The vibrations of colors & color combinations affect the mind, and additionally there are associations people make with certain colors. For instance, pink & hot pink reduces stress and pale blue calms. Holding tanks in jails designed for drunks & druggies will often be painted pink. Rooms to sleep in will be painted pale blue. And there are no end to examples of associations people make with colors: olive drab (military), purple (royalty), black & red (Satanism), green (money), burgundy (sex), pink (girl), lavender (homosexuality) & yellow (sunniness). Color magic is a function of these effects & associations. Plus, the occult world has catalogued vast amounts of different items into correspondences, such as color correspondences to gems & planets. (Mars is red.) Crowley’s book 777 does this for example. Beta sexual alters will like red clothes. Dark satanic alters will like black clothes. (By the way, the two most favorite colors for witches have been black & purple.) Kelly green may be used magically for fertility. Green candles may be lit for prosperity. Green is also Satan’s color. Teal is assoc. w/ water magic, music & creativity. In the programming there are two colors assigned to each alter. The internal trees are also associated with colors, for instance, the Middle Pillar of the Cabalistic Tree of Life has a blue room. Internal rooms will have color coding. Colored ribbons connect alters to the internal computers. The correspondences may be worked into the programming. An example of a study of the effects of color is Philippa Merivale’s book Color Power (2003). Disney cartoons used for t.b.m.c. programming had extensive research/thinking into the colors that were used. Disneyland’s Magic Mtn. has been a programming ctr.

GEMS. Jewels were used in the older programming as power sources laid in deep in the mind. “Diamond children” is a newer use for gems—the diamond child is something to buy. A great deal of magic involves gems, for instance, Amethyst is used to encourage psychic talents, one’s 6th sense as well as healing. Gems can also have color programming attached.

MIRRORS. The multifaceted Egyptian goddess Hathor was skilled in manipulating mirrors (likely polished copper mirrors). She was believed to be able to reflect negativity with the mirror—in other words use it like a shield. She was associated with such things as dancing, a turquoise musical necklace, & motherhood. (By the way, Joshua is recorded at Joshua 11:13,21 destroying one of her holy cities.) In ancient times, the ability of polished metals and water to reflect an image was considered magical. Witches through the centuries have looked into glasses incl. mirrors (called scrying). Various brands of magic consider mirrors to be magical. In Santeria (which is involved in t.b.m.c.) the goddess Oshun carries a magic mirror. In Greek mythology, Narcissus looked at the water. Water & mirrors were thought to be portals, and can serve as such in the mind control programming. If we fast forward to modern fiction, one of the supervillains in DC Universe is an orphan, who is sexually assaulted as a child, and becomes a professional assassin and mercenary in the U.K. This supervillain is the Mirror Master, who is skilled in the magical use of mirrors, and a member of the Secret Society of SuperVillains. There are lots of mirrors in movies that are used in the movie in a programming sense. A real life example of mirrors is the restaurant chain called Magic Time Machine restaurants used for victims of t.b.m.c. The walls are lined with mirrors everywhere, and are set up to make the victim of t.b.m.c. dissociative. In the programming, mirrors can also be connected to colors. Alters can look into a mirror and see something different than the real image. A small child alter may see a child, even though the person’s body is an adult.

TWIN SOULS. Many of the victims of t.b.m.c. believe they have a twin. There is a book The Mirror of Simple Souls about twin souls. So the magic of twins can also slightly overlap with mirrors. Before modern times, the powerful bond between two people was believed to be supernatural. And actually soul ties may have some demonic aspects to it. Elvis, a programmed multiple believed he had a dead twin. I remember reading about actors in Hollywood (who are programmed multiples) who believe they have a twin. The ghosts of a lost twin can be used by the programmers. Some of the programming is keyed to a specific voice….personalized. There are different levels to the bonds of twins. Since the programmers incorporate every known method of mind control into the whole package…they have not neglected using the strong bonds of twins and soul mate love. Of course, most of the occult twins were not really the person’s twin…it is only m.c. A Twin Flame is another way of saying a Twin Soul. These people can feel as one…merged with each other. Disney had a show “All About Magic” where they have a magic mirror…they also show magic rings in this and various cartoons/movies.

RINGS & TREES. The magic of rings & trees is not lost by the programmers. It is standard to place trees in the person’s mind—quite often the main one is the cabalistic Tree of Life. Ceremonies are done in real life that relate to the various rooms of the Tree of Life. Oak trees are also important for ceremonies. Rings are used internally just as they are in magic.

FINAL THOUGHT. In the de-programming, when alters are freed of their programs and cleaned up, deprogrammers will give them garments of white. White has long been associated with purity and healing…and one can see this in Scripture. Your sins “shall be as white as snow” (ISA 1:18) White garments which are worn by the saints is repeatedly mentioned (REV 3:5, 3:18, 4:4, 6:11, 7:9, 7:13, 15:6, 19:8, 19:14). YHWH God’s throne is a great white throne.(REV 20:11) I believe this may be my first mention of any deprogramming tactic…but by now I am sure that the abusive programmers are aware of that much.



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