Looking evil eye to eye 6 MAR 2013

Looking evil eye to eye. Have you ever done that? God’s Word says expose the evil works of darkness. It also says that those who “search out a matter” are like kings, and deserving of the honor that kings receive! So I honor and respect those of you who can look at the World System eye to eye. It’s commendable that you can face reality with such a bold confidence. What a contrast to the fluffy Santa Claus church focused on comfort and convenience, who by the way stay very active in doing dead works. If you need spiritual stubble, they have it.

Focus on a good role model, and you will grow more like him or her. Husbands & wives, focused on each other for years, grow similar. We have to guard what we focus on…if we focus too much on ugly evil, without washing our minds, we will become more like our focus. And the moment we react to another person, we begin measuring ourselves by his actions. Soon their attitudes find a way into our lives. (Cf. 1 Cor. 10:12) We are not to be conformed to the world, and if we stare too much at it, guess what we see? “Lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and pride of life”. 1 JN 2:16 We also see fear. Now peace in your soul will remove fear, anxiety, and worry…so there are antidotes for what you will pick up from watching an evil World System. This post is too short to list all antidotes.

After exposure to evil to become wise as serpents, we need to cleanse our minds with noble good spiritual thoughts so that we can remain harmless as doves. My first major book’s title was taken from Yahshua’s words, “Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” So stay alert. Seek out the spiritual destiny within you, that God-given purpose that he has installed in you. What qualities does God want to develop in you? He will allow the world to irritate you, in order to produce good qualities in you. For instance, from sorrow caused by the world, we can learn how to have joy even during painful experiences.

Also about watching the evil World System, even I don’t have a total picture of the Illuminati and their world system. There is no neatly packaged total detailed truth on these people and their World Order. So we must be researchers who are willing to face contradictions, uncertainties, and mysteries,– what some call a tolerance for ambiguity. Having a tolerance for ambiguity is a trait that is helpful in other aspects of life also. We need to be nimble in reacting to the things life throws at us, and the confusions that we have to muddle through. Ultimately, the battles are spiritual, for ultimately we do not wrestle against mere flesh and blood.


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