Look at me Daddy! 8 MAR 2013

Look at me Daddy! The need for meaning to life runs deep in humanity. The child needs attention to affirm to itself that he or she matters. On the flip side, parenting allows us to experience what heavenly Father deals with on a larger scale. The Word teaches children to honor their parents who are placed in the role of God, for instance, the mother creates & nurtures the child. Parents & a lover can build a person’s sense of meaning. Children, who feel they don’t matter, would rather find meaning in being bad, than to feel like nothing. Ignored by life, feeling socially worthless (incl. rejections for employment) can hurt a person’s self-worth.

The first Christian community in Acts 4:34 had “no needy persons among them.” That is the power of community. Who are our real brothers & sisters? Those of the faith who do the will of God. (MK 3:31-35) Among the Amish, with 2 loving parents & grandparents always around, as well as a close-knit community, problems of self-worth are relatively rare. And there is no unemployment. If we had better community, self-worth problems would be fewer. When my Amish students (grades 1 to 8) played softball, it was played in a fashion to include every one of all grades, genders, sizes & skills in the fun. It was exciting fun, not cutthroat competition. Cooperation & community are answers to the NWO.

The child crawls into Daddy’s lap. With heavenly Father we do this by prayer. And at times, people’s prayers are really just saying, “Look at me Daddy!” He understands. One of the ways to realize your meaning in life is to help the situation you have prayed about. To pray & to ignore that we are God’s instruments of help, is to turn incense into stench. We are God’s agents…you do have meaning my friend!!!

Many people needing affirmation that they matter hope to get some of my time. While people matter a great deal to me, nowadays many people get hurt because I don’t give them time or as much time as they want. You are all important to me, yet my time is limited, and is rationed by priorities, good things are ignored for what is seen as more important. At the end of each day, there are usually many things I myself have wanted to do that there was not time for. I love each and every one of you with the love that Christ has loved me with, I just can’t be a father to thousands of people.


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