LIVING HEALTHY WITH GOD’S PROVISIONS. This is another post on nutritional healing focused on the powerful benefits of tart cherries that have recently gotten acclaim, and some other natural healing agents. Some of us get ailments that we don’t choose, while some of us set ourselves for our health problems, either way we often have a choice to how we respond to our diseases. I believe that God has provided us either natural or supernatural answers, although we often fail to apply these to our situations due to lack of wisdom & not walking in the Spirit.

TART CHERRIES have incredible proven anti-inflammatory powers that target the underlying oxidative and other diseased properties of inflammation. Now sports medical researchers are talking about how powerful tart cherries are to a diverse set of conditions associated with oxidative-stress induced inflammation incl. cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. They are rich in important anthocyanins & other phytonutrients, and increase the body’s key antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD). In fact, they offer some anthocyanins not found in many other deeply colored fruits. Apples had one, strawberries had two, only tart cherries contained all six key anthocyanins!! When tested for flavonols, tart cherries had all 3 flavonols! They also had all nine of other potent natural compounds. In other words, the range of helpful items in tart cherries is very impressive.

STUDIES. Studies of tart cherries showed they inhibited the number & size of adenomas (benign tumors) in the beginning of the large intestine, a common colon cancer site, as well as reducing the growth of human colon cancer cell lines. Researchers discovered that tart cherries were fighting several mechanisms of cancer, for instance, triggering apoptosis, the programmed cell death that causes precancerous cells to self-destruct, an important event to prevent cancer. Other studies show how it inhibits diabetes or inhibits its development. Then there are studies on arthritic inflammation. One of the common meds for osteoarthritis, acetaminophen (which is over the counter) can adversely affect the liver & kidney. Tart cherries have been shown to be safe, and improve the pain & function of joints. So Tart cherries have been seen to help arthritic inflammation without the adverse effects of commonly used meds.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES incl. artherosclerosis is found in greater freq. in people w/ high levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Tart cherry experiments w/ mice caused 65% reduction in early death from cardiovascular problems, and a 26% decrease in cholesterol. 8 ounces daily of tart cherry juice for 4 weeks lowered triglyceride levels by an average of over 17%. While on the subject of experiments w/ mice, overall, some results directly apply to people and some don’t. Mice are not exactly the same as people…but it is at least an interesting place to start to see how things might work.

MUSCLE CRAMPS. Interrupting, my train of thought on tart cherries, while on cardiovascular health…it occurs to me that perhaps not everyone knows how to deal w/ muscle cramps, which come after workouts or while one is sleeping. As a sprinter, I have had more than my share of cramps. Perhaps the most dramatic example, was while I was working out alone on a hot day doing 220 yd. practice sprints, & both legs Charlie-horsed simultaneously sending my sprinting body into a nose-dive! This was an example of hydration deficiency cramps. Staying well hydrated during—yes during—exercise or hard work is important. Experience shows that trying to rehydrate after exercise, leaves one still vulnerable to cramps later. Putting weight on a leg that wants to cramp will often stop the cramping. Other cramps result from a deficiency of potassium, calcium, magnesium or B vitamins, & manifest themselves in slightly different ways. Bananas for potassium, Epsom salt baths for magnesium, & Biotin for the B deficiency have been very helpful in preventing these various deficiency cramps. Poor circulation contributes to cramping.

HOW TO GET TART CHERRIES. Some people use the extract because tart cherry juice has lots of sugar. Two capsules of extract (1,231 mg.) are the same as 45 ounces of tart cherry juice, making the capsules an effective quick way to take in a lot. Tart cherries are not the sweet cultivated cherries found in the stores, but are the sour cherries used for pies and may be found frozen, juiced & at times at farmer’s markets. The sweet cherries don’t provide the same benefits. Tart cherries are also in capsule form at stores like Vitamin Shoppe.

TART CHERRY BENEFITS. There are at least 15 powerful benefits of tart cherries, incl.: 1. Enhances the body’s antioxidants, 2. Enhances good enzymes, & inhibits bad ones, 3. Provides a wide range of anthocyanins, 4. Provides a high content of anthocyanins, 5. Provides over 20 richly bioactive antioxidants, 6. Provides an abundance of phenolic compounds, incl. kaempferol, quercetin, and gallic acid, 7. Provides cyandin which makes DNA more resistant to oxidative damage, 8. Switch on the bodies natural cancer defenses, 9. Decreases triglyceride & cholesterol levels, 10. Reduces inflammatory pain & inflammation.

OTHER IDEAS. Here are some other quick thoughts to point you in positive directions…. Here in Oregon they have made medical marijuana legal. RSO is Rick Simpson Oil which is the oil extract of cannabis. People have been using this medically with good results. Q-96 is being used for depression & better cognitive functions. I find Procera AVH is very good for cognitive health. The Nopal cactus’ leaves are being juiced to help liver function. The Nopal cactus (Prickly Pear, aka Indian Figs), like tart cherries, has been used by the natives of Central Amer. incl. the Aztecs for a wide range of medicinal benefits incl. depression, infections & inflammation. The Nopal powder capsule is used for body pain & inflammation. The cactus pads are used for muscle pains, and other things. The fruit is eaten to help with diarrhea & sore throats (as well as other ailments). The fruit is boiled and mixed w/ honey for respiratory tract infections. For those who are trying to boost their immune system, Proboost Thymic Protein A works to support the Thymus gland and to promote production of T-lymphocyte cells.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Let’s be in touch with our bodies. Some common sense things, such as the benefits of intense physical work for a short period, are obvious if we are in tune to our bodies, and then later we find out that medical science discovers what we already intuitively knew. For instance, for centuries chicken noodle soup was used by moms when one had a cold, and now research has caught up to gamma’s & mom’s wisdom. We each have to tailor what we do to our own bodies—that is why “Obama Care” with one-size one-solution fits all is so scary. It is a sure recipe for disaster.

DUE TO THE NEED TO DEAL W/ FAMILY ISSUES & REABILITATING MY BODY, THERE MAY BE A DECREASE IN POSTS IN COMING DAYS. For those who have been sending me well wishes, since the cat is out of the bag…my birthday is Sept. 24th. I don’t know how Skype got something else, ha!, perhaps from the same sources that say crazy things about me. ’Til later my friend. We have a great God, hallelujah! Be blessed my friend.


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