LIFE OR DEATH : Part 3, Romans 13:1.

Everything we do in life can be broken into moving toward life or death. Our Creator said, “See, I have set before you this day life & good, and death & evil.” He then repeats himself, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life…” DT 30:15,19 The Spirit of God gives life. Christ said he came to give life & a more abundant life. To line ourselves up with the Spirit of God & Christ is to line ourselves up with life. Likewise, to choose life by making decisions that move towards life is to line ourselves up with the Spirit.

Those of us who seek a new & better country must realize that the straight & narrow road is taking us straight thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death. And our heavenly Father repeatedly tells us that we must not give into incapacitating fear in the face of enemies (we’re not talking about butterflies). Job, facing death, says that even if God kills him, he will trust the Creator God. (Job 13:15) The Demonic forces feed off of fear, so starve them. So to recap, choosing life may take us face to face w/ death, but we are to step forward in faith, love & trust and continue on the path of life, continually making choices for life as well as for a more abundant life.

The submission to govt.s of ROM 13 should be done with the concept of what brings life & what brings death. The letter of the law brings death. If you have to safely speed to the hospital to get your pregnant about-to-deliver wife there that is making a choice for life. Policemen who have stopped cars like this, have then turned around & escorted them to the hospital. The spirit of the law brings life, the letter of it bring death (2 COR 3:6).

A doctor being a clown to sick children…a tender hug to a mourner…a cup of water to a thirsty soul…acts of life, are acts that line up with the Spirit of God. Decisions to do these things are no-brainers for good hearted people. But what if I am a Christian running from law enforcement in a country that has put a death sentence on Christians, and as I cross an iced-over lake the policeman chasing me falls in the ice and will obviously drown & freeze to death if I don’t turn back & rescue him. One Christian, realizing instantly that he had an assurance of eternal life, and that by turning back & saving the cop would not only save his physical life but perhaps also his eternal life, actually turned back & saved the cop. Who unfortunately was not so kind and arrested him so that he could be executed. But what if we fast-forward to today where many cops are programmed multiples under total mind-control and totally unable to comprehend any spiritual witness like this? Not to mention that even the normal thinking cop of our true story did not become a Christian even after having such a bold act of life-saving kindness done to him. I leave you with the question, Would it not make more sense now for the Christian simply to save his own life??

Back on 11/4/2001, 100,000 Dalits (untouchables—the lowest caste of India) walked away from 3,000 years of slavery. The government of India tried to do everything possible to stop them from assembling (the organizers had in mind assembling 1 million Outcast Dalits) but 100,000 evaded hundreds of police and ignored bogus posters w/ misleading info, false govt. radio broadcasts that the event was cancelled, etc. & still assembled to give their lives to Christ & freedom. The churches of India took a united stand to support their freedom and to help them build schools (200 primary schools) & other needed projects. (By the way, the caste system of India is a model for the NWO, just the names are changed…at the top are the “wise men” & at the bottom are “pariahs”.)

Anger at injustice produces action (cf. Acts 6:1-6) Yet, we are advised, “Be angry & sin not…” (Eph. 4:26) Shall we pay an eye for an eye, so that everyone can walk around blind together!?

The World Order wants us to think love of country means worshipping the persons they decide are heros, & to unquestionably put “united we stand” bumper stickers on our cars. The propaganda of despots has convinced people that patriotism means “My country right or wrong, and my leaders right or wrong.” Disloyalty is defined as disagreeing with these demonic despots. The Star spangled banner is being used as a blindfold over Americans. Love means to correct. If we love our country, we will want to make it even more lovable, and to preserve what is lovable about it. If something is fine, keep it, if not, then refine it until it is fine.

Whether we follow or do not follow government commands, the important thing is that we always make choices for LIFE. This will line us up with what God is doing. …What will bring the most life into the situation??? Sometimes that presents us with complex issues that require prayer, divine guidance and wisdom.

AGAIN the Post must END; it is long enough. I still have more to say on Rom 13:1, & people are being blessed by these posts on the subject; so Lord willing, there will be another post.


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