Let’s get real with TRUTH 14 MAR 2013

Let’s get real with TRUTH. Yes, I know it’s not as fun as your girlfriend or favorite video game. People would rather search for jobs than Truth. On the other hand, they say you can find some truth in any joke, or if you can’t, you should be able to.

So we grow up thinking reality is what we’ve experienced. Of course when Uncle Bob talks about how in his day they were too poor for shoes & went barefoot, and in winter they wrapped their feet in barbed wire for traction, you raise your eyebrows. Each year the snow in the past gets deeper. But you still trust the news, well even then you wonder. Then one day, you figure it out…it’s all lies. It’s all just media images. The godlike media can make anyone into a celebrity almost overnight, & enjoys creating human icons to worship. The hundreds of thousands of ads you have suffered thru by the time you are a teenager have repeatedly stressed the images & words of “new”, “refreshing”, “relief”, “power” and “cool”. And while you are sure you see thru their ads, you like the cool image that goes with the new product & find yourself buying it anyway.

You find yourself uninspired by this polluted world with a shortage of ideals, integrity, standards, hope, and concern for others. But what else is there? This is what you’ve grown up with. So you drift in apathy & mediocrity comfortably wearing your veil of ignorance & taking the path of least resistance.

You don’t have to wallow in this mire. Just because you grew up surrounded by it, doesn’t make it real. Take control of what you believe.

The World’s definitions: Life? An accident; Morality? Meaningless; Progress? The strong crush the weak; God? A myth for the weak; Truth? Found by human reasoning.

When you want to quit being a meaningless accident trying to decipher some sense out of all the fake images of life, there is another way to view life. The Word’s definitions: Life? An intelligent design by an intelligent designer; Morality? Makes a lot of sense because we become more like God; Progress? We move towards God’s orig. purpose Paradise on Earth; Truth? Revealed spiritually by the Spirit of Truth. Christ challenged people, try my words and you will see they are from God. (JN 7:16-17) For me, I can honestly say that they have proven true.

One thing my writings did was expose the tainted origins of the World’s propaganda passed off as truth. For instance, I exposed the occult origin of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution & was pleased to see others have carried that research forward. With blind belief, loads of evidence & statistics against them, the World has continued blindly holding onto their belief in evolution, to do otherwise would mean there is a Creator who they are accountable to, and creation which they are responsible for. Who wants accountability, especially if you’re Illuminati carrying out criminal homicidal agendas, raping the environment, & robbing the common people? They seek answers to justify their opinions & lifestyles, not answers to find Truth. It makes sense then that they give us too much mass media, and too little truth, for the truth is not in them!!

In my day, reality was when a man chased you with an ax, you had to outrun him; now they want to make reality into a show or virtual. The World’s own skeptical philosophers doubt that they have found any truth. I say it’s time to get real with truth, Immanuel, God came & dwelt w/ us. He had to get in our faces with truth…truths that prove themselves…this is why the apostle wrote with confidence: “We destroy arguments & every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God & take every thought captive to obey Christ.” (2 COR 10:5) Oh and by the way, the Word does not condone our government being godlike Big Brother, but calls it “The Beast”.


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