LET US NOT BE WEARY IN WELL DOING: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. This post is on some surprises in history, change & hope.

The truth be known, life can be very difficult. The man of God said, “Hear, O Lord when I cry with my voice…” PS 27:7 Another man of God wrote, “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;…” 2 COR 4:8-9 The Word of God is clear, we shall have difficulties: “Though I walk in the midst of trouble, Thou wilt revive me…” PS 138:7 For years, the House of Kennedy got away with murder & rape. Time & time the legal system refused to grant justice to rape victims of the Kennedys. Time & time again the police failed to investigate murder cases. It was not that long ago when Patricia Bowman was raped by William Kennedy Smith with Ted Kennedy watching. Even having semen in her that was identified as William’s, and witnesses, failed to overcome the power & wealth of the Illuminati House of Kennedy. He was acquitted by a jury in a few minutes. Today, there are bastard MPD children of the male Kennedys that have to live with their programming & slavery. Yet, the Illuminati House of Kennedy is no more.

At one point, Joseph Kennedy was heralded by Forbes magazine as the 4th richest American. Before Pope Pius XII became pope, he visited the Kennedys at their home and bounced Teddy on his knee and gave him his first communion. JFK’s sis Kathleen (Kick) married the most eligible bachelor of British aristocracy, who was the next family leader of the most powerful family in Britain next to the royal family. Her groom was William Robert John Cavendish, Marquees of Hartington, whose mother helped coronate Queen Elizabeth and was the Queen’s hereditary Mistress of the Robes. The power of the Cavendish family went back to when Henry VIII defied the pope and created the Church of England. Henry VIII confiscated vast properties from the Catholic Church and gave much of it to his loyal follower William Cavendish. The family since then has hated the Pope, Catholics & the Irish, but such was the prestige, power, & money of the Illuminati Kennedys that the Cavendish family allowed Kathleen to marry William. Later William’s cousin David Ormsby-Gore would be the U.K.’s ambassador to the USA. The Kennedy family is identified with Camelot, and are often called by our press “America’s aristocracy”.

FROM PRIVILEGE TO PROBLEMS. The Kennedy family is no longer a leading family in the Illuminati. They are finished. The House has fallen. JFK Jr. was the last family member with the star power to try bringing about a family restoration, and his plane ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Joseph Kennedy II left politics when his reputation bottomed. His younger bro. Max soon also left . Andrew Cuomo, married to Joe Kennedy’s sister Kerry dropped his race for NY governor. Mark Kennedy Shriver lost his democratic primary in MD. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (Bobby’s oldest dau.) failed to become gov. of MD, and failed to become a vice-pres. candidate. Arnold Schwarzenegger ended his governorship of CA & his marriage to Maria Shriver (JFK’s niece) in 2011. And this is the way history has always gone, nothing lasts forever. Things change. It is why the history of various countries is divided up into dynasties. Each dynasty is a House, a bloodline, that is top dog only so long. Today, the character of the Kennedys is widely known. And as with so much about human nature, it is not entirely evil. For instance, JFK’s disloyalty to the Illuminati agenda is a shining star in a House that has much dirt to keep secret.

PRINCIPLES. The Word of God is straightforward that the powerful & rich don’t always win. The Assyrian army was the most powerful army in the world, and their enormous army marched on Jerusalem believing that they would have little problem capturing it. When their massive army arrived at the walls, an angel went out & struck down the entire army with death. We know from history they did not conquer Jerusalem. What was the spiritual dynamic behind the Assyrian defeat? ? If one examines several places in Scripture that pertain to this event, here is what happened….God sets boundaries to what Satan & his minions can do. Evil has limits. But evil being what it is, it ignores those boundaries, thereby bringing God’s judgment upon itself. Reminds me how I have observed that the police & DA’s (even if they have the facts to win a case) feel compelled to lie. The truth just does not seem good enough to these people.

RETURNING TO HOPE. In the midst of the dark, we can still choose life and have faith that light will arrive or be found. In the midst of problems (the dark clouds w/ silver linings), we still know that God honors you, whether the herd does or not. Our Creator created sunsets, beauty in people, beautiful flowers & plants, and many other enjoyable things. And He has given us Words of encouragement so that we don’t forget that Hope is there: “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” PS 31:24. Life, love & courage are nourished by HOPE. “Behold, I have given you power…over all the power of the enemy…” LK 10:19 “…Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 JN 4:4 As Fyodor Dostoevsky said, “To live without Hope is to cease to live.” So nourish your life with hope my friend; nothing bad lasts forever. As hope nourishes your life, your life in turn will help others.


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