LESSONS FROM HISTORY: Christ vs. the Mystery Religions. The Word of God says one is a slave to who you obey (RM 6:16), warning us that participation in Mystery rituals is obedience to false gods. There have been numerous things that have encouraged me clarify some popular views of history. For instance, a man after WW II became a pagan because the God of the Bible seemed to him to have failed to stop Nazi brutality. In fact, it’s popular among some conspiracy buffs to call Nazism a Catholic front. Others, often pagans, have tried to convince me that Christianity of the Bible is just watered down paganism. To these & other misconceptions, this post is addressed. (Don’t misread me, I know Christendom itself has merged w/ pagan practices.)

The God of the Bible has inspired its readers to study history to see God working thru history. The Mystery Religions have not had such an interest in history. In Psalm 136 we see that God is portrayed as both the God of Nature & the God who works in history (vs. 10-22). So where was God during WW II, when the Nazi’s were so demonically brutal to humanity? In fact, God inspired many people to stand up to Nazi’s. The King of Denmark, because of his Christian beliefs, secretly got all the Jews out of Denmark to safety in Sweden. Dietrich Bonhoeffer left the safety of America to go to Germany to be an ambassador of Christ against Hitler. He intentionally set himself up for martyrdom, in the belief that Christians must stand against evil. Many other similar incidents took place throughout Europe.

On Apr. 29, 1945, men of the American 157th regiment (45th Division), Thunderbirds, liberated 31,432 inmates of KZ Dachau, of which over 1,000 were Catholic priests against Hitler, and 2,539 were Jews. One who did not survive the Dachau concentration camp to be liberated was the Catholic Monsignor Lichtenberg who had openly preached in Berlin against the Nazis & their persecution of the Jews. It is calculated that the Pope’s low key efforts during WW 2 saved 860,000 Jewish lives…but if you listen to some conspiracy theorists, Hitler was Catholic & served the Pope. In my book Be Wise As Serpents, I document how Nazism was a secret occult pagan mystery religion. The SS had rituals & an occult belief system that came from such sources as H.P. Blavastsky as well as a Germanic form of Freemasonry. That is why modern Satanist Michael Aquino has held Temple of Set rituals in the same castle that the SS did their secret occult rituals. An awareness of this should cause people exposing the new world order to wonder about “truthers” that follow H.P. Blavastsky. It was Hitler’s Luciferian occult beliefs that justified for the Nazis the sacrificing of so many humans. The Nazi plans were to destroy both Protestant & Catholic religions once they had won the war & consolidated power. So it reveals how little is understood, when someone who is upset at the Nazis’ killing, responds by joining the pagans & saying “Pagans are the only hope for mankind”.

The early Christians immediately ran up against opposition by the priests of the Mystery Religions. Apostle Paul was thrown into the theater at Ephesus to be eaten by wild beasts to amuse the pagans, but was miraculously delivered. Later his spiritual son Timothy became the bishop at Ephesus for 15 yrs. until a pagan who was zealous for the pagan idols killed him. In 70 A.D., Apostle Bartholomew (son of Tholomaeus) went before the Armenian king who was upset that he’d unsettled the worship of pagan gods; the king had him tortured to death. That same year, the Apostle Simon the Zealot, son of Alpheus, and his brother upset the pagan priests in Persia, who beat the two to death. Accounts still exist of the Christian martyrs in those first centuries to the priests of the pagan Mystery Religions. One can detect in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians that he knew the mindset of these converts to Christ from the Mystery Religions. In the letters to the Corinthians there are numerous Greek words that have mystery religion meanings, but Paul assigns them different meaning and says that if one knew all the mysteries and had no love, you would be nothing! (1 COR 13:2-3) This was specifically geared towards these ex-Mystery initiates, because the Mystery Religions knew nothing about agape love & faith (which Paul emphasizes in the Corinthian letters). The Mysteries were all about eros (erotic rituals). In these letters, Paul repeatedly stresses that God’s mysteries are actually revelations that God gives to His believers. (1 COR 2:1-16 & others). The Mystery Religions were all about giving people a way to escape reality rather than to provide the strength with which to face it. Paul emphasizes the strength that the Spirit gives us to face reality. He also has to contrast the Christian baptism & Lord’s supper with Mystery rituals. Later the Catholic Church, turning these into sacraments, would make them like the Mysteries. The Catholic church in 431 A.D. at Ephesus, the center of the virgin goddess Diana’s worship, built a church to Mary on the famous temple of Diana. This is when Mary worship began…and it began at the famous Temple of Diana’s site. This cult of Madonna then incorporated all the pagan goddess attributes (like Isis, Minerva, Astarte, etc.) and titles such as “Mother of God” & “Queen of Heaven”. They reused statues & art for these pagan goddess by relabeling them Mother Mary. The word “mass” was a short form of the Isis benediction “Iti missa massa”. It is beyond the scope of this post to go into all the mystery religion items that are present today in America, here’s but one example: the “wheel of fortune” which symbolized the Goddess of Luck, who had festivals on June 24 & Apr. 1. Both European culture & the Catholic Church have been tainted with lots of paganism.

In summary, the followers of Christ have had a continuous history of confrontations with initiates of the Mystery Religions beginning in Apostolic days & continuing unabated until today. The Mystery Religions, being occultic, are secretive. Consequently, their infiltration of the Catholic Church, their creation of Nazism & Freemasonry, & many other things are often not recognized. Many things that are blamed on Christ were actually done by pagans misidentified as Christians. The teachings of Christ & his Apostle Paul taught against the Mysteries, which is why the pagan priests were so violent against Christians.


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