“LEARNING THE ROPES”: using a ship analogy to understand the Illuminati & their new superpower Europe. My mind kept coming back to the elite’s doublehulled supertanker T1 Europe, as well as all the nautical terms our language uses. Obviously, the images created by seamen have universal application…who hasn’t used “above board”, “hooker”, “the coast is clear”, “crew cut”, “figure head”, “fly-by-night”, “hard up”, “false flags” and “show your true colors” to name a few. Let’s look at the supertanker as an analogy as we discuss how the Illum. leadership functions, especially in terms of the EU (European Union).

Europe outlawed single hulled crude oil tankers, and Euronav bought 2 of the current largest supertankers, and flagged T1 Europe w/ the Belgium flag. Euronav itself is run by the Belgium Savery aristocratic family (who were once a wealthy English banking family). What is awe-inspiring is how a single small-appearing man at the controls in the superstructure can command this 1,246 ft. behemoth as it carries over 3 million barrels of oil. The tanker can take up to 8 km. & 15 min. to come to a complete stop. In competition w/ others, it hauls oil from Qatar to make profits. Its CFO Hugo De Stoop founded First Tuesday In Amer., the world’s largest meeting place for hi-tech entrepreneurs & venture capitalists. Be aware that certain strategic companies, for instance Blackrock, play key roles in the World.

Here’s the explanation to the analogy…. When we look at the behemoth called the European Union we are seeing something that can be directed by a single Illum. kingpin, granted he has his crew. And like Euronav, he of course is connected to an elite Belgium family. (Not everyone is born into & initiated into the Illum. family circles; for instance, Henry-Heinz- Kissinger from Bavaria was a good enough lapdog he got adopted into membership in 1978, which he dropped out of at age 86. After his Illum. init. Kissinger cont. to be a busy go-for for the Illum. being a mmbr. at all the clubs & org. such as the CFR, TC., CSIS, Bildrbrgr, Bohemian G., Aspen Inst., etc. and running around advising all kinds of people and sitting for instance on a gold mining co. bd. of directors. Bush appointed him to be chrmn of the Nat. Commission on Terrorist Attacks to investigate 9-11. He is a good example of the second tier of go-fers who take their orders direct from the kingpins. On the tanker, he’d be some type of officer.) As the supertanker turns slowly using a 2 km. turning dia., likewise the Illum. take time to change, & their structures are doublehulled with backups to survive obstacles. The failure of Nazi plans to create a new order in Europe means that this time around, it can be a complete European effort, rather than a German one. The end result (a police state) will look similar in some ways.

Since WW 2, the Illum. have always been able to find a French-president-German-Chancellor combo that would cooperate towards integrating Europe into a superpower, for instance, de Gaulle-Adenauer (60’s), d’Estaing-Schmidt (70’s), Mitterand-Kohl (80’s, 90’s). The integration of Europe has been an Illum. elitist project. The common folk have been reluctant to transfer their loyalties, or should I say “surrender”, to the superstate of Europe, even though the elite have provided them a flag, an anthem, symbols (plenty of occult ones by the way), & a European currency-citizenship-passport-& driver’s license. To use nautical terms, the whole thing is “touch & go” & “in the doldrums”. The popular discontent is called “EU fatigue”. The elite’s secret methods to present new steps of integration as fait accompli have been termed the EU’s “democratic deficit”. Germany is now dominating the EU (& Mitteleuropa—central Europe) economically, geographically, politically & culturally. Frankfurt-am-Main is the center of the EU’s banking. Meanwhile, Brussels, Belgium has been the HQ for much of Europe’s integration.

So we are back to discussing Belgium, the home to the Van Duyn Illuminati family (orig. Dutch) & a number of other elite powerful aristocratic bloodlines. I’m reminded of the true story of an American sergeant in the 101 Screaming Eagles during the battle for Bastogne, Belgium. When he knocked on a door where he wanted his men to stay for the night, the beautiful blond lady of the house said, “Go away.” “We’re here to save you from the Germans.” “I’m a pure-breed German from Berlin. I don’t want to be ‘saved’ from the Germans.” You’ll note that Germany-Belg.-the Neth.-& France have had close relationships for centuries. More Frenchmen fought for Hitler than against, & it was a French SS division that was guarding Hitler’s chancellery at the end. The French & Dutch people started out enthusiastic for a united Europe, that enthusiasm has drastically waned. The Bundesbank announced a while back that it was moving 300 tons of gold from the NY Fed Reserve. More gold (674 tons) stored in Amer. will follow. Note that the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) on the Swiss-Ger. border in their BIS 2012 Annual Report stated that they hold 355 metric tons of gold. There is no doubt that all this gold plays a role in what is going to happen. Oh, & Germany is leaving the gold they have stored in the Bank of England right there. The BIS (the banker’s bank) was key in the creation of the Euro. And Jen Weidemann, a top German banker of the Bundesbank, sits on its bd. of dir. What will all these folks do with the U.S.? (Once Europe can dominate America, do you think they are going to care what happens to us? If they send troops here, where will the profits be going?)

Many of my readers are aware of how financiers in America helped finance Hitler (even Joe Kennedy in ’41 chipped in when he met Goering in Vichy, Fr.). Of course, Hitler received lots of European help too. For years, Gustav Krupp (Illum. mmbr) was the chrmn of the secret Adolf Hitler Fund which gave Hitler over 100 million marks/year which was secretly raised by contributions from prominent industrialists. That fund kept the Nazi party & their private armies alive. Alfred Krupp & other rich German industrialists listened w/ glee as Dutch towns w/ factories were reported captured; they had already divided up the spoils in their conversations. And this is an example of a little realized truth, Hitler conquered Austria, Czechoslavakia, Poland, Norway, and so on because he needed desperately to loot each of these countries to keep going economically. The last nations he really wanted were the Ukraine & the Baku oil fields. In return for their financial help, Hitler’s contributors were easily given 100x their contributions in loot. This has all been kept quiet. The point is that financial exploitation is a major reason for conflicts. Likewise, in more modern times, we see that the Belgium Congo, rich in uranium, cobalt, diamonds, gum and coffee was given its independence and immediately saw fighting break out. Russia, and the U.S. got involved. France sent in the Foreign Legion paras to protect Illum. interests. The Illuminati bloodlines of the King of Belgium, Rothschild, Van Duyn, Solvay, House of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (as well as the Richemont family) had been dividing the loot from the Congo. Of course, when independence came others like Russia wanted their hand in the cookie jar. Russia’s proxy for Africa—Cuba, sent Che, but Che got frustrated & gave up. Wrong cookie jar. So when you see conflict, think greed & profits, and you will get a clearer picture of the real dynamics. What did the Nazi’s do with the Jews?…seized their lucrative assets. Hitler needed to do this to make good on his financial promises.

So what have we covered? We saw how a few key directors can control large groups. We learned some about their second tier go-fers. We learned how the Illuminati have created the EU, & have plans for the USA. We learned that Europeans are working together on a superstate that is dominated by the Germans. We learned how the real dynamics of conflicts involve profits. Foreigners are now making decisions for America.


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