Last nite I listened to Barbara Honegger in person 14 JAN 2013

Last nite I listened to Barbara Honegger in person. Very interesting! She continues to amass an incredible amount of documentation and facts and testimony that totally destroys the official version of the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11. A Boeing 757 could not do what the official story claims in many different ways. Various clocks were not stopped at 9:37.46 or 9:38 when the official story claims the Pentagon was hit, but they were stopped earlier. She proves that a military drone made to look vaguely like an American 757 was targeted to hit the Pentagon. It did not hit the exact spot that it was meant to hit, (where they had planted a series of bombs), but exploded at 9:32 to the north of the area it was targeted to hit. Internal explosions blew up the army auditing area and the computers with auditing files thereby covering up the tracks of what was $2.3 trillion (or up to $5 trillion) missing dollars that administrative thieves had stolen! Imagine that– thieves in the American govt., (and the govt. pounces on the common American Joe or Jill for minor fiscal things, while stealing trillions, and then covering their tracks by blowing up the auditing center). The site that the official story claims was hit only had internal explosions, that were obviously a series of bombs to countless eyewitnesses, many of whom smelled the cordite and have testified under oath that it was bombs, which damaged A,B,C,D,and E rings! The front wall had to be wrecked later to make the front more consistent with the cover story but even then there were numerous inconsistencies. A genuine crash by a 757 against that hardened Pentagon wall would have caused a seismic wave, but seismic records show no such thing. The wall itself, where the plane was supposed to have crashed is hardened by steel and Kevlar mesh to the point a plane would not penetrate the wall, so again the official story that the plane went all the way thru is obviously false. The twin towers were designed to get the body count high to outrage Americans. The faked attack on the Pentagon was included so that Bush could say we were at war. News announcers even said, “There has been a declaration of war on the United States” on their broadcasts. Barbara’s presentation is worth listening to.


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