KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO STAY HEALTHY: What you don’t know will hurt you! Type in the search words “MSG Hidden Sources” you will find some good articles on how labeling disguises MSG, using terms like “spice”, “seasoning”, “soy protein” & dozens of other terms. 1 in 4 deaths in the U.S. are from cancer, yet cancer causing agents cont. to lace our food, cosmetics & even meds. Many in the public cont. to be oblivious to the cancer dangers of living & working under large power lines. This post is about very hazardous substances that the food industry cont. to put in processed foods.

WHERE’S THE GOVT. WHEN YOU NEED THEM? The U.S. Surgeon General is reported to have once said that synthetic chemicals in food cause 8,000 people to die of cancer each yr. Obviously, this is far graver than terrorism, which has many scared. Unfortunately, the govt.’s in the U.S., Canada, & Australia are not protecting us, as the elite & their food industry, who have great influence in these govt.s, have created loop holes in labeling to allow toxic materials to continue to lace our processed food. In Canada, the loophole is that the food manufacturer is given the responsibility for testing an additive, so they get their own labs who operate under unspoken pressure to come up with the approved results. So the test results sent to Ottawa are often biased interpretations of faulty tests. In the U.S., the Bush admin. eased up on the FDA’s labelling policies, which were already questionable.

THE FDA IN BED W/ MONSANTO & INDUSTRY. An honest look at who makes decisions for the FDA and what those decisions are show that the FDA is pro-corporations, not pro-health. Occupy Monsanto wrote a letter to FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg; I quote a small part: “Your failure to allay the concerns of American consumers and respond to the petition has resulted in growing distrust of your agency. We interpret the FDA’s resolve to ignore the people’s overwhelming support of mandatory GMO labeling as demonstrative of your true priority: protecting corporate interests, rather than protecting consumers’ safety and our fundamental right to transparency in food labeling.”

Hamburg is on the bd. of dir. of the largest provider of healthcare products. But more alarming than that is who became her right hand person…FDA deputy commissioner of Office of Foods of FDA policy is Michael R. Taylor who was VP of Monsanto’s Public Policy as well as a Monsanto lawyer & lobbyist. Michael Taylor wrote the FDA’s rBGH labeling guidelines for Monsanto’s genetically engineered cattle drug rBGH. Also helping him were other FDA employees who had been involved with rBGH with Monsanto!! Margaret Miller, dep. Dir. of the FDA’s office of New Animal Drugs was involved in rBGH studies for Monsanto. So was Suzanne Sechen, another FDA employee. Even before FDA employee Suzanne Sechen worked for Monsanto, she had as her grad school prof. a Monsanto University consultant who was also a big rBGH promoter. Ex-Monsanto employees who were involved with rBGH, now writing the guidelines for FDA labeling for rBGH…is that not a conflict of interest?? The govt. doesn’t think so. Monsanto does not think so…they issued several press releases denying any collusion with the govt. There are other crossovers between Food Industry & FDA employees, incl. Virginia Weldon, Terry Medley & others. The FDA itself is under the Dept. of Health & Human Serv., which in turn is elite-run, for instance, its Secretary was Donna E. Shalala, mbr. of the CFR & Trilat. Comm.

TASTY CARCINOGENIC (CANCER CAUSING) ADDITIVES FOR OUR HAZARDOUS FRANKENFOODS. Potassium bromate is a carcinogen banned in many countries from food, but it is acceptable to the FDA. It is a dough conditioner widely used in breads & buns. In California it has to carry a label warning of cancer, but only in California. It can be disguised in labeling, for instance, it is labeled “bromated flour”. Here are some additives that are believed to be carcinogens that are widely added to our processed foods: Acesulfame-potassium (labeled “artificial sweetner” & other names), Butylated hydroxyanisole (labeled antioxidant, BHA, etc. & used to keep fats from going rancid in meats), Diacetyl (“flavoring agent”, used in various way incl. giving an artificial butter flavor), Sodium nitrate & sodium nitrites (suspected of causing colon cancer), THBQ (a preservative found in countless things incl. butter, bread, ice cream, pasta, sauces, oils & fats). And last but not least are the red, yellow, green & brown food dyes that are frequently used to insure the processed food looks good. McDonald’s was selling their cherry pies (which are laced with the cancer causing red dye) in Canada where the red dye is illegal. When it was discovered they dumped their entire Canadian inventory of Cherry pies.

FDA has the responsibility to protect us by assuring that food is properly labeled & is safe, wholesome & sanitary. The U.S. Food Law of 1958, “No additive shall be deemed to be safe if it is found to induce cancer when ingested by man or animal.” While many of the carcinogenic additives have not been tested on people, there are many animal tests that are being ignored. What we are dealing with is a slow & corrupt bureaucracy that is tainted by industry’s money & cross-over employees. Scientific opinion varies, in part because money can buy test results, and many test results are flawed. The UN’s WHO Codex has put pressure on the FDA to ban supplements (alternative non-medical therapies). 90% of the Codex members were from the multinational pharma corporations. No wonder they want to ban effective healthy cheap supplements! For instance, a calcium deficiency—widespread in America—has been linked to cancer.

WHEN “HEALTH CARE” MAKES YOU SICK. Compounds for prescriptions need to be mixed in sterile conditions. In 90% of the 150 FDA inspections of compounding pharmacies, the FDA evaluators found “objectionable conditions”. Contaminated drugs from a compounding pharmacy in Mass. killed 64 & made 750 others sick with fungal meningitis. I paid particular attention to that incident, as my uncle had died from meningitis. In reviewing these kinds of incidents, it seems to me that the almighty dollar is foremost on the minds of these firms, & combine that with sloppy worker attitudes and it is a recipe for poor quality. Compounding firms would need to put quality first, and cut workers slack if they drop product or mold is growing in something and has to be thrown out.

I know from working in the meat industry, that Iowa Beef cut corners, and the govt. inspectors let them get by with it. For instance, the rule said abscessed meat was to be entirely discarded, but the USDA meat inspectors let the company get by with simply cutting the abscess out, and using the rest of the carcass. An abscess could be a tumor. If that makes you queasy, just realize that countless worse things are happening to good looking, good tasting processed food that Americans stuff themselves with.

Its reported that the average American stuffs himself with 150 lbs. of additives per year, many of them detrimental to the health & many of them totally disguised by the labeling. One needs a course in “labelese”. The other option is to stay away from processed foods…the KISS principle…”keep-it-simple-stupid” rule of thumb applies here…simple basic foods…fruits and veggies that have not been processed. Here’s a short list of additives that are hazardous to your health & anti-nutritional: Olestra, sucralose, BHT, MSG, Sulfites, & FD&C Yellow No. 5. When a food label says “no msg added” that is meaningless, because many of its ingredients may already have msg, hence they get away with saying none has been added. MSG is in your food if the label says: yeast food, protein, Gelatin, Bouillon, or anything “hydrolyzed”. There are countless other names on the label that hide MSG. Go to the sites under “MSG hidden sources” for a more comprehensive study. Basically, the point is that labelling covers up more than revealing the hazardous stuff being laced into our foods.

Dr Hildegarde Staninger is author of the international environmental bestseller the “Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Material…” She is using Dr. Willard’s water, which has a different molecular structure than regular water as well as electrolites added, to break down toxins in the body of people. One long term victim of electronic harassment reports to me that she had been receiving nano technology into her body through her food. The little nano particles had fish hooks on them to embed themselves into her body. Willard water was developed originally to clean out oil pipes, but is sold now for health. Using various specialty items like Willard water, my friend has been able to dislodge the various nano tech particles embedded throughout her body, and they have come up through the skin as blisters and spots of various kinds. She credits Dr. Staninger with helping her reduce the control that the intelligence agencies were gaining through the nano technology embedded through her body. If I get a picture of the dislodged particles coming thru the skin, I will post it. When one understands how the govt. is involved in Chemtrails & mind-control, one realizes they are helping the genocidal agenda of the PTSNB. The corporations not only taint the food, but cosmetics use 800 toxic substances. If the elite can’t kill us one way, it seems they will try another.

Grocery Manufacturers Assoc. is a Monsanto front, which in turn created a coalition of corp. groups to prevent state-level GMO labeling policies. This front also coordinates the propaganda among corporate manufacturers & retailers. So industry is well organized to prevent us from standing up for our legal rights. 
For optimum health we will have to fend for ourselves by studying labelese and staying away from processed foods.


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