Know anyone unbalanced? 17 MAR 2013

Know anyone unbalanced? Know examples of where balance was important? There is balance & unbalance everywhere: a balanced meal, a balanced load, a balanced review…an unbalanced Federal budget….all work & no play…

“A Time For Everything”…God’s view is a balanced view. Sincere truthers embrace both sides of a coin. For instance: “Nothing is sacred, everything is sacred”, “Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything” & “Life is fragile, people are hard to kill”. A balanced view of history is another example where truthers need balance. For example, some pagans & protestants loath the Catholic Church as all evil, and have nothing good to say about it… yet their chance to be pagan or protestant exists only because the Catholic Church fought quite a few fierce battles against the invading Muslims. All you protestant & pagan critics would be doing sharia and making hajjes if it were not for the Catholic church’s hard fought battles to keep Europe from being totally converted by the sword to Islam. (For example, Moslem invasions were stopped by Catholic forces in fierce battles at Poitiers, aka Tours 732 A.D., the Seige of Constantinople in 718, Kossovo in 1389 where the battle was lost but the invasion stopped, Belgrade in 1478, Lepanto in 1571, and Vienna in 1520 & 1683.) There are countless other historical topics that could be examples. Being honest requires us to be fair minded, having a balance in our judgments.

Christ said that the measure we use to judge people will be used to measure us; that’s a balanced view. Working to help Illuminati members get free got me in touch with the depth of suffering that their members endure; & I got a better feel for why their members act the way they do. I realize only God is capable of truly judging mankind in a balanced manner.

My personal library has a good book (titled Body Time) on biological time cycles that create our lives…physiological rhythms that few people are conscious about such as circadian rhythms, the rhythm levels of norepinephrine & many other cycles that modern man throws off balance. In this sense, a balance of sleep & wakefulness is wholesome; too much of a good thing is bad. No one wants to be told that too much of good thing (even a virtue) can be bad (even a vice), because it seems so self-evident, yet every day we see people around us ignore the obvious. 
Toxic people, toxins, toxic habits, and toxic emotions can disrupt balance. I don’t need to tell you how these disrupt our balance in life. Further, mediocrity is mistaken at times for balance.

Synthesizing many diverse situations, I can develop a definition of what positive BALANCE is: IT IS TAKING DIVERSE PARTS & CREATING A BEAUTIFUL UNITY…A WHOLESOMENESS. (Lord give us balance.) There are many places in life where the beauty of balance can be found: in art & design, priorities, budgeting time & money, focusing on the inside vs. outside, focus on the physical, mental & spiritual, pain vs. joy, & family vs. career to name a few. Now the following advice seems balanced to me: Trust what you know to be true, not what you fear to be true!

Caution, balance is not a god to worship. We have to have a balanced view of balance. At times, we need inbalance: for instance, a good fighter plane must be inherently unstable & unbalanced. A stable one will not turn & react fast enough. I have shared my thoughts, what are yours?


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