KEYS to winning the “Battle” 19 NOV 2012

KEYS to winning the “Battle”.—by Fritz.

In the battles of life seize the moral high ground. This key will save you a lot of energy and pain, and the “battles” of life may well fizzle into a win-win situation for everyone involved, teaching others to be assertive and upright in their personhood, but not abusive.
Whether you have decided to take on the abusive system, or are just minding your own business and being abused by the system and its mindless servants, you need to get your inner game tuned up! Yes, I know even though I am singing to the choir here, most of us don’t like to admit what’s going on in our inner selves. It took a profound philosopher to say the obvious, “Know yourself!”
Once, while in prison, someone sent some guys to deal with me. These big guys were not in a talking mood. Who I was, my inner game, my character, had been on front street day in and day out for people to see. It was the slender key to saving me, for even though they didn’t want to hear me say a word, I still got a word in and had credibility and unlocked the situation. The Word of God refers to this inner game as the “armor of God”. We can save ourselves lots of energy and pain by taking the moral high ground.
If you feel awkward with God, and He ignores you, here’s the key to creating powerful chemistry with God. If you sincerely pray to God to reveal all—every last one—of your sins and wrongs that you’ve done to others and then try to make those wrongs right…in other words, pay whoever you stiffed, apologize to those who you’ve hurt, and confess where you were wrong, THEN you will be surprised how much spiritual power it gives you with God, and by extension every other situation. You will have the moral high ground, and naturally prevail in situations.
It reminds me of how quick thinking generals have won battles by seizing the high ground, except in our case we don’t want to fight, we want to avoid the battle by coming into life from a position of strength.
God doesn’t do things on our terms. And gimmicks don’t work with God. He sometimes sends us messages in the most creative ways, so be prepared to learn from any source! Don’t assume God thinks like you do!!
Confidence in your inner spiritual game, faith versus anxiety and fear, will make you into the strong person that naturally brings success. Anxiety is a precursor to both mental illness and sin.
When most people come to God, they end up inactively sitting on a pew being spoon fed yucky tasteless spiritual baby food once or twice a week. Grow up. Be a real man or woman, where Christ becomes a way of life where every second of the day is an adventure and has something good in store for you.
O.K. I realize I didn’t solve all your problems in life with this post, but I hope I planted a seed that the Spirit can use.


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