KATHY RUBIO’S SHOW TODAY….RICK & ANNIE’S SHOW TOMORROW. Today (Weds. Feb. 5) I will be on Kathy Rubio’s show for 2 hours beginning 2 p.m. PST. Kathy is dedicated to promoting Christ and his Kingdom!

Tomorrow I will be on Rick & Annie’s show on American Voice Radio beginning 10 a.m. PST. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D99LH-3Vnok&feature=youtu.be People can listen to the show other ways also… One can listen on 16 k or on 56k players on Rick & Annie’s ENTER PAGE.ShakeAndWake.com <-People can listen LIVE on to their front page here. Their Network also goes out on cell phone apps and Satellite.

Rick & Annie had Judyth Vary Baker today on Shake and Wake with Rick and Annie. Judyth was Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend and cancer researcher. She tells all how Lee saved JFK in Chicago, and was not involved at all, was completely set up as the patsy. She is the author of ME AND LEE. She has been in mortal Danger, and is moving always from country to country as she does interviews on Skype. Her book is getting major attention… ME AND LEE. A place to go is http://MeAndLee.com

AMERICAN VOICE RADIO is a popular Christian Patriot network that’s been around 10 years.


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