Judas Iscariot, an American hero 29 MAR 2013

Judas Iscariot, an American hero. At the heart of tyranny (fascism, communism, Nazism, & what we have today) is snitching, the crime of Judas Iscariot. Infamous as a snitch, & his memory despised by everyone, Judas’s big crime was merely to “hand over” –that is, show the authorities where Yahshua could be found. As Yahshua worked in the open, it wasn’t even necessary for Judas to do this. They & Judas knew they could find him on their own, but Satan & his priesthood wanted the betrayal to show Christ could not even keep the loyalty of his inner circle. Today’s people would be piping, “If you haven’t done anything wrong you don’t have anything to be afraid of.”

We have become a nation of Judas Iscariot snitches who see betrayal as a virtue. Informants routinely lie. Police invent or plant evidence. The FBI’s lab was exposed as fraudulent by a whistleblower. Authorities have tricked people into disobeying the law. The govt. was using Conviction Consultants (a company called Rent-a-rat), who front criminals money to become “informants” in court for the govt. The govt. also rewards foreign snitches a U.S. citizenship for testifying for them. In my trial, the govt. witnesses were bribed. Criminals are now routinely rewarded by our court system to lie in favor of the prosecution. In my case, the jury was told how honest & upright the govt’s main witness was, but afterwards they privately used the fact that he was lying to deny him what he expected to receive. And remember, Judas didn’t even testify against Christ.

Not only are criminals & drug addicts thrilled to participate in snitching & surveillance, the typical American wants to do his part. Medical personnel gleefully test pregnant women for alcohol so that the state can seize the “drug baby”. Children gleefully report their parents to their teachers who then report to the police. When parents go to jail, the kids often end up in juvie. (It seems kids don’t realize this.) Lawyers report info to the Feds (what the client thought was confidential). So Americans found “America’s Most Wanted” show fun, maybe they would spot someone they knew to turn in. In a snitch culture, where everyone is a potential Judas, you quit trusting even the person kissing you!

The All-seeing eye knows more about you than you do. And the govt.’s surveillance is designed to prevent people from exercising their constitutional rights. The Ghetto Informant Program was used by the FBI to go after Civil Rights leaders & other activists. This grew into COINTELPRO, a program Stalin would have been proud of. I’ve noticed some of the younger truthers haven’t heard of COINTELPRO. Part of the program was to ruin the reputation of activists. School districts run programs to find out if there are firearms in the student’s home or any he visits.

It was reported years ago that “asset forfeiture” (looting) of innocent Americans amounted to about 1 ½ billion dollars per year. I don’t know the current figure. Anyone making any accusation is all they need to seize it.

A nation of people who does not get sick that their govt. can shoot innocent people, steal their life savings, seize their children, frame them and give sham trials, & execute innocent people on death row….are sick.


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