Various people have recently (by coincidence?) asked me about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is a short post introducing the kind of unused research that sits in my files. As many of you know, I spent time in the ‘90’s with quite a few MPD programmed multiples. I visited with some DID (MPD) victims of Illuminati trauma-based mind control who had been part of Satanic covens who used the Jehovah’s Witness religion as a front. People who have gotten away from such things are often quite open about spilling their guts about the specifics. However, information confided like this is raw intelligence, that has yet to be analyzed & confirmed. As it has sat in my files for yrs. without being developed, it may as well be shared. Remember as you read, the data provided in this post has not been confirmed, so it is provided to you in raw form. Additionally, there are at least half a dozen to perhaps a dozen of my fb friends & followers who have mentioned having been JWs, and a number of them have mentioned that they are DID. The mental illness rates among the JWs are over twice the national rate, which is in part because of the concentration of programmed multiples within that religion.

THE ELITE LAKE FORREST KINGDOM HALL. The Lake Forrest Kingdom Hall (3005 N. Lake Blvd., Tahoe City, CA 96145) is located between Burton Creek State Park to the west & Lake Tahoe on the east. Even further west is the Olympic Valley as well as numerous unincorporated & ghost towns. This kingdom hall is wealthy and is well connected to the Illum. elite in Bethel HQ at Brooklyn, NY & Bend, OR as well as other Illuminati west-coast strongholds. One of the members of the congregation at the time of me taking this info down was seeing a JW doctor (Larry Onoda in Van Nuys, CA) who specialized in helping JWs who had t.b.m.c./DID. This JW doctor was suspected of being a programmed multiple himself. One of the elders of this elite congregation was a serial rapist who eventually was caught and convicted. I was provided the names of 5 other congregational members under t.b.m.c. The congregation has extensively used a building at the North Tahoe Regional Park at 875 National Ave., Tahoe Vista, CA 96146 on the NTPUD grounds which is actually a pagan temple. The clear solarium roof consists of a pentagram within a circle. JW marriages and kingdom hall get-togethers are held under the roof with its pentagram in the circle. A table & a 6’ diameter pit are on the ground.

CHINA LAKE NWC AREA KINGDOM HALLS OF BAKERSFIELD & RIDGECREST. The Ridgecrest Kingdom Hall is near the China Lake Naval base at Inyokern which has a major trauma center for splitting the mind of children and then programming children into the Illum.’s total trauma-based m.c. Dan Guth, an elder at the Ridgecrest Kingdom Hall was a programmed multiple. His son drowned in the family pool at 18 months old under mysterious circumstances. After that he began partaking of the wine at the JW Memorial services. One JW family (Bill & Becky Lager) at Ridgecrest’s Kingdom Hall left the Witnesses to openly join the occult. They switched to wearing black & doing other openly occult things. They moved from Ridgecrest to Bakersfield. Bakersfield has some connections to Ridgecrest. The Bakerfield congregation’s ministerial servant Arnie Betann & his wife Fay were examples of programmed multiples in that congregation.

CLOSER TO PORTLAND, OR. A woman named Betsy Anderson, who worked for the Wilsonville, OR Dodge dealership said her father & their entire congregation were part of the SRA abuse. At the time of taking notes I failed to find out if her congregation was Woodburn, OR, or Canby, OR… or perhaps in another state like CA or WA. She later moved to Longview, WA, which seems to be a hotbed for multiples. By the way, Woodburn, which is near Wilsonville, is like a regional center for the Watchtower Society.

READERS FEEL FREE TO SHARE SIMILAR EXPERIENCES/INFORMATION. Some of you who have suffered greatly while under the auspices of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, if you want to… then feel welcome to share on the thread what you know or have experienced.


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