Those who have been following my posts on Jade Helm realize that I described one of its the larger purposes…predictive programming for their data driven A.I. computer programs, and then in response to the data…control by a computer system. By the use of all kinds of digital data gatherers a global info grid sucks in data into the Super Computers. Those who have seen my 1995 Prophecy Club talk will remember I mentioned this capability that goes back to 1979, when a friend witnessed it in operation. At that time, this was a system of BEAST computers…whether it is still known as that, I don’t know. So an enormous powerful system has been in place for a long time, being upgraded to better computers, and better A.I. systems. In the link that was shared on my timeline a woman gives the details of the JADE 2 A.I. software that links to the Jade Helm maneuvers. She says one critical thing…she correctly states that his JADE 2 software is merely a layer on a system. This is the system I was reporting on in 1995 in that prophecy club talk, and other talks during that time period. The global network of digital sources has the ability to gather everything on people and then using meta-tags and meta-data for filing tags assemble that so that the computer can predict and control personal and group behavior.

Something that links with this is how the same military officers involved with t.b.m.c. & psyops are the very people behind organizing militias. In the early ‘90’s when I rubbed shoulders with militia people—men & women, they were programmed multiples or had family members who were obviously programmed. It caused me to stay away from them. I continue to watch the mind control programmers trying to build up militias to challenge or even overthrow the U.S. govt. Now that makes me very suspicious!!! Obviously, there is an agenda being built. Hegelian dialectics. You have Jade Helm which relates to one side of the dialectic, and you have the manufactured/& controlled militias as the other side of the dialectic. And all of this can be instantly be monitored by Super Computers and then directed. My guestimate is that Jade Helm 15 is a trial run to see how the system will work. They would not want any glitches in such an incredible control system.

Final thought. The link that I am sharing from my timeline will give more information on JADE 2 software. It is not for the fainthearted. This is the kind of computer programming I was referring to back in 1995. The guest is right…this is a layer on a system that is already in place. Don’t watch it unless you have established some hope in the future…


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