This is a continuation of a series of updates, this one focuses on the intelligence gathering aspect of Jade Helm for proactive managing of risks to control a population. Unfortunately, so many things of importance are happening globally, that I am in no position to keep you informed of the hidden details behind all that is happening globally…therefore, I have to prioritize. I have chosen the subject of Jade Helm’s Human Domain Analytics (HDA) & how it is the foundation of ABI (Activity Based Intelligence—i.e. proactive analysis to anticipate perpetrators). Human Domain Analytics are being used by police (Homeland Security, et al) in the US, UK, Canada & NZ in what is termed “Intelligence-led policing”…and obviously a martial law scenario will need the participation of America’s super soldiers to be successful. I will review & compare a past example.

MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN. One of the key objectives of Jade Helm is to “master the human domain”. The phrase “human domain” has special meaning for the intelligence & special ops people. There is no question that the primary meaning for Jade Helm of “human domain” is the specific meaning that the Intelligence Community attribute to the words. (We will discuss this meaning in a moment.) The Intel community will be participating in a big way w/ Jade Helm. In my experience, phrases can also have double & triple meanings…so the information I provide does not discredit any other explanation that is floating around the Awake Community concerning Jade Helm’s self-declared goal of “mastering the human domain”. For instance, it has been put forth that the operation’s slogan means the mastering of humanity by an alien race(s). However, the people actually directing the day-to-day operations will be using the Intelligence Community’s specific meaning, which is to collect data on people, which is stored digitally called Human Domain data. Human Domain data will be tagged by WHO you are (incl. biometric ID info), WHAT you do, WHO you know (relationships), and your Context (social context, environment, culture & place) that you are in. When you interact in the World, your transactions are digitally recorded, first there is a transaction no., then there is some identification no. for you, and then two other necessary details related to the transaction. This shopping information is then secretly added to pool of Human Domain data. Your travel, communications, financial transactions, movement of belonging, & social actions are all being monitored & recorded.

ABI INTELLIGENCE. In the past, a crime would take place, and then a crime team would assemble info that looked like puzzle pieces & then fit the pieces together. This approach is reactive—similar to how most of our health care operates—you wait until there is a problem and then attempt to determine, fit, & analyze the puzzle pieces. For various reasons, this approach is a “poor” method. It is like asking who left the gate open after the cow has escaped. Using this approach with potential cancer victims (& we all fit that) and with potential killers (maniacs, “terrorists”, freedom fighters, & angry spouses) means that the homicide/death is not prevented. A “better” approach would be to discern who is going to be irresponsible & leave the gate open, and then to take remedial action to eliminate that potential threat. In other words, what can be called “management of risks”. Unfortunately, when police do this under the name Intelligence-led policing, civil rights have to be totally ignored to perform it. What is abnormal in your body & can contribute to cancer? This question is in line with ABI analysis, which is based upon Human Domain data. That, in essence, is what “Mastering the Human Domain” means. It is a new type of intelligence gathering & analysis that has been developing this last decade, the acronym for it is ABI (means Activity Based Intelligence). It will give the controllers the ultimate device to keep ORDER in their New World Order. (A few films have depicted this predictive ability by the World Order in the future.)

PREDICTIVE PROACTIVE POPULATION CONTROL. In order to achieve this, a whole new way of collecting & analyzing data has been developed. In the past, the intelligence community placed a level of importance on a piece of info. But that has all changed. ABI is not about solving puzzles, but solving mysteries, specifically mysteries about people!! No one knows ahead of time what is important. No one knows what may happen in the future, for perhaps later there will not even be a puzzle to solve! The slightest little fact, a certain person bought a razor, when they usually use an electric shaver, may provide info for the algorithms to detect a major upcoming event. Not knowing ahead of time what is important, means that data collection must be extensive & “neutral”. The Nevada Gaming Commission has used ABI to predict who may want to cheat the casinos. (In the next section, I discuss a real live risk that the Gaming Commission has faced…Blackjack teams.) The U.S. military used ABI to predict who in the Iraqi & Afghani population might want to do an attack on U.S. forces. The suicide bombers, in general, looked & acted like everyone else. The police are using it in Intelligence-led policing, and IBM is providing some of the police software like i2 Analysts Notebook. In 1970, the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards & Goals advised all law enforcement agencies to begin gathering surveillance data on their populations. Various police agencies began doing this without regards to civil liberties & their flagrant violations were detected. It had to wait until the false flag 9-11 event & the creation of Homeland Security to create the cultural environment in America to ignore the civil rights once protected by the Constitution.

AN EXAMPLE FROM REAL LIFE. To begin w/, bear in mind that there has been a close relationship between organized crime, the casino business, & the intelligence agencies incl. military intelligence. Also bear in mind that the head of law enforcement, the FBI, denied that organized crime existed until it was so blatantly obvious in the late ‘50’s that they had to acknowledge it. (The interconnections between these groups are a separate topic from this post.) A fictional movie– “Movie 21”– is loosely based on one of the blackjack groups that were developed by clever thinkers in the late ‘80’s & early ‘90’s to make millions of dollars from casino blackjack tables. One group, led by 3 professors, operated in the early ‘90’s, and disbanded in ’93. They had well trained teams & an example of one of their code phrases is: “the ice tea is too sweet” for “the count is 16”. I knew a blackjack player who tried to break down to me how beating the house was not gambling but mathematics. A true life example from one of the blackjack profiteering leaders (John Chang) shows something that ABI would immediately detect. John Chang dressed as a woman to go to casinos. The disguise worked in the Bahamas, but when he tried it in Atlantic City’s Taj casino, it was detected by surveillance because John sat next to an Asian woman whose petite hands contrasted w/ & exposed John’s male hands.

ABI DATA. The primary reference for ABI is a geo-reference. Geo-spatial intel (called GEOINT) is added to data collected by HDA (Human Domain Analytics) to provide the foundational digital data for ABI. GEOINT in the USA is provided by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). It is part of the DoD. The agency’s people are located globally, & have a working relationship w/ Microsoft, & provided most of the funding for what became Google Earth. (You will notice that some high level Illuminati sites, like a ritual site near here, don’t show up on Google Earth!) Any place on the earth is referenced for geo-referencing. Transactions are referenced to these geo-references. They also have a time associated with the transaction. The programmers developing the software to acquire the data are like spiders spinning a web to catch your info, which makes the World Wide web an appropriate name. In order to gather data, free or inexpensive items are offered on the web, with data fields that must filled out to complete the transaction. ABI collects data with “sequence neutrality” and “data neutrality”, which means that the information…all information… is gathered without a prior bias or preconception. All is accepted, with the awareness that a comprehensive gathering will overcome issues of reliability. Analysts approach the collection & fusion of data without knowing what they will find. They are trained to let the algorithm findings surprise them. The upper levels of this process are very skilled at predicting human behavior. They have been developing this for half a century. The collected data was quite secret to begin with, but things like the NCISP have set up processes where intelligence can be shared between police agencies.

AN EXAMPLE FROM HISTORY. I have previously written several papers on the 3 lists used in WW2 to round-up people. Today, there are red, yellow & blue lists, which basically correspond to the 3 lists the FBI used in WW2. However, the current situation facing the World Order is that the people who pose risks are far more extensive in numbers & locations than the Japanese, German & Italian based risks who were arrested in 1941-42. The basis for deciding whether a Japanese-American was a risk was how much clout & influence the person had. Individuals who wielded a great deal of influence in the Japanese-American community were on the first list and were arrested secretly by the FBI during the hours BEFORE the bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor. Call this a surgical pre-emptive strike to eliminate the head! A massive surgical strike on anti-NWO leaders is planned—the question is how can this be achieved on a practical level…can the police handle most of these?—which persons need to be extracted by super soldiers??—which persons need to be targeted by insect-like drones, a fake fly or fake mosquito, or whatever?? The best time is at night. Since the timing is a fixed thing, then the other features of this roundup have to be disguised & a long-term extensive disinfo campaign performed to hide the attributes of the rest of this first-list strike. The second list in WW2 came within weeks of Pearl Harbor and took out Japanese Americans & Americans who loved Italy & Germany. This second strike (second list) was to remove potential leaders & potential spies/saboteurs. If you belonged to a German Club, that was grounds for arresting you & detaining you during the war in a concentration camp. The final list consisted of all Japanese Americans: women, children, old men etc. (And in case you have only read govt. propaganda—these were not summer camps, they were prisons that can rightly be called concentration camps.) Presumably, modern Human Domain data will make their roundup lists more accurate…the strikes more “surgical”…but we are still talking about millions of people by the time the third list is done.

FINAL THOUGHTS. So Jade Helm 15’s “mastering the human domain” is at its most operational level the monitoring of the entire population, the collection of data, and the interpretation of the data for predictive programming in order to manage risks! It is population control which is one step below mind-control. The concepts of rights & privacy spelled out in the American Constitution are foreign to ABI & its applications. The application of military maneuvers to Jade Helm provide a stirring of the pot to help develop more data for predictive analysis, as well as help preposition equipment, & train our supersoldiers to operate in the American environment.



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