This is a short update on Operation Jade Helm 15 which recently went into action.

OTHER OPERATIONS DURING JADE HELM. While Jade Helm 15 is getting most of the focus, the military is running some other operations, for instance, Operation Northern Strike in northern Michigan (involving Air National Guard units from across the nation, while integrating in elements of the Canadian, Latvian, Polish & Australian militaries with over 3,000 American military). Another operation is Operation Iron Focus which is going on at the Texas-Mexican border. Another operation that may be related is the movement of tens of thousands of children from Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica & Venezuela into American FEMA relief camps. The U.S. govt. has given assurance to those nations that the children (& their families) will be provided food, education, meds, and housing for free if they want to come to America. Special trains are moving the children to the U.S. where they are then bused to FEMA camps. Ads are being run in the newspapers of those 4 nations inviting children to immigrate to America. An internal govt. document reportedly equates FEMA disaster relief camps with military internment camps for Americans. As I have reported since 1990, there has been a continual increase in prison/concentration camps being readied for martial law.

MILITARY ACTIVITIES DURING JADE HELM. A private military contractor who is helping lead Jade Helm named Tom Meade gave a briefing to local officials at Big Spring, TX. Meade said, “We are not training for Afghanistan and Iraq…This is about unconventional warfare.” Part of that unconventional warfare will include getting civilians to secretly transport the elite troops, as well as recruiting civilians to become informants for the military. Navy seals will operate in Mississippi and Louisiana. The 82nd Airborne will jump into Camp Bullis, TX (NW of San Antonio in Bexar Co.) In fact, Texas will get most of the Jade Helm military action, however, the other parts of Jade Helm like the intelligence gathering will be very broad. Different people have speculated on the broader purposes of Jade Helm 15…some think it will involve gun confiscation…and indeed there is the UN Small Arms Treaty that the U.S. govt. is committed to enforcing. The treaty states that our govt. can ask for international military support if it needs it to enforce the treaty which bans guns. Our military is practicing for a number of scenarios—incl. an EMP attack taking out their communication. Another speculation is that Jade Helm is in anticipation to an upcoming economic collapse.

CURRENT ECONOMIC STRESSES… China’s stock market recently crashed, and some forecasters predict that China’s economy will crash & take the rest of the world with them. Two written sources that forecast China’s economy crashing are Hong Kong’s Frontline magazine, and the increasingly popular book by James R. Gorrie titled “The China Crisis”. Meanwhile, the Chinese govt. claims their economy has stabilized & will recover. (Cough.) Of course, intelligent observers are aware that the Chinese govt.’s stats are by habit totally bogus. In fact their recent bogus statistic was that the govt. holds 1,600 tons of gold. Considering they are the world’s top gold producer, and the world’s top gold importer, they easily have OVER 10,000 tons. Why lie?? China is buying up gold as fast as possible and gold is artificially at its lowest price since 2010. Why raise the price of gold when they want to continue to hoard it. And while China’s economic collapse is before us…they are hardly the only govt.’s in economic crisis; a few of the other ones around the globe incl. Spain, Ukraine, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Costa Rica & Lebanon. Many others like Dominica, Ethiopia & Uganda are close to crises. So is the U.S…. Moody’s reported the 25 largest public pension funds in the U.S. have a $2 Trillion shortfall. For instance, the City of Chicago has a $20 billion shortfall in funds for their pensions. Readers can add their own knowledge of other economic crises hitting America.

IN THE LONG RUN. Southern hemisphere areas like Australia (and South America to a lesser degree) are supposed to be places for the elite to live & rule from. How many years from now will that be? And what has to happen to make the USA a poor place to live? I don’t have all the answers to everything…but Jade Helm 15 is clearly an indication that change is coming to America.



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