This post is a brief overview of the Illuminati & Freemasonry within the Moslem world. It is a follow up on previous articles. (There are false stereotypes of Muslims & Freemasons, and this post is not trying to encourage stereotypes. Each person should be evaluated as his or her own person.)

POWER, MONEY, SEX & MIND CONTROL. Britain & France were major colonial powers within the Islamic world, and Spain & Italy were also on a lesser scale. Many of the Islamic countries only shook off colonial rule after WW 2. During colonial rule, the mother country had enormous power and as Britain & France were ruled by the Illuminati, one can see who had direct control over much of the Moslem world. If a Moslem wanted a position of power he had to line with The Power. After colonialism, many Moslems were buyable with bribes. For example, Lockhead & Northrup, whose agent was Adnan N. Khashoggi, paid enormous bribes to Saudi officials via Khashoggi to insure their products were bought by the Saudis. Khashoggi’s firm was Triad. The British BAE is another example of bribery. Sex has also been used. Sexual mind-controlled slaves have been available to the Islamic elite when they visit America. And our govt. has turned a blind eye to women & children kidnapped to Saudi Arabia for sexual slavery & m.c. The Illum./intel agencies exported their trauma base mind control to the Islamic world where young men are subjected to mind control to make them militant & terrorists. Some of these programming centers are in Saudi Arabia, but others are scattered throughout the Moslem world.

GERMANY, ARABS, & ANTI-JEWISH/MASONIC VIEWS. As a counterbalance to the colonial powers, Germany has had close relationships with the Moslem world. (By the way, both Arabic & German are spoken from the back of the throat.) Nassar & Sadat were part of the pro-German Egyptians plotting to get rid of the British. When they deposed King Farouk 1, they got rid of Freemasonry in Egypt. The King’s royal family had many members who were Freemasons. The king had had British nannies & teachers. Germany helped Iraq, Iran, and Syria fight the colonial powers during WW 2. Their help gave some victories but was insufficient to win these conflicts. When the Islamic Revolution got rid of the Shah, again Freemasonry was banned in Iran. The pattern has been this…during colonial rule or when pro-Western govt.s were in control, Freemasonry has had lodges in Islamic countries with Moslem Freemasons as members. When pro-Western govts. have been dislodged, resurgent Moslem leaders have banned Freemasonry. It was banned in Egypt in 1961, & Iran in 1979. Within the Moslem world, Freemasonry is widely viewed as a tool of the Jewish elite. Because of the tension between Jews & Moslems that has existed since Jewish settlers started coming into Palestine, Freemasonry has been suspect to mainstream Moslems.

TURKEY. Turkey has long been viewed by the Illuminati as part of Europe, and it has participated with Europe & the Illum. as one of the group. Prior to being Turkey, the Turks had an empire, the Ottoman Empire. As one might expect, Freemasonry was prevalent in the Turks running the Ottoman empire, and Turkish leaders afterwards. Two examples are: Emmanuel Carasso (Ottoman politician) & Süleyman Demirel (9th Pres. Republic of Turkey). Scotland chartered the regular lodge. Later, the Scottish Rite was founded in Turkey in 1861 by Italim Pasha. He founded it in Egypt 5 years later. Italim Pasha became the supreme Grand Commander in both countries. The number of lodges in Egypt grew to 600. The regular lodges of Egypt got themselves into trouble by directly associating with more occultic masonic rites (Memphis & Misraim) and were declared irregular. A split in the Grand Lodge took place with two competing Grand Lodges. The Egyptian Grand Lodge had chartered lodges in Palestine, and when it was declared irregular that tainted the legitimacy of the Palestinian lodges. Since then an entirely new system of lodges has come in. The members of the lodges in Israel/Palestine have done fairly well at avoiding the religious tensions, & they come from many religious & language backgrounds incl. Arabic speaking Moslems. Back when Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish gov. of Jaffa had joined Freemasonry in 1868.

REVOLUTION IN TURKEY. The revolutionary group Young Turks was taken over in 1900 by the French Grand Orient lodge system. 1909, 45 of their Turkish lodges then selected Mahmoud Orphi Pasha as their Grand Master of a newly created Grand Orient Ottoman. Just prior to this, there was a revolt by an Army called “Action Army” organized & led by Freemasons. When they dethroned the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II (who was also Islam’s Caliph), the army’s Committee of 5 deputies that went to confront him were entirely all Freemasons. A recent Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Turkey was Sahir Talat Akev.

LATE KING OF JORDAN. I have heard good things about King Hussein of Jordan by people who knew him personally, how he was a man of peace & desired to help humanity. In the early ‘90’s, I remember one time looking through some reference book & seeing a photo of him in Masonic garb. He was initiated in Alexandria, Egypt. I believe his son Abdullah, who succeeded him is also a Freemason as well, as all but one of his brothers. The lodge in Jordan must be low key. I believe Yesser Arafat was also a Freemason, based on reports long ago.

OTHER MOSLEM NATIONS where Freemasonry has been active are: Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco. On 3/23/1973 the Islamic High Court of Morocco declared the Freemasonry was compatible with Islam. Morocco, like Turkey, has had close ties to the Illum. You will note that Churchill & Roosevelt, whose two govt.s were back by the Illuminati, had one of their big summits (in 1943) during WW 2 in Casablanca, Morocco…at a time when they had many other options. Freemasonry was very active in Algeria when it was an integral part of France prior to the 1950’s revolution. Interestingly, an Algerian Islamic scholar & Sufi, who had led fighting to stop the French colonial invasion, named Abdelkader El Djezairi (1808-1883), was a Freemason.

CONCLUSION. The Illuminati has controlled various political & religious leaders in the Moslem world through their standard tactics. Sometimes their control & projects have been carried out by native Freemasons. By & large, the Moslem world has linked Freemasonry to the Jews & the West, and when Islam has a return to authenticity (asala) and a resurgence of political power, Freemasonry has repeatedly been outlawed.

PLEASE NOTE. My dear friends, you can imagine how it gives me pleasure to share these posts with you. Unfortunately, for the next few days, I will not be able to post any articles. Have a blessed week.


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