Is Freedom of Speech a luxury or an indispensable matter of life or death? 21 JAN 2013

Is Freedom of Speech a luxury or an indispensable matter of life or death? Without freedom of speech nations have historically gone off into collective destruction. One blatant example of many is a nation well-known for their intelligence who found themselves on the brink of genetic extinction and hopelessly at war with half the angry world…I am writing about Japan in August 1945, a nation that had stripped its people of freedom of speech early in the 1930’s; and paid the price that comes from lacking truth and freedom of speech. Let’s glance at that censorship process: In Jan. ’34, Japan’s Army Minister advocated that journalism “direct publishing activities so that they contribute to state prosperity, social order, the smooth functioning of national life and to wholesome public entertainment.” Boy, who doesn’t want prosperity, order, society to function smoothly, yada, yada, yada!? Talk about pushing all the green buttons! So censorship was proposed as a way to “strengthen public unity”. Japan’s Peace Preservation Law, amended by imperial decree in 1928, was again amended in 1941 to contain harsh sanctions for spreading “false reports”. This was allegedly to protect the public. Govt. secrecy today, be it the NSA, CIA, and other govt. agency, is allegedly to protect us. Consequently, during the war years, truth and factual reporting were rare. Even the planners controlling events ended up lacking real info. No one could warn of danger, or point out criminal or stupid moves by anyone in power. The Japanese war effort suffered, rather than benefited from their lack of freedom of speech. It appears some sincere people today in our govt. are beginning to realize the real dangers of these false flag terror events. The Sandy Hook tragedy may have some of its faked events set up as bait to entrap truthers into appearing as insensitive crazy people who are a danger to victims. “Tragedy deniers” could find themselves suffering legal difficulties like Holocaust deniers have worldwide. The legal system can punish and restrict anyone who might in some potentially remote way tamper with “victims” or “witnesses”. Allow me, in the interest of free speech, sanity, and the welfare of America share a few brief facts which represent a long list of suspicious things about the people involved in Sandy Hook, because the tragedy stands out as an event complete with government,/NWO manipulation, mind control, and mass media manipulation. Newtown, Conn. next door to Sandy Hook was described by Anton LaVey as the East Coast’s center for Satanism. His Church of Satan and its spin-off Church of Set are heavily into trauma based mind control, and connected to the U.S. govt/military. The neighborhood there has strange things about it. About 20 miles SW from Sandy Hook in Westchester Co. are the weekend homes of NY businessmen who are Satanists. About the same distance SE of Sandy Hook (as the crow flies) is where Paul D. Valentine headquartered his Church of Satanic Liberation. Long story short, we have lots of people in the immediate area and close outlying areas that have the potential to participate in a NWO script.


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