INTERESTING SITES: Some enigmas to ponder. This post is about some strange American sites that appear to have important clues about the past.

Recently, on 3 March, the water in the reservoir created by the Wanapum Dam was lowered 20’ for safety reasons when a 65’ long 2″ crack was discovered in the dam. The dam is in my area of the country and is located north of Kennewick, WA on the Columbia River. It is also near the Hanford Nuke Reservation and so. of Vantage, WA in Grant Co. near I-90. Today, the remains of ancient bodies like the Kennewick man were discovered when the water level was lowered. The Kennewick man was an ancient Caucasian type body that did not fit in with the current politically correct textbook ideas of North America. The Indians in the area have immediately laid claim to the bodies & want to dispose of them before any scientific investigation can be done concerning them.

This reminds me of another site I am aware of at Spirit Cave in Lovelock, NV. Again, the native American Piute tribe are trying legally to get possession of the remains that were found in the cave. The remains are reported to be 60 bodies of red-haired giants. The Piutes themselves have a traditional story that their ancestors killed all these red-haired giants (called Si-Te-Cah).

And the Nevada cave with its remains of giants, reminds me of some similar reports coming out of the Grand Canyon. A govt. official said on 11/19/2011, “All the Caves in the [Grand] Canyon are dangerous and are thus restricted, off-limits…” Areas of the Grand Canyon are even off-limits to small planes & helicopters (while govt. helicopters are shuttling things back & forth). What is reported in the area?? For over a century various reports have come in that Egyptian type artifacts have been seen or found. A figurine from one cave was radiocarbon dated to be 2145 B.C. plus or minus 100 years. A gold idol sitting cross legged with a lily in each hand was discovered. Copper urns, copper cups, mummies and hieroglyphs have been reported. This is interesting because the Grand Canyon has lots of sites named after Egyptian deities: Temple of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple, Isis Temple, Cheops Pyramid, Manu Temple, and a few after Hindu deities like Shiva Temple. One report claimed to see walls carved with short people wearing helmets. Is there something to this? There are legitimate Egyptian artifacts that have been found across North America (see the book America B.C.). Still, I don’t know if the Grand Canyon reports are accurate reports of actual discoveries, or simply hoaxes, but it is rather suspicious how areas have been made off limits by the govt.

The final interesting site is unrelated to the above, but came into the discussion on UFOs tonight. There are areas in the U.S. where flying saucer activity is busy. The area we talked about tonight is Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, Central America, which has had lots of flying saucer/UFO activity for a long time especially these last four years. Arenal Volcano is a conical active volcano 90 miles NW of San Jose (the capital of Costa Rica). The volcano is located in a national park & is popular with tourists, who can go to the Inn/Lodge and the hot springs in the area. Lava flows every 8 hours from the volcano. The area serves as a watershed for the Arenal Lake Reservoir which provides water for hydroelectric power. Costa Rica is interesting to me, because the govt. is totally connected to the new world order, and the country is overrun with the CIA. NASA has a hanger at the San Juan Santamaria International Airport. I have wondered why the CIA is so active in a nation that has no standing army, no problems with neighboring countries and is committed to peace. It would seem to be the least of our CIA’s worries, so what are they so busy doing there???

There you have it my friends, reports that pique one’s curiosity. (Not that these are all that exist…in fact, my friend, I wouldn’t be surprised if you, when you read this post, think of some yourself.)


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