This post is to provide more understanding about China’s economic relationship with the Illuminati. The Illuminati encouraged China to use their large labor pool to pull their nation up, while providing the Western world inexpensive products. Even after years of change, which the Chinese Communist govt. calls “capital restructuring” from Maoism to their current “socialism-with-Chinese-characteristics” system, even after all this growth China still lags no. 89th globally in PPP (PPP=Purchasing Power Parity—an economic measurement more accurate than GDP/capita.) The Illum.’s World Bk. & IMF both rated the nation in 2014 as 79th in GDP/capita. China still contains many poor suffering starving people. In spite of the backwardness of much of the nation, it is being helped by the Illuminati to establish itself as a world power. George Soros has publicly advocated that China, which he claims has a more functional govt. that the USA, should take global leadership in a New World Order. That is not the view of the hierarchy, even though they have been assisting China’s incredible “miracle” economic growth…which if looked at closely is full of corruption, waste, toxic pollution, fraud & mismanagement on scandalous scales!

ALONG W/ THEIR ECONOMIC POWER, HAS BEEN A GROWTH IN MILITARY MIGHT. Not only is China often leading world organizations (like UNESCO), but nations like the U.S. do a military exchange program with them. Both the Russian & Chinese militaries have done disaster training w/ FEMA, for the Chinese it was in Hawaii. On the flip side, special secret American teams/bases in western China have been in operation. Our military has brought in foreign military personnel for years—they were doing it when I was at West Point, & we were always training foreign cadets at USMA. We now have a formal bilateral exchange program with Russia which is why thousands of Russian military are here at any given moment. Even during the Cold War there were training exchanges; Russian police were trained in the countryside just to the west of my house when I was Amish & had been for yrs. This is why I am not alarmed at the reports of Chinese military in the U.S. I find it more alarming that the design of their expensive modern military hardware, like their aircraft carriers, is designed to fight a war with the USA! And also alarming that people like Pres. Clinton went out of their way to help China get high tech for their military upgrades. And as a final note, it is not out of the question that Chinese troops will be part of the planned for “Foreign Confinement Officers” that will be running American’s future concentration camps.

RELATED NEWS. China cont. to have chemical plant explosions! And the Chinese govt. has been totally repressive about anyone in China investigating or looking for info on these explosions. If their people type the wrong words into a search engine they can be in trouble. The explosion yesterday (31 AUG) was at 11:30 at Dongying City, & was the third in 2 weeks. The big one was on AUG 12 at Tianjin port; the next (AUG 23) was at Shandong (a different location than the Dongying explosion).

LI KA-SHING & SOME HISTORY. My Bloodlines of the Illuminati book gave the history of the elite family’s making their wealth from China. The British gained control of Hong Kong, & a number of elite bloodlines mixed w/ Chinese to create an intermediate set of elite that were part European/part Chinese. Hence you had the Li Illuminati family, which was described in a chapter in the Bloodlines book. Li Ka-shing helped start the economic revolution that China embarked on. He was the most important powerful businessman in British Hong Kong. My Bloodlines book described how the Li’s branched out into Canada. By 1990, he was a billionaire & had two sons, Victor & Richard, who were also gaining economic notoriety. Richard had Star TV in Asia. When Li Ka-shing asked the Illum. investment bank Goldman Sachs to spend $2 million on ads on his son’s Star TV, they spent it, even though they had nothing to advertise to the common Asian TV viewer. Nor did the $2 million gain Goldman Sachs any deals with the Li’s, although over time Goldman Sachs brought investment money to the Li’s, & a financial relationship developed. Goldman Sachs did become one of the leading investors to help China finance their great financial leaps forward. They replaced the prominence of British Illum. firms like Barings, HSBC banking, Jardine Fleming, & Schroders, which had been located in Hong Kong, but were phased out, like the British rule in Hong Kong. The same European elite families of old pop up in dealing with modern China.

George Walker IV worked for Goldman Sachs & China. His cousin, who became our first Bush president, was the head of the U.S. Liaison Office in Beijing in ’74-’75 during the height of the Cold War before Red China & the U.S. had normal relations. At that time Taiwan (Free Nationalist China) was considered the legitimate govt., and up to ‘73 Red China had been helping North Vietnam fight us, even sending thousands of troops to help in the north! The People’s Liberation Army took advantage of the privatization of the economy to own lots of businesses, including smuggling businesses. In 1998, the govt. began shutting down the military’s smuggling operations. But privatization does not mean the govt. is not deeply involved in Chinese firms.

PRIVATIZATION. In 1949, Communism finished its conquest of mainland China. During the first few decades after 1949, many Chinese who had great abilities were stifled by the Communist system. After Mao, the leadership realized it would be a win-win to follow the Illum. proposals. The Communist party could use the creation of jobs & economic growth to legitimize their power. It was not enough for China’s elite to want to move forward on the Illum. plan for their economy, they needed help. The Communist govt. owned everything, & the state-run businesses were money-losing enterprises that were poorly run. Basic important practical concepts like business book keeping & making profits were unknown. China needed western technical knowledge & foreign money (capital) to grow. Illum. financial firms such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, & Bear Stearns came in & provided financial & technical advice & help. China has also resorted to espionage & cyber theft of technology/intellectual property (& no one has seriously tried to stop them). In order to make their firms profitable, some state run companies were privatized and the work force made efficient. This meant people losing jobs, & their Western advisors tried to help China design pensions & safety nets for the common worker…a task only partially completed at this time. The stress from slave conditions have motivated a relatively high no. of workers to commit suicide…at work.

The elite’s corporations did joint ventures with the Chinese like BP’s joint venture with PetroChina to create 500 gas stations in Guangdong by 2007. One example of Red China’s govt. raising the capital it needed for expansion from western investors is China Telecom (in Zhejiang & Guangdong province) floating 25% of its shares to foreign investors to raise $2 billion. Few Westerners realize that the Illum. elite have an important share in China’s economy. On the flip side, many Chinese are fully aware of the corrupt nepotism of the Party elite & resent it. It goes against their sense of fairness that is engrained in them. And the Party has to seriously make sure that the size of foreign profits that are made by their investments in China is minimized to the public. There is no question that the Chinese elite are fully on board with the Illum., as eyewitnesses to high level secret meetings have described.

MACAO. Some readers may not be familiar with the ex-Portuguese colony of Macau that is just south of Hong Kong, & until 1999, had been controlled by the Portuguese since 1557 until China took it over. Under the take-over agreement, it retains its own laws. It is a very active center for Triad activity, incl. Triad wars. It is the world’s largest gambling center, but due to China’s weakening economy, in Feb. 2015 gambling proceeds nosedived almost 50%. The ex-colony is a bee hive of financial activity connected around the globe, incl. organized crime.

SUMMARY. This has been an overview of some historical details to allow the reader to grasp the dynamics of modern Red China, & the help they have received from the Illuminati & the PTSNB.


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