This post is a short informative overview of the drama going on in the Ukraine based upon my understanding of things. The elite, who study geopolitics & its eco. ramifications, have been writing books & papers for the last 20 years on how the Ukraine would become a buffer between the EU & Russia, and that its stability was important for the EU’s/NATO’s security. Very briefly here is what has happened: the Ukrainian parliament impeached a pro-Russian president, & his replacement was a pro-West president. The parliament, when a new pro-West govt. came into power revoked the legal status for Russians. Violence in the streets between govt. protestors & police left over 90 protestors dead. Russia responded by semi-covertly sending in its military to seize the Crimea, the most southern part of the nation. The Ukraine gave up the Crimea without a fight. Now we have a stand-off between Russia & the Ukraine…this is the center of the drama I will discuss.

HISTORY & PERSPECTIVE. The elite have studied the issues between nations & what they value indepth. Their dramas incorporate into their scripts the manipulation of actual existing ways of thinking (call them triggers) of the people involved. So it is important to gain an appreciation for the deep seated ideas that motivate people in the area. To start with, the Ukraine has a long history as a proud independent nation, but its independence was lost to the USSR, which promoted Russia & things Russian. If you want to get a Ukrainian angry, call him a “Russian”. When the Russians pushed the invading German army out of the Ukraine in 1944, the Ukrainians began a war to capture their nation from the Russians. While greatly outclassed, they continued their fighting for independence for about 5 more years. The western provinces of the Ukraine are anti-Russian and pro-European. In fact, the Ukraine is considered the largest nation in Europe, & while it has been denied union with the EU and NATO, its military has been having joint training ops w/ NATO. Ukrainian pride & desires for independence & freedom run deep. Russia has always had close ties w/ the Ukraine and for a little over half of the 20th century actually controlled the Ukraine. The Crimea (now part of the Ukraine), which is a large peninsula on the Black Sea, has based the important Russian Black Sea Fleet. A treaty w/ the Ukraine, good ‘til 2035, gives naval bases to the Russians on the Crimea. About 60% of the Crimeans are Russians, rather than Ukrainians. Eastern & southern Ukraine is more pro-Russian than western Ukraine. So we have a nation with polarized divided loyalties, & a Russian govt. which is extremely sensitive to anything that goes on in the Ukraine. Manipulation of events & people are easy with such strong feelings on the two sides.

ECONOMIC FACTORS. The EU (under Illuminati leadership) intends to economically exploit the Ukraine. The Ukraine is currently an economic basket case, but has lots of potential, and no doubt would see improvements in their economy & standard of living if the EU can develop them. The new pro-West govt. has the support of the Ukraine’s billionaires. Their richest man Rinat Akhmetov called all Ukrainians to unite against the Russian invasion. Sergei Taruta & Ihor Kolomoysky, billionaires & pro-EU, have agreed to be governors over the pro-Russian provinces in eastern Ukraine for the new pro-West govt. Their leadership will help insure that eastern Ukrainians stay loyal to the new govt. Russia runs a no. of oil pipelines thru the Ukraine into Poland, Slovakia & Hungary. These lines may in the future be extended into Germany & Italy. Russia could stop its gas/oil to the Ukraine, as well as to the eastern Europeans. 80% of Russia’s gas exports are to the EU! The problem for Russia is they need the money from the gas/oil perhaps more than the Europeans need the gas. To use the pipelines as a weapon would backfire on Russia. To further antagonize the Ukraine thru which the pipelines run, might also cause problems. So we have a struggle between the EU & Russia, and I expect the EU will win in the ways they need to, although they may make concessions or compromises with Russia in order to resolve the standoff in some win-win scenario. Russia is struggling to maintain its sphere of influence. I speculate a partition of influence is one possible outcome, w/ Russia given some guarantee of influence in the Ukrainian govt.

MILITARY FACTORS. The Ukraine military on paper looks formidable, & has shifted to a flexible brigade structure that would assist mobility in battle, yet its ability to wage battle w/ the better equipped large Russian military is weak. While Ukrainians would fight Russia if need be (they have in the past against all odds), there would be little benefit for Russia, the Ukraine, and NATO to actually engage in war. NATO Sec. Gen. Rasmussen called for Russia to pull its forces out. And the Ukraine on Mar. 2 called up its million man reserve, & is organizing, arming, moving troops into position; yet the fact is that Russia is a big bear that would seriously hurt whatever challenged them. In the Crimea, important Ukrainian military leaders have defected to the Russians, & troops there have resigned. Considering that the govt. has not paid their military in months, it’s no surprise troops are not more loyal. One base did have a face off, but by now there is no active resistance left. The few civilians in the Crimea protesting the Russian invasion were quickly arrested. In summary, if asked to fight, the Ukrainian troops would be fierce even if outclassed; and both Russia & the Ukraine would suffer losses that would cripple both nations & produce little benefit. Therefore, it makes sense that a lot of posturing and loud politicking will take place with deals being hammered out in secret that will allow the EU, Russia, & the Ukraine to feel like they each gained something.

CONCLUSION. This is an example of the rumors of wars biblically predicted. What you are watching is a worldly power struggle that was conceived & scripted long ago, and is now being staged for our attention. The real reasons behind the manipulations are economical, but the tensions between the different players are rooted in centuries’ old animosities.


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