In the future mankind will become increasingly dependent upon the elite for their food 19 MAR 2013

In the future mankind will become increasingly dependent upon the elite for their food. We went from decentralized food production to industrial mega-farms controlled by the global elite. We were told this was for our own good. World food production & distribution is now dependent upon technology which is in turn dependent upon cheap oil & adequate water supplies. In the large middle of the U.S. (the bread basket) the Ogallala Aquifer is running out of water & in the main area of China, called the 3-H area, water supplies are also declining to a deficit. Other stresses to food supplies incl. climate changes, pathogens, eroded or depleted soils, as well as the (often inefficient) increased use of grains for meat, such as beef, and fuel (ethanol). Those folks concerned with health also face GMs, toxic foods, unhealthy processed foods, & unhealthy eating habits.

The elite have exploited the world’s resources in a harmful manner. Their future plans are even worse, & will force us to decline in population & be even more dependent upon them. Meanwhile, answers go begging for policies to implement them. To implement answers like the Japanese Aigamo method, and small sustainable organic farms integrating a variety of animals and crops would take global wisdom & cooperation beyond the greed & genocidal agenda of the controlling elite. The U.S. imports more than half of its nitrogen for fertilizer. Iran & Russia have large supplies of nitrogen. Iran is far less of a threat to the USA than the economic problems that a war with Iran will cause the USA. Tampering with Iran will cause an adverse global economic effect. But sure enough we can’t stop pestering them to try to get a conflict going. Who is going to benefit from these crazy policies, which will affect oil & nitrogen supplies & other things?? Wake up America & quit endorsing these crazy destructive policies.

Therefore, these answers will have to be implemented by the small people of the world. One of the concerns of Gandhi was to implement local sustainable ideas to free the Indian people of the World Order. The modern ag businesses (like Monsanto, & others) have hidden costs to us.

“…and all the things which are rich and splendid have gone from you, and you shall find them no more at all.” REV 18:14b. Certainly there are consequences for evil policies, still I am convinced that the Creator will continue to bless those who try to honor good food production ideas. We see where the globalists are taking us, now let’s see what we can do for ourselves.


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