In Sacred Pigs we Trust 30 MAR 2013

In Sacred Pigs we Trust.
The original USA got lost somewhere, & in its place is an Animal Farm run by power-drunk sacred pigs. These sacred pigs live better than the old time kings & are immune from obeying the laws. As in Orwell’s Animal Farm, all the animals on the farm are equal, yet ‘some are more equal than others.’

Our leaders “speak to us smooth things…” ISA 30:10. Americans love to hear how good we are, and how we are bringing civilization (Pax Americana) to the barbarians of Iraq & Afghanistan, or wherever barbarians live without pro-football teams, McDonald Big Macs & feminism.

Power should really have a warning label about its dangerous side effects. Human nature everywhere has a problem with power. Power reminds me of alcohol; & I like the expression “drunk w/ power”. Alcohol & power are both addictive; people under their influences lose touch with reality. Under the influence of either, people can become uncontrolled, mean-spirited, obnoxious and downright foolish. They will cater to their own shortcomings & create warped needs. For instance, if the sacred pig lacks in self-image, he can have people lick his boots, & tell him how great the boots taste. The World encourages people to be powerful self-made people, while our sacred pigs have privileged power quietly handed to them. Next, we see them strutting their snoots in the air.

The Illuminati have the ultimate power, they are gods & legends (in their own minds), and we are the useless eaters, supporting them as consumers, mindless constituents & cannon fodder.

The other side of things? The love & moral high ground that Christ exemplified. Some sacred pigs brought a woman caught in adultery to Yahshua. They wanted to stampede him into joining their power play, but he took the moral high ground with love. In the orig. greek it says he wrote “a record against” them…in other words, writing in the sand how they were breaking the law, & exposing their evil hearts. The heartless sacred pigs scattered, and left the woman alone. Love is more effective than power; it redeems, heals & gives life.

This Saturday evening (30 MAR) I will do two radio shows connected with the FreeYourMind conference: the first with Alex Ansary (6 p.m. PST), the second with Bob Tuscan (8 p.m. PST).


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