In response to questions from fb friends 10 NOV 2012

In response to questions from fb friends, check this important info out. I am going to tell you about the global economic reboot (gratis the Illuminati) that is soon to happen.
I’m not infallible; I try to be reliable. Just recently, I switched my thinking that Obama would win (as is the pattern for incumbents) to believing that the elite wanted Romney. The Illum.’s Billy Graham had publicly endorsed Mormonism and Romney, and that looked like one more strong clue that they wanted him in. My assessment was wrong. Maybe they just needed to make the staged race look more exciting, which it did for those watching this expensive staged production, which even had the apparent glitch of the mistakingly coming out with election returns before they happened. So I’m not infallible; I try to be reliable, and the following is reliable.
The U.S. economy and by extension the world’s is soon to be rebooted, just as they rebooted it in 1929 (but the bottom was not felt for several years, economies don’t switch off as quickly as computers). The Great Depresssion was a great reboot for them for it wiped out small bank competition and gave them more economic controls across the monopoly board. Now they want to reboot their economic system to eliminate non-Illuminati new wealth which is unhelpful to complete compliance of their agenda.
Some interesting background facts. On December 23, 1913, close to Merry Nimrod Day, also the important occult holy High Grand Climax, some of the Illuminati bloodlines (Astor, Baker, Hill, Morgan, Payseur of the 13th Holy bloodline, Pyne, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Russell and Schiff bloodlines) created their pet monster the Federal Reserve, which is not Federal nor a Reserve. It was created to fetterize us, not federalize us. Now it is time to kill their pet monster that has empowered them and enriched them. They will use the debt of the Fed, as well as the desire by Russia, China and India to destroy the dollar (as the world’s reserve currency) as the method for killing it. Remember that God used Satan to kill Christ, who did not realize he was doing God’s work. So judgment of America, comes at the hands of America’s enemies, at the inspiration of the Great Destroyer. So you can understand this event spiritually at different levels. Fundamentally, God hopes people quick trusting deceptions and call on Him for salvation.
When will this world economic reboot happen? The elite like to do things around their dark spiritual holy days while we are distracted by silly things such as what Santa will bring us. Perhaps, they will begin this process this Christmas, but remember it must be a process, economies and their collapse of their Fed are slow deaths, they will apply life support to make it a real drama, just as the deaths of individuals are agonizingly prolonged by their medical system. I anticipate 2013 to have some economic dollar death dramas.


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