A follow up on previous posts on this topic as well as my 2013 “Immortality” Free Your Mind lecture. (My 2013 Free Your Mind lecture is available for viewing on YouTube.) Over the years, I have put out info on human cloning, the creation of doubles, and the extension of the human lifespan. My contention in my 2013 talk was that “immortality” was already available for certain chosen of the elite, but that at some pt. in the near future, “immortality” (actually a longer lifespan) would be made available for those who would line up with the World Order. I was pleasantly surprised that after I had prepared my talk (but before giving it), a rash of magazines like Nat. Geographic came out with articles on the same subject!

BACK TO 2012. If we look back at 2012, that was when a project with mice (using gene therapy to activate telomerase) was able to add 24% more lifespan to the test mice.(1) Another test got a 40% longer lifespan, the equivalent of 33 human years of healthy life. This was also the year that I was using, writing about, & promoting Product B which is designed to protect, maybe even lengthen, one’s telomeres. I wrote a post about the relation between telomeres (what the World’s experts mistakenly called “junk DNA” when I was in high school), your DNA, & aging. Most of the readers of my posts have come on board afterwards, and likely missed much of this. Also that year, I went to OHSU where a telomere researcher lectured. When I asked her if telomere research would at some pt. be able to provide longer lifespans she told the large audience “no”…which was a silly answer, but was the safe answer that obviously protected her. If you were a thinking person, her lecture clearly indicated that lengthening telomeres (which protect the ends of the DNA in the chromosomes) would lengthen lifespans. So even a researcher like her would not publicly admit the ramifications.

APPLYING TELOMERASE GENE THERAPY TO HUMANS. After the success with mice, the next step was testing that same process on humans; & the test subjects reversed their body ages from 5 to 25 yrs. (usually 20 yrs. age regressed) with 6 months of treatment. Age related diseases were reversed! It will take at least 2 more yrs. for this kind of treatment to become available & it is projected it will cost patients $40,000. A recent thin book describing the treatment & the company producing it is by Michael Robinson “Unlocking the Immortality Gene”. Conceivably the aging process can be stopped.

MORE DETAILS ON THE THERAPY. Let’s review some facts of life here. DNA in your cell nucleus contains the instructions for your entire makeup. DNA is transcribed (copied) into RNA which moves out of the cell nucleus to provide instructions for producing things. Viruses are also RNA—often double strands of RNA. Disarmed viruses can be used to carry therapeutic RNAs and when they are used this way, they are called vectors. They have discovered that a disease caused by single mutation (let’s say hemophilia) are relatively easy to patch up with gene therapy because they can target the genetic problem with gene therapy and repair it. RNA therapy is called RNAi and received a Nobel prize for its discovery. Hepatitis C and hemophilia can be dealt with by gene therapy. Gene silencing is using genetic therapy to stop the expression of something negative. In terms of the telomerase lengthening, this is crucial, because activating the telomerase not only makes the cells stop aging, but can activate cancer cells. As one reference said, “It is precisely this risk of promoting tumor development that has set back the investigation of telomerase-based anti-aging therapies.” Cancer cells are basically immortal cells that the cancer patient wants to die. However, the problem was resolved. The RNAi can be used to stop the cancer cells even when the telomerases are activated. So the success in giving longer life is a two-fold discovery. These were first the discovery how to stop cellular/& DNA aging, meanwhile preventing cancer cells from developing. Discovering how RNAi can halt cancer has allowed them to discover how RNAi can help heart disease & other problems. 7 of the top 10 diseases in America are age related. So this research is showing how many diseases can be reversed. The applications of this new technology are wide: “There are 50 regenerating RNA extracts for different body organs or organ systems. Depending on patient’s symptoms (disease/illness) the specific RNA extracts are selected, freshly prepared and injected intramuscularly or administered by infusion.”(2)

ONE EXAMPLE OF A RESEARCHER. Dr. Helen Blau, dir. of Baxter Lab, & the Stanford Univ. School of Medicine is one example of a telomere researcher. She has received numerous awards incl. the Yvette Mayent-Rothschild Visiting Professor, Instituts Curie and Pasteur, Paris (1995, 2011, 2013). Bill Gates money has also been involved in telomere research.

CONCLUSION. This has been a look at how researchers are now able to stop the aging process at the cellular level & reverse diseases related to aging. There are numerous other new medical discoveries coming on line…but this one is revolutionary. In the near future, we will witness how this ability to stop aging is applied. The release of this therapy, in my opinion, now adds more importance and urgency to the elite’s weeding process to eliminate perceived “useless eaters”. Also in my view, somehow the hundreds of ways that our lives are being threatened are now more important than ever, because IF certain populations are not reduced & these new anti-aging discoveries get mainstreamed, the controllers will have to deal with long living undesirables. Something tells me that they have their problem figured out.

1.Bruno Bernardes de Jesus, Elsa Vera, Kerstin Schneeberger, Agueda M Tejera, Eduard Ayuso, Fatima Bosch, Maria A. Blasco. Telomerase gene therapy in adult and old mice delays ageing and increases longevity without increasing cancer. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2012 (in press) 
2. www (dot) linkedin (dot) com /pulse/rna-therapy-dr-shams-scheik accessed on Sept. 10, 2015.


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