Illuminati actions to build Solomon’s Temple don’t make sense without the Bible 10 SEP 2013

Illuminati actions to build Solomon’s Temple don’t make sense without the Bible. I have listened to secular persons talk about a global community, global economy, & a one-man world ruler; and all this makes sense in terms of a secular New World Order. But when we look at the long term support the Illuminati & illuminized Freemasonry have given to the Temple project, we see the religious side of the coming global government, & this can only be understood in light of the Christian scriptures, esp. 2 Thessalonians 4:2.
Jewish efforts to rebuild what they call the “third” temple & continue the Temple sacrifices have been in the news this year; school began for priests (kohanim) to practice the daily Tamid temple service in a replica Temple on August 20th, 2013. A Jewish effort to blow up the Moslem Al-Aqsa Masjid (aka Dome of the Rock) was stopped in 1984. Orthodox & conservative Jews favor the rebuilding; in general the reformed Jews don’t. Those involved in rebuilding it see verses in Exodus & Ezekiel in support of the project. Christians are also divided on the issue. Christians who support it are ignoring Christ’s statement that true worship is not in Jerusalem, but in Spirit & truth. JN 4:22-23 The Word also teaches that God does not dwell in temples made w/ hands, and that God dwells in the hearts of His faithful believers, thereby making them into a collective temple.1 COR 3:16 & EPH 2:19-22. 1 PTR 2:5 describes us as stones in God’s temple. Yahshua proclaimed, “tetelestai” on the cross (see JN 19:30) which was the Greek/Roman words for “paid in full” concerning a debt. (Tetelestai is often weakly translated “It is finished”, which is potentially misleading, since he said it just prior to giving up his spirit & dying.) Any need for sacrifices was ended; and knowing God’s love for all creatures, I imagine when He heard these words, He smiled, & thought “It is good.”
The Lawless Man of Sin (aka The Antichrist) is prophesied to sit in the rebuilt Temple of God. The prophetic words are actually “sit in the naos”, the inner shrine of a pagan temple. Scripture shows that Satan has had an Antichrist prepared every generation (for ex. JN 2:18), but the Word says he is being held back. Napoleon & Hitler were prototypes of the Bible’s Antichrist. Hitler was worshipped as god, was a great military leader, was difficult to kill, empowered by Satan (after a black mass), had a propaganda minister, was a champion of the people, and was deadly…all things the Antichrist has prophesied about him. Freemason Napoleon’s favorite title was “Votre Providence”. He assembled the Sanhedrin of the Jews, who called him “the Lord’s anointed Cyrus”. He wanted to be known as the King of Jerusalem. Rabbi Maimonides’ prophecy is that “a Davidic king” will provide the leadership to rebuild the temple & then ascend its throne. This man is expected to be qualified by the Talmud & a great military genius. (As you probably know many are concerned that building the temple will start WW III.)
Let’s look closer at the prophecy of 2 THS 4:2, where the Word says the Man of Sin (Antichrist) will sit in the inner sanctuary of God’s Temple. This prophecy was repeated to the Thessalonika congregation as a sign before Christ returned. It also uses the term “son of destruction”, the same used of Judas, so we can see the betrayal of who Christ really is in this monster who “causes destruction”. His betrayal of Christ may contribute to the prophecy that there will be lots of deserters of Christianity. His appearance will create fear, awe and wonder. His image will be in the new Temple, & everywhere. His image/worship will be connected to buying & selling. He will provide some type of institutionalized salvation, “Come w/ me & I will take you to heaven, for I am God.” The attraction is that he will simplify everything, and you won’t need a Bible or Koran, just his simple universal belief system. He will pretend to make the world safe, while actually destroying many things. And in reality, while everyone thinks they get their man…the Moslems the Mahdi, the Jews their Messiah, nominal Christians their Christ, etc., everyone will get Lucifer.
The Illuminati love to manipulate people’s beliefs. But why would they try to pull off a plan that is spelled out in the Bible?? Ahh, because they can read it also; and it says that people will enjoy believing the lies of the Antichrist because they delight in being wicked. The prophecy says that most people will perish because they don’t love the truth. Therefore God will send them a strong delusion—He will give them what they want, you could call it Satan’s sign language, because by lying signs & wonders people believe the Antichrist’s deceptions. (See 1&2 THES) Now you can see that the World’s deceptions work & how easy it is to create idol worship today. Even though Satan’s plan is revealed in prophecy, he knows he can still deceive most people. Obviously, they won’t want to believe the Bible, which is the only thing that predicts & explains who this new Temple in Jerusalem will serve.


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