I was not going to post anything until May 17 APR 2013

I was not going to post anything until May as I am still preparing for my travels, but decided to make an exception for several reasons. One being that a friend of mine, who was in the Boston Marathon, emailed me his perspective, & second, it is perhaps clarified where the PTSNB are going to take this. This post will provide both views.

According to an inside whistleblower, the chosen patsy for the Boston Bombing is about 20 yrs. old; here are his ties & how they plan to demonize the event….He will have an NRA book & firearms at his house as well as reloading powder. They are going to tell the public that reloading powder can be made into bombs, so that they can pass laws restricting reloading powder. The patsy is to be raided tomorrow. We will soon see if this warning to the public not to be fooled pans out.

My friend’s perspective as a runner approaching the finish line about 12 blocks from when the explosions went off, found himself soon running into people running backwards, as well as a backup of runners. Upon asking what was going on was told “explosions”. He says everyone, incl. police that day used the term “explosions” not bombs, for some reason. Local residents were being very helpful to the runners. He was asked by a local if he wanted to use a cell phone for a call (which he did). It was fortunate he called early, because soon cell phones were blocked, because the police said they didn’t want any IEDs to be activated by cell phones. The local also offered him warm clothes, food & drink. Marathon runners were being used as security personnel.

In addition to the whistleblower & my friend’s perspective, I might add…as many of you have seen already, the March 17th Turban Cowboy cartoon has a scene at the Boston Marathon where a bomb is set off. This reminds us of 9-11 where over a dozen shows have the numbers 9-11 and the twin towers being hit by planes many years before the event. Also marathon runners were being told that a “drill” was taking place, & several suspicious men with black backpacks were in the crowd apparently involved with placing the explosives. The general consensus of my fb friends is, here is another manufactured “fake terrorist” event. I have no idea how the general public is responding. Thanks again for all the good comments on the thread for my previous post on this subject.


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