Who doesn’t want to be in control of their own destiny? So we listen to predictions of those who claim to know; & we can’t help but do some of our own predicting. Whether it is high paid economists, soothsayers, or the CIA, expert predictions have repeatedly been no better than random chance! In fact, when the System predicts something, I feel that if one assumed the opposite, you would be right more often than not. Life is a dynamic situation that can surprise us. Perhaps one day we will discover life on earth was just a live sitcom for angels, who occasionally interrupt watching & laughing to help mitigate some disaster.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve considered my strongest mental talent was that I know what I don’t know. Of course there are gaps in this understanding too. Hang around me & you may get tired of my prevarications: “I think…”, “I believe…”, “Don’t quote me on this…”, “Off the top of my head…”. My goal of self-honesty has often disturbed those who are more comfortable with the confident tone that confabulators like to speak in. The human mind is like made for confabulators, for it will self-create & make up an explanation whenever one is needed regardless of whether it has any factual basis. And typically people accept something based on the confidence of the speaker rather than some rational method of rating info. Intelligence agencies have a score to rate the confidence to place in a report, & truthers could well use such a system…so 20 some previous years ago I advocated the adoption of such.

The court system relies on eyewitnesses for the bulk of its “facts”, yet in staged & monitored events, even the best witnesses will get around 25% of their facts wrong. And some eyewitnesses get almost everything wrong! And since our police & court systems develop tunnel vision once they target someone, lots of bogus testimony is entering the court system—my case included. Speaking of errors & trials, lots of people encourage me to get an expungement. If my case were a state case that would be easy; it is much harder with the Feds. There was a failed attempt by people to get a presidential pardon. But remember there is always a strong reaction to error by humans—denial. In my case, they gave me a 924(c) which in the law books clearly states can ONLY be applied to a criminal IF he actively uses a weapon in commission of a crime. They did not accuse me of being at the crime scene or of directly being part of the bank robbery…only knowing about it. So my attorneys had truth to their statements that I was innocent of a 924(c). How can you be guilty of something you are not even accused of? Most remarkable! In a perfect world, I would not have been convicted. And the errors have not stopped. After the judge recently released me from probation, the court clerk filed the judgment wrong so that technically I remain on supervised release! Because of that 924(c) I had to register with the local sheriff to visit my high school reunion. Treating me like a terrorist is definitely an error!

Feeling confident we are right does not make us right. Even a memory that seems clear as a photo, may still be prone to error. Yet people are so sure of their memories that you find spouses and siblings in knock out fights over something they remember differently. The human mind is incredibly creative & can fill in the gaps to make sense of anything. People try to make sense of my material, not realizing all the tens of thousands of hours I put in piecing things together, and they falsely conclude I must have been in the Illuminati to know so much. Deep inside each person lies a part of the Spirit of God—a foundational Spirit of truth that the Illuminati programmers could never touch no matter how hard they tried to catch it. But our mind’s inner fact-checker (like your computer spell checker) is shut off when you go to sleep & dream. Ideas do not have to be grounded in reality to be tossed into a dream’s chef salad of thoughts. It’s interesting to see what happens when the auto-correct of our mind’s fact-checker is not monitoring our thoughts. I used to repeatedly dream of flying like superman thru the air.

Mistakes can be fun. Our imaginations add spice to life: humor often comes from comical errors; & art is based on deviancy from reality. As a famous artist taught other budding modern artists, “Let us try for once not to be right.” Plato did not appreciate art’s errors (deviancy)…because art by nature erred from reality, it should be banned. No doubt he’d trash Hollywood’s entire output. Hey, he wouldn’t stop there, he toss out Big Bro.’s bogus news. Note how the news media likes to label anyone who doesn’t hold their politically correct opinion as “crazy”…they called me a “right-wing nut”. Just for the record, I don’t participate in their false dialectic of right & left wings. Their winged false dialectic can fly off & land on someone else.

On the topic of human error, I have left much unsaid, but let’s wrap this up…the media’s experts, who work for your pretend friend the mass media, did not predict the dangers of the housing bubble, the risk of mortgages, and how the housing crisis could trigger a global economic crisis. Moody’s has been way off in real estate predictions. All the expensive alphabet soup intel agencies did not stop 9-11. These kind of mistakes were as fun as the doctor amputating the wrong leg. In fact I believe they did not want to protect us, so it is a mistake to think they will protect us. So what surprises come next!? And how much denial will the collective minds of this planet dream up!?


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