HOW TO MAKE MONEY: A Brief History of Sir Basil Zaharoff & his Bloodmoney. During his life he was called “the most dangerous mysterious man in the world”. Sir Basil Zaharoff, Knight of the Order of the Bath, & a powerful Machiavellian arms dealer & king maker, serves as a model for how the elite create wars for profit. My “Bloodlines…” book discusses how the DuPont, Krupp, Astor, Onassis & Rothschild Illum. bloodlines have made large profits from wars.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN. During his life, Zaharoff (bn. 18??-1935) refused to talk about his origins, & for good reasons kept his life in the shadows of secrecy. When he bought a French chateau, he bought up all pictures of the area, and then forbid any more to be taken. Court documents & other documents about him would mysterious disappear. Govt. files on him when checked would be empty. While Wikipedia claims he was born in 1849 in Turkey, the truth is that most accounts of his early life are fiction, & no one knows when or where he was born. Wikipedia’s documentation is based on a “certificate” which is not a birth certificate but a signed statement by some bribed Greeks, that was concocted for Zaharoff & dated 12/21/1892 & first shown to the world in 1908. Avid researchers have been able to nail down that he came from a Greek Jewish family (orig. named Zohar) who sold clothes. (There are quite a few parallels between Zaharoff & Aristotle Onassis, both Greeks who lived under Turkish rule. Both repeatedly lied about their age. Zaharoff gave his DOB variously as 1849, 1851, 1855, 1858.) Also Wikipedia repeats some of the PC lies about him (reminding me of Biff’s fairy-tale bio in the movie “Back to the Future”). On the other hand its biography did give a little idea about his criminal activities. Zaharoff liked to spread legends about himself, reminding me of secret-loving legend-spinning Armand Hammer (go-between for the U.S. & USSR during the manufactured cold war). While Onassis & Hammer were Illuminati, I am not sure if Zaharoff was a member or not, but he did work closely with British Illuminati, & the Illum. Rothschilds & Krupps. He was also a philanthropist like Illum. kingpins. He gave 1 million francs to Paris poor in 1919; & he led a campaign to save the French franc in 1919.

HIS START. The movie character Biff, like Onassis covered up the true story of how his success began. Zaharoff language abilities made him a good arms dealer…he spoke Greek, Turkish, Russian, Eng., French & Spanish. Zaharoff got his start in selling arms with the notorious sale of a non-functional sub to the Greek govt. A Swedish captain representing the English armament firm Nordenfeldt came to Greece & asked a prominent Greek named Skuludis who he would recommend to serve as a Greek agent for Nordenfeldt. Skuludis recommended his unscrupulous, cunning, ambitious protégé Basil Zaharoff, who knew key people from the gambling dens. The major European nations had rejected the steam-driven sub, but Nordenfeldt wanted to make money. Zaharoff basically gave the Greeks the dysfunctional sub (at a low price on credit with a long time before payback). After selling the sub to the Greeks as a Greek patriot, he went to the Turks, and as a “Turkish patriot” warning them of the threat that the Greek sub posed Turkey (the Ottoman Empire). The Turks bought 2 subs. Then, Zaharoff talked to the Russians about the new threat the Turks posed them, & they bought 2 subs. When the Turks tried to test fire a torpedo, the chronically unstable sub sank! But Zaharoff had demonstrated that he understood how to profit from tension between natural opponents. Over the coming decades, billions would be made by Zaharoff & his elite associates inciting nations all around the globe to fear each other & to fight each other. He sold his weapons of death globally, usually to both sides. The amount of weapons & ammo made & used in a war like WW 1 is staggering.

TECHNIQUES. The standard method to gain an arms deal was to bribe the appropriate officials. But the technique was more clever than this…first, they would get extensive blackmail info on the persons to be bribed. Zaharoff (& elite assoc.) would not corrupt one official but an entire group of responsible officials so they would cover for each other! Zaharoff would set up aliases & multiple bank act.s to keep things muddled in secrecy. He used a technique that is still common today, rather than bribe with money, they would tell the official that when he retired he would be placed on the board of such & such company with this particular salary attached! Often “rival” elite-run arms companies would share a percentage of their profits secretly with their rivals, so all arms manufacturers in the military industrial complex made money no matter what!

“NATIONALIZING”. The various nations could buy from their own industrial military complex, and buy “nationally” with pride, while Zaharoff pocketed money from them all. Zaharoff began w/ Nordenfeldt, but soon was with Vickers, and then Maxim teamed up with Vickers. Every nation wanted to make their own weapons—it was a matter of national pride. So “national” industries were created. For instance Vickers, Ltd. an elite-run British company, with Zaharoff on the board of directors, hid itself under the following national disguises: Vickers-Terni (in Italy), Paul von Gontard (in Germany), Schneider-Creusot (in France), & Societe Imperiale Ottomane (in the Turkish Ottoman Empire).

One of Zaharoff’s schemes… to hide Vickers via Schneider Creusot by it buying shares in the Russian Putiloff armaments firm… was exposed & resisted by the Czar’s Russian govt. So Zaharoff made some great arms deals with the Turks that scared the Russians into asking him to set up new war industries. Vicker’s Societe Imperiale Ottomane got a monopoly on orders from the Turkish Navy. (Zaharoff built a mosque in Turkey.) Krupp, working with Zaharoff & Vickers was brought into Russia by Zaharoff; there are no losers in the armaments industry. The scared Russians gave Zaharoff’s concerns the contracts to build a long stretch of factories on the Volga—which I think later became known as Stalingrad— to build armored plate, large guns, gun turrets, and shells. The pt. is that: if a nation tried to stop Zaharoff, he’d scare them into being a client by helping their opposition.

Officials in the way were simply murdered. The arms races would be encouraged by getting the media to run stories—some of them false—which would scare opposition countries into competing. For instance, in 1907, a fake news article came out about the superior qualities of French machine guns, giving key German officials the reason to demand that the German govt. purchase more machine guns. They are still using the same tricks today. During my lifetime, I’ve watched the U.S. News & World Report give out scary bogus stats on Russian weaponry.

THE ELITE ARE ABOVE WARS. In my books & talks, I have given examples & documentation of how Onassis, the Rockefellers, the Astors, the Rothschilds and other Illuminati families would make profits from both sides of major wars. Let’s look at an example involving both Zaharoff, the Krupps, & the Rothschilds in WW 1. Zaharoff was on the Board of Directors of Le Nickel, a Rothschild-controlled French company that mined nickel in New Caledonia. After WWI broke out, a ship hauling nickel to the Krupps in Germany was seized by a French warship on Oct. 1, 1914 and brought into the French harbor of Brest. French govt. officials released the ship so it could deliver its nickel to Krupp via Hamburg. After that Krupp routed their Rothschild nickel through the neutral U.S. But the trading w/ the enemy went both ways. Krupp gave Vickers the patent for shrapnel fuses after the war started, so that British shells carried the stamp Kpz. 9604 (in reference to the Krupp patent). How many German soldiers died so that Krupp could make money? They delivered barbed wire to the Allies via the neutral countries of Holland & Switz. And six months before the largest sea battle of history between battleships, Jutland, between the British & German fleets, the German Zeiss company delivered via a Dutch company the telescopic sights that the British fleet used in that great battle.

SHAREHOLDERS EXPLAIN THINGS. The example of the French company that made France’s torpedoes at the start of WW I will illustrate how things work! The company’s stockholders were: the dau. of the German Chancellor Bismarck, the wife of a German minister, the British Armstrong Whitworth Co., Barker of Vicker’s Ltd., the wife of an Austrian naval officer, Mr. Basil Zaharoff, and the wife of a French rear-admiral.

THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OWNS THE GOVT. DECISION MAKERS. Throughout modern history govt.’s have followed the dictates of the arms manufacturers. For instance, the WW I German armour-plate king Stumm had his relatives in key govt. positions in the German govt. Look at the close connection between high ranking military officers & the military industrial complex! Not only that, look at the close connection between the Illuminati and the military industrial complex. The chief shareholders of Vickers, Ltd. when WW I began included 54 dukes, viscounts, barons & marquises. It also included 21 military officers. And these kind of people were not just in the British Military Industrial complex. Of those on the Committee of the British Navy League, 4 were joint owners of weapons manufacturers in Britain, Italy, Austria, & Russia. Rothschild arms loans were going to all the nations. French bank loans went to the Turks to make weapons that were used against the Allies.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Zaharoff had the power to make or break a politician. He was a French citizen after 1913. After the war, he bought Monte Carlo, owned by the Monoco royal family and run by the elite Blancs family. He was awarded the: Grand Cross, Legion of Honour; Honorary Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath & Order of the British Empire Ribbon. Pretty nice for an international criminal whose monument should be the gravestones of millions of men who died to make him filthy rich. The horrible sounds they made as they died in war should be his epitaph.


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