How the World Order scares 29 JUL 2013

Years ago, I befriended a Cuban refugee from Castro’s regime. He said something very interesting that I want to share w/ you. He said, “Fritz, do you see all these people w/ bumper stickers “When they come for my gun, they will pry it lose from my dead fingers”?? These kind of people don’t realize what it is going to be like. Let me tell you how Castro took power. When Castro took power he did it so that everyone would be terrorized into submission. In my own neighborhood, I saw how they confiscated guns. The army backed a big truck up to one end of the street with a belt fed machine on it. Then another truck with a machine gun posted itself at the other end. Then the soldiers came. They looked for the most innocent person, like an old granma. They grabbed granny and shook her and yelled, “Give us your guns!” When she said she had none, they shot her dead. Fritz, people were not trying to hide guns. They were running around trying to find a gun to have something to give the soldiers as they went house to house. That’s how it will be in this country Fritz.”
I think his words have broader application. If the U.S. or some other country is to be the World’s police, they will employ the same scare tactic. Find some defenseless country or place and kill it to terrorize the rest of the world. I think of American naval guns (not very accurate) taking out Lebanese villages in the Chouf Mountains in Oct. 1983. I think of the militias under the Israeli occupation massacring 2000 Palestinian civilians in Lebanese refugee camps in 1982. Find the most innocent and kill them. Gangs and Satanic Cults do the same thing, but for another reason…it bonds the participants in several ways. And so it occurs to me, the criminals (the PTSNB) also initiate their perpetrators, which creates a bonding. Castro’s soldiers were probably more loyal to the regime once they had the blood of old grannies on their hands.
This also relates to the concept of terror & terrorism. Perhaps the first use of the word “terrorist”, was the use by the Illuminati’s Jacobins, who used it in a positive way. Likewise, the Jewish Stern Gang in 1947 was also proud to call themselves the “terrorists of Palestine”. A widely used definition of terrorism is: “the deliberate subjecting of civilians to violence, or threat of violence, to achieve political objectives”. This definition closely matches what the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations has. So what does that make governments that perpetrate false flag events like Hitler’s Reichstag and Bush’s 9-11?? In anticipation of a campaign of terror, in 1981, Sec. of State Alexander Haig (Illum.) announced that “terrorism” would replace “human rights” as the main focus of U.S. foreign policy. So our fears are to be exploited by the most innocent being killed…school children….Christmas shoppers….Boston marathoners… This is the pattern of these terrorists.
You know the World would steal your soul if they could. This is why Christ forewarned us about the World’s terrorists, “Don’t fear those who can kill the body…” They tried terrorism on his disciples by taking the most innocent man and killing him, but his disciples did not scare (well they did at first)…instead they took his message of love & life to the entire world.


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