The Obama administration & the FCC will be making decisions soon whether to limit the Internet with various controls & tax it more. This post is about how the Internet has allowed the drug culture to defeat the global drug control system. Perhaps nothing shows the enormous power the Internet bestows upon the common person than designer drug sales via the Internet. Basically, in a few words: first, govt.s have written laws making certain drugs illegal. Then, for the last century, chemists have simply discovered new legal drugs that do the same as the illegal ones, and introduce them legally to the market. For instance, the (1925) 2nd Intern. Opium Convention banned morphine. In response, the diacetyl ester of morphine, heroin & a number of alternative esters of morphine quickly started to be manufactured & sold. Noteworthy were dibenzoylmorphine & acetylpropionylmorphine, which both have virtually identical effects to heroin but were not banned by the Opium Convention.

CHEMICAL RACES. Because of the power of the Internet, law enforcement has little clue as to how defeated they are in their so called “drug war”. Additionally, law enforcement doesn’t even monitor how both our govt. in the schools & doctors push lots of drugs on people. And let us not forget that trauma-based mind control programming centers use hundreds of drugs. For instance, when LSD came out the Army & CIA used it for mind control “research” (MK Ultra). Hundreds of drug are used for mind control cont. at today’s m.c. programming centers. (See my Formula…& Deeper Insights books for lists and discussions on their use.) I know that these centers have increased the variety of drugs available & I speculate that some of them are the new legal designer drugs.

DEFINITION OF DESIGNER DRUG = “a structural or functional analog of a controlled substance that has been designed to mimic the pharmacological effects of the original drug while at the same time, avoid being classified as illegal &/or avoid detection in standard drug tests.” In other words, it has the same effect, but a different chemistry from what it imitates.

EXAMPLE OF A DESIGNER DRUG. My last post mentioned Clemson Univ. in SC. An elderly professor at Clemson discovered Spice, a synthetic marijuana product. The Internet facilitated people learning about it, making it, & buying it. Its active ingredient was JWH-018. After perhaps a decade of Internet activity, the DEA banned it, however, hundreds of analogues of it remain legal. This is an example of how the discovery & spread of information is so quick, it is hard for the legal system to stay on top of things. The nation that greatly assists users & dealers worldwide is China, where drug laws are much looser than in the US & UK. Chinese labs are able to get ingredients and ship designer drugs, like they did with Spice, all over the world. Of course, not all producers and dealers have integrity, so various illegal drugs, as well as designer drugs have been faked, adulterated and watered down (cut) and this has resulted in lots of misery for unsuspecting users. Many safe legal designer drugs have been banned due to irresponsible behavior by someone. Users are simply getting Mephedrone and other analogues by going to Internet forums and having them delivered by Fedex, UPS, or even the USPS from China. These new designer drugs have names like something from a lab, such as 5-MeO-DMT. A drug like MXE gets publicity via the Internet. What blows some users minds is that they get these kinds of things legally. Of course at some pt. the drug enforcement laws catch up, driving chemists to create other narcotics. There is an entire long ongoing history of drug enforcements chemical race to outlaw drugs while the chemists are discovering new ones. Federal Analogue Act, 21 U.S.C. § 813 is the U.S. govt.’s attempt. Due to the recent ongoing creation of many new designer drugs, laws banning or regulating their use have not been developed yet.

MONEY, POWER & EXPANDED THINKING. People with power are at the top of the drug pyramid. The sale of narcotics is connected to taking advantage of & exploiting people. There have also been helpful uses. ALDOUS HUXLEY whose family ties in with several other elite bloodlines, was inspired to write Doors of Perception by Mescaline, something native religions have long used. Watson & Crick visualized the double helix of DNA while on an LSD trip. Various friends of mine are convinced certain drugs open portals to see aliens. Personally myself, I find no need to explore the worlds created by psychedelics. Nor was I a part of the global drug & dance culture. Nor have I been part of the online drug culture, but did have some curiosity about the Internet’s shopping potential. Much of my info for this post comes from Mike Power’s book “Drugs Unlimited”. Shulgin was a major pioneer researcher who wrote reference books PIHKAL and TIHKAL. He discovered MDMA (Ecstasy), which Oregon’s Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s followers used to spike the drinks of potential donors. DPT tryptamine is believed by an esoteric group in Manhattan called The Temple of the True Inner Light to be the literal flesh of God.

NOTABLE WEB SITES: by the Erowid Ctr. provides Lab Test results on recreational drugs. meaning earth wisdom is also popular for constructive info. A few years ago people were going to Bluelight Bulletin Board for good advice, but I have not been there and don’t know its status. Wikipedia publishes many of the drugs and their Chemical Abstract Service Numbers (CAS no.) These numbers are how drugs are identified.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a brief look at the power of the Internet to connect new designer drugs to their global market. Another related aspect in the news recently, has been the Obama administration’s activity to create stiff controls over the Internet, including places where it will be taxed. These proposals will be voted on by FCC delegates, and from what I heard there is a good chance they will go along with the administration. How long will the wild territory of the Internet cyberspace be free before it is fenced in by the controllers? Until that happens, the common man has tremendous leverage for fighting tyranny. He also has opportunities to use his freedom to his own detriment, as some have done with the drugs they easily got.


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