HORMONES are Good for More than Sex 13 APR 2013

HORMONES are Good for More than Sex.

No hormones—no life. Low hormones—low functioning life. Balanced proper hormone levels—a balanced healthy long life. Problem is that after we get a chance to mate & reproduce in our twenties, our body begins shutting down & reducing hormone production. Most at age 60 have only 20% as much hGH and DHEA hormones as when they were 20. Melatonin drops from 120 pg/ml at age 14 to 16 pg/ml at 50! Many other hormones show similar declines with age. Reportedly, 5% of Americans have thyroid problems & don’t know it. By this relatively short post calling your attention to hormones, I hope to stimulate your curiosity. Yeah, I want to be a curiosity stimulating hormone! …even if you are stuck on unhealth. (& of course this post is not medical advice, only some thoughts to stimulate you.)

Your body uses more than 200 different hormones (chemical messengers) every day to transmit vital messages, so the potential for good from properly balanced hormone levels is incredible—perhaps an active healthy life into one’s 90’s, but the potential for disasters is also high. An example of hormone use: female political leaders are getting testosterone implants to make them feel assertive in meetings & political debates. An example of a disaster: Premarin (Pregnant mare’s urine, now you see where the name & hormone came from) is the oldest synthetic estrogen prescribed to millions since 1944 turned out in a 2002 study to produce “harm greater than benefits” such as cancer. The ’02 study had to be stopped because so many women in the test were getting major problems. Synthetic hormones have a bad track record, seems they have been a leading cause of the rise of breast cancer & some other degenerative diseases.

In Kansas (as perhaps in other farm states), it was common for the young men to be their own shade tree mechanic. These same men who know how their car works haven’t a clue how their body works, or about the major hormones. Hormones weren’t taught in Jr. & Sr. High Biology class, dissecting frogs & memorizing phyla was. Yet, we never escape the basic fact that our bodies are the house (“temple of God” for Christians) that we live in during this life, even though the abuse & neglect so many give their bodies might lead one to think differently…like they thought they had nine lives. The Word advises Christians to seek wisdom, not really a bad idea for anyone. It also emphasizes the importance of our health (cf. 3 JN 2).

Our endocrine system—made up of such glands as: thyroid, pancreas, testes, ovaries, hypothalamus, & adrenals—functions like a power grid & works together like an orchestra or sports team to release hormones. The hormones travel the info highway (blood vessels) & when they reach cells are identified by special protein receptors. The Endrocrine system is attacked by diseases like viruses & herpes, by stress, by root canals & mercury, modern plastic toys, plastic food wraps, ag pesticides & modern food raised by big business. Our air is not safe—crop dusting in rural areas is hazardous to the system. As if aging isn’t hard enough on it, the Standard American Diet (now acronymed “SAD”!) & our environment are all destroying the endocrine system. Amer. women have the highest levels of estrogen in the world. (Men are high too.) High hormone levels are dangerous also.

Interesting tidbits on various hormones: thyroid problems can cause chronic dry skin & other skin problems…thyroid hormones activate the secretion of digestive juices…abnormal cortisol levels cause women to gain weight around the middle & rear end….cortisol released during stress can cause an immediate short-term memory loss!…leptin, which controls fat, if modulated by a supplement can eliminate fat, what most Amer. want…the way oxytocin works in women & testosterone in men explains why they have different priorities (John Grey was sure that teaching hormonal differences in men & women would drastically help marriages, hence his book Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice: Hormonal Balance-the Key to Life, Love, & Energy.)….when ovaries shut down after menopause, the adrenals cont. producing progesterone….the pituitary secretes 10 essential hormones incl. hGH (human growth hormone) which is also released by hard work esp. heavy work to the big leg muscles…hard work by releasing hGH can keep you younger…o.k. I’d love to go on & on, but this is getting long enough.

Doctors are still in the primitive stage in dealing with hormones properly. Blood tests should be supplemented w/ temperature readings & saliva tests to determine hormone levels which are constantly in flux. Dangerous hormone replacement treatments need to be weeded out of the healing strategies. (For instance, Pro-Gest, a natural progesterone crème—all natural hormones are still synthesized—anyway this crème can cause cancer & the body to accumulate levels 50x normal—gulp!) Hormone balancing herbs & recipes that help hormone levels need to be disseminated.

The overall point I’m making is: raising & balancing hormone levels could drastically change your life for the better in so many ways. That’s the good news. The bad news is that a large share of what is being offered the public has dangerous side effects, so a person has to do their homework and be wise. It helps to get med help from specialists in hormones.

Take care my fb friends. I expect this will be MY LAST POST till I return from my big trip to Phily & the Midwest in April & May. Yet, I anticipate in the next days still coming onto fb to check my messages. Thanks for your prayers. May the Lord watch over us all.


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