HOMESCHOOLING, FREEDOM, SELF-SUFFICIENCY & HOPE FOR OUR NATION. Under direction from the Illuminati, the World in relatively recent times has made schooling mandatory (& in some places like Germany, govt.-run public ed is mandatory, homeschooling will get you a jail sentence.) The World’s Educational System was designed to indoctrinate its students to be proper New World Order citizens, with many obvious manipulations such as secular humanism, occultism, socialism & NWO values. Additionally, there are plenty of subtle things that damage children that escape detection, for instance, how any institution teaches children to think irresponsibly. In an institution cafeteria if you throw food everywhere, or act like a senseless pig in the rest room, or toss garbage in a hall, it is always someone else’s responsibility to clean it.

SUCCESS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Christians had been successfully educating at home long before the World under the Illum.’s direction monopolized education. Famous Americans who were home schooled & privately tutored incl.: Daniel Webster (of dictionary fame), Thomas Edison (lightbulbs), Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), Orville & Wilbur Wright (airplanes), George Washington Carver (peanut butter & peanut products), George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Andrew Carnegie, Robert E. Lee; & some other names of those home schooled/privately that you might recognize incl. Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer & Leo Tolstoy. Obviously, public schooling is not the only option for success!!

And I would contend that, speaking in generalities, the World public education is the worst option! (I realize that home schooling may not be a viable option for all.) Unbiased studies show that homeschooling is highly successful, more so than public education. Not only that but it encourages bonding between the parents & children. The family begins to feel like a team. The parents grow as persons. If you think it through, a parent is going to give more attention & concern than a teacher w/ 30 other children, who may end up giving assembly line treatment. And the guidelines of the Bible & its faith in God are honored. For instance, the Word says, “bring your children up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord.”(A) And the parent should be teaching God’s laws diligently, when you’re sitting, going to bed, walking, & getting up.(B) Children are a heritage of the Lord, not the New World Order.(C) Now-a-days, public schools often undermine parental authority. They undermine traditional values, and forbid even voluntary prayer. Bible reading was forbidden in the public schools in 1963. The wisdom that does not come from God is “earthly, sensual, devilish” and “foolishness with God”.(D) “Their way is their folly…”(E) and the World “feeds on foolishness”.(F) A look at the reading in the check out lines, as well as some of the public school rooms shows them feeding on foolishness.

One of home schoolers major questions is about curriculum. Use your freedom in home schooling to tailor things specifically to the child & his situation. Accommodate the child’s frame of mind that day. Don’t be a slave to a curriculum, but use parts, skip parts, combine things & mix them in interesting proportions. During my time as both a teacher, as well as a tutor for a home schooled high schooler, my rule of thumb has been to only teach what I myself am excited about. If I can’t get excited about it, how will the student?? The parent should employ both books & the computer for home lessons, as well as use real life. In fact, it was the Illum. who have pushed to have kids given curriculum & pre-schools at early ages. Having a loving home, useful educational household chores & routines, and play time is good & sufficient for 3-5 yr. olds. Their eyes & their enthusiasm for book learning can be damaged if they are taught a curriculum too early. Homeschooling for God, means that God’s priorities will invade your life & your schedules…you may find you have to change your work hours and routines. You may have to get a tutor for some help. You may have to creatively figure out the financing. Where parents have a will to home school, essentially 100% discover they can do it. There are even helps for parents available such as Debbie Strayer’s book “Gaining Confidence to Teach” (42 Confidence builders). There are numerous curriculums, online helps for parents, and an online magazine (Learners Online magazine). Home schooled children burn out from unsuitable work. As a teacher I was able to make any subject interesting to students who had developed an intense dislike of a subject…how a subject is presented makes a big difference. Statistically, home schoolers have burn out the most in Feb. & Mar.

There may not be much benefit for me to discuss curriculums when there are so many and one wants to tailor them to one’s situation. One I have heard about is the Charlotte Mason approach. Another is the Classical approach where Christians add on Christian/Bible teaching. Along this line, Mortimer Adler has a classical reading program. Homeschooling Today, Secular Homeschooling, and Home School Enrichment are some of the magazines I have heard about on home schooling. Online there is all kinds of help. The American Homeschool Assoc. (AHA) 800-236-3278, and the Home School Legal Defense Assoc. (HSLDA) 540-338-5600 are just 2 of a number of organizations to help home schoolers. Specialized groups exist also, for instance: Two groups for Afro-Amer. wanting to homeschool are NAAHA and NBHE. Perhaps the numerous choices get overwhelming for the parents when they are starting & they would want some guidance from those more experienced. As I have very limited experience w/ the subject and have not had time to really canvas friends who have successfully done it, I am not qualified as a counselor in suggesting curriculums. If I have a look at a curriculum, then I would soon see how appropriate it is. As a parent you can pick something that looks good & try it out, & ask around yourself.

THE BENEFITS. The potential benefits from home schooling are probably too many to list, but incl. a better education, teaching the child to be a self-starter, allowing the child to have good values, saving the child from destructive peer groups, teaching the child the Bible, learning self-sufficiency, and being able to focus on any special problem the child may have. The high schooler that I tutored gave me great hope for the future for she was everything one would want in a teenager, virtuous, skilled in everyday life, well studied on most subjects, and a great delight to be around as a person. She taught me various things, which was fun to experience. The best thing for me as her tutor was the hope she gave me for her generation & the future. She was proof that not all of her generation is ruined. And on that positive note, I thought I’d share some mild humor on home schooling:
You Must Be Homeschooled If…
1. Someone asks what grade you’re in and you’re not sure. 
2. You sometimes go to school in your pajamas. 
3. Your birthday is an official school holiday. 
4. Your favorite activity is reading. 
5. You know what a unit study is. 
6. You have attempted to teach yourself physics.
7. You know the scientific names of dinosaurs from A to Z. 
8. You can get science credit for going to the dentist or doctor. 
9. You go to the park for P.E. 
10. The only bully you ever run into is your big brother.
11. You check out at least ten books every time you visit the library. 
12. Your home library is arranged in Dewey Decimal order. 
13. Your favorite place to study is outside, under a tree. 
14. You memorize math formulas and Latin root words for fun.

(A) COL 3:21 (B) various verses in DT 6:7, 6:20, 21:19 (C) PS 127:3 (D) JAS 3:15 & 1 COR 3:19 (E) PS 49:13 (F) PRV 15:14


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