HIVE MIND being created by BEAST COMPUTER SYSTEM. This posts contains some thoughts on where the World is going with the Internet system. I shared a few thoughts earlier as I contemplated on how dependent I was on the Internet for my life to function. My access to the Internet will be limited this next month, but for now I have a few min. more at the library.

Think about holding your lover’s hand, or for some of us, experiencing our healing energy going forth from our hands, like a therapeutic massage. There is nothing like the power of touch, and a machine is not going to replace that.

Yet in the future, should things continue long enough for the elite to set up their Brave New World Order, the basic workers will be produced in factories, and programmed for specialized roles–like ants. They will have narrow specialities for which they will be designed to do very well. For instance, military transhumans will be far more athletic than one can even imagine, and may have self-healing abilities. A higher caste of technocrats will have more freedom of mind, but will serve to keep the system functioning. If we see an ant hive, we notice that it is nearly one mind cooperating for the success of the hive. The workers don’t do anything for themselves, and don’t reproduce. In the future reproduction will be the domain of the state.

“Thank you for shopping with us” the recorded message says as I leave the store that I used for it restroom facility. Technology can imitate people, but it is a poor sub for real humans! Still a collective consciousness (World Mind) is developing from the interconnections of the Internet with about 2 billion computers connected to it, and about the same no. of human users. Cities & organizations are a collection of minds and in a way take on a life of their own. The elite in their Beast computer system have algorithms that analyze…similar to the algorithm Google used (called Page Rank) to decide what net pages to show. When Google ranks a page low, it is really like your mind deciding that certain info is so insignificant that you simply forget it. So the Beast system is taking on some aspects of the human mind, analysis. It also is getting an emotional response by our collective responses….and that is also like a sense organ.

On the flip side, a great deal of mind control work has been done in order to read our minds, trigger memories in a person, measure our vital sings, neurotransmitter levels, hormonal levels etc. With chips dealing with these functions and communication chips linking up to the World Computer, we could in the future become much more like an ant colony. Not a cheery thought for most of us. The idea of a collective mind goes way back. A novel in 1851 talks about the idea of a World Collective Mind connected by electricity (its title The House of Seven Gables).

Meanwhile, the Beast system lacks many things that your mind is able to do, cognitive abilities that we take for granted. For now, I will continue to use the Internet system to expose the World’s agenda. What does that make me in the system? At any rate, peace be with you, and grace & love from our loving Savior.


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