This post is a follow up article to my previous posts on the coming crash, with the purpose to provide an info source for pinpointing dangerous structural causes to the collapse, dangerous areas of investment, as well as identifying helpful info to weather the economic storm.

AN IMPORTANT SOURCE OF INFO. I am not an economic guru, so I was pleased to listen to James Richard’s (author of The Death of Money) interview. The link to this is: I will let you learn his incredible credentials from the link. What James says resonates with what I have been learning & sharing. I recommend listening to the link. I will be receiving his info (books & CDs), and will pass on to my friends exactly what banks & cities will be safest in the coming economic collapse. He also sees the next coming months as very vulnerable to a serious collapse.

ILLUMINATI ACTIVITY. Remember how a previous post explained that the Illuminati (Van Duyn & assoc.) were buying up our treasury debt, which was saving us for a moment from the effects of the Russians & Chinese selling their treasury bonds as they quietly wage eco. war against us. The Illuminati purchases are labelled as coming from Belgium, but James says that it is obvious that the country of Belgium does not have that kind of money, & that it is obviously individuals… although he doesn’t know who. Well, I told you who. Plus, I have broke down to you that the IMF is Illuminati and that the IMF has a special world currency called SDRs (Special Drawing Rights). SDR’s are not now at a place to become a world currency. The IMF already has a ten year plan to replace the US dollar as world reserve currency with something else, perhaps their SDRs. James says that the only thing that can bail out our Fed (which is secretly insolvent) is the IMF and that they will do it with SDR’s. He also says that Europe has the most gold of any political group. What he is saying in effect is that the Illuminati will come out on top and take over the world’s economy during the upcoming crash; but because he seems unaware of the Illuminati, he doesn’t directly say that this unseen elite group will come out on top.

STRUCTURAL WEAK PTS. James Richard is extremely articulate and organized in explaining the numerous global weak points. Interestingly, I have mentioned some of these, for instance, that China’s economy is a mess, and that they are building ghost cities & lots of buildings to prop up their economy, but that their housing market & banking system are ready to collapse. 50% of their GDP is construction…most of which are buildings that are not being used! The Chinese Real estate bubble is about to burst, & their insolvent banks need little to collapse. China has hedged on a global collapse by secretly buying up large quantities of gold. James provides a good explanation of our structural weak pts. Here are three of them: The Fed is insolvent (having a capital base of $56.2 billion, but $4.3 trillion in unstable liabilities!), the velocity of money moving through from person to person is slower now than in 1929, and the Fed has in recent times created $3.1 trillion U.S. dollars, but we are gaining very little value for this extra debt…only 3 cents gain for every dollar of new debt. Here are three more: The gross notional value of derivatives is $710 trillion, making a collapse unavoidable, the stock market CAP ratio to GDP is 207% a sure signal of its impending collapse, and the three pillars that held up the dollar as world reserve currency in oil sales: Saudi Arabia, Russia & China, no longer want oil priced in U.S. dollars. China cont. to make bilateral treaties in the yuan as they wage eco. war against us. Russia’s eco. leader Andrei Kostin said, “The dollar is evil.” Obama cont. to make decisions that will hurt the U.S. economically.

INVESTMENTS. Money in banks is liable to bank collapses & closures. The stock market will fall perhaps 70%. 30 of the widely held stocks are ready to collapse right now. People are putting their money into “paper gold” like ETFs. This is a sure way to lose your money. Own real gold. There is lots of paper gold that is chasing almost no real gold. The contractual rights to redeem the paper for actual gold is a pyramid scheme. People will lose what they have. If you have something to invest, then invest in what people will need, such as water supplies, and emergency medical supplies. Listen to the info that James Richards has. I will be getting information from him so that I can supplement what I have been supplying you with. There are approaches to the problem that can even make you money if you have money to invest. It is essential that we learn how to handle the upcoming emergencies and pressures. I realize many of us are limited in means…but even with that being the case, we still have many options to mitigate things. As the Word teaches us, the prudent see danger & prepare, the simple minded go on & get punished for not paying attention. (PRV 27:12)

A TIME FOR FAITH & PEACE NOT FEAR & PANIC. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”(A) “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”(B) “…in everything by prayer & supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”(C) May God bless you my friend.

(A) MT 6:33 (B) PHIL 4:19 (C) PHIL 4:6,7


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