Basic Christ-based strategies for positive transformations. Many people come to me for help, so it occurred to me that a short article on healing might be helpful. The theme for this article would be ROM 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good & acceptable & perfect will of God.” The Word also warns us, “Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.”(PS 1:1) Spiritual issues underlie our behavior, where can we find advice on spiritual issues??

In other words we are trying to find divine wisdom & apply it to our lives. This is a much different approach than shrinks who use psychoanalysis. God has placed each of you here for a purpose. To know that sense of purpose is important. How can a person be healthy mentally, if he thinks he is worthless??…but psychoanalysts are not going to tell you that God has a purpose for your life. He has also gifted you with gifts (abilities). While you are a fallible person, you are also an object of beauty in heavenly Father the Creator’s eyes. Faith is a powerful resource in facing life’s challenges…but again this is not something the World’s therapists want to talk about. I would encourage all of us to allow reality & faith to shape our thinking & our lives. Christ is manifest in reality & in faith. And discover your gifts.

Now the person who has been indoctrinated by the politically correct World-order-party-line will object, and say, “Keep your preaching to yourself. Your religion should be kept private.” Total nonsense; all counseling is based upon some kind of value system, whether it is agnostic, humanism, communism, new age, Buddhist or Bible-based. I notice how people almost always focus their objections against Bible-based views being used, even though they have better success than other approaches. Obviously, people in need of help, need to be comfortable to whom they go to—but the Christian counselor should speak the “truth in love” and not primarily worry if the person gets angry. The Word of God (at JN 3:19-20) says that evil people don’t want to come to the light because it will expose their evil deeds. Such people should not ask a Godly-person for advice, because a Spirit-led person will attempt to convict the person of their sin so that they can get genuine healing. In a film about Daniel, it has him telling kings, “If you don’t want the truth, then don’t ask me anything.” And the advice from God’s Word almost goes without saying it: “you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness…”(GAL 6:1)

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS—WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? A SICKNESS OR SIN? Which came first the chicken or the egg? Which came first, the chemical imbalance or some disturbance like a sinful thought, a sinful act or other disturbance? Let’s discuss depression. Many Christians have been convinced by the World that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. Of course, if one is depressed it will affect brain chemistry. But in many cases, various sins of lack of faith end up manifesting themselves by opening the person to wrong ideas & depressed thoughts, which very quickly opens one up to evil spirits. I am convinced the disturbances come prior to the chemical imbalance, because a person can turn to God, repent of their sinful attitudes, such as lack of faith, self-centeredness, etc. and the burden of the depression be instantly lifted. Indeed we have a Biblical example of what I am talking about. Saul had sinful thoughts, which led to an evil spirit coming upon him, and making him crazy. (See 1 SAM 19:9) Christ found an insane man, delivered him of demons, and people found the man sitting there in his right mind.(MK 5:15)

People look in wrong directions for answers. People are not hopeless due to circumstances. They lose hope because they lose their fellowship to the Holy Spirit, who inspires hope while He guides us. So I would suggest we all walk after the Spirit, rather than focus on the problem. And one problem will lead to another, beginning a cycle of problems. It is rare for me to meet a person who has really dealt with sin. I suggest that a person blocks off several days, and that the individual go into prayer asking God to show them everything they ever did to hurt anyone, then repent of it, restore it as best as possible and continue this until one is squeaky clean. Christ is about repentance and restoration. I realize others promise spiritual power without dealing with ones’s sins, but this is not a Biblical approach and one has to wonder what kind of spiritual power one then receives.

One problem with sin is that the world doesn’t admit sin even exists! Maybe poor choices, but not sin. There is a big difference, especially when I know that evil spirits jump through portals when we think sinful thoughts. Evil spirits do not like to hang around Christ. If we focus on Christ, these evil spirits naturally leave on their own. As the Word says (at ISA 26:3), “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” If we don’t have peace, then that is a signal (like pain) that something needs fixing…i.e. our relationship with God needs fixing for some reason. We can also learn self-control in the form of how to self-sooth & manage our feelings when things around us are crazy.

When the world is all craziness around us & there is no safety, the mind cannot relax to do deep work. Victims of t.b.m.c. need a safe place for their mind to relax & do deep work; so the programmed multiple needs safety first. This is why I can’t help people, I have no safe place of refuge. Next the person needs some stabilization to ground their front system at least to reality & function. Healing is also a process where one becomes able to manage life. A good devote friend can provide just as much help as an expensive therapist who you will see once a week for an hour. I would tell the t.b.m.c. victim that you ARE capable of positive change…and it greatly helps to have someone (or a support team) assist you to do that. The Holy Spirit will also assist filling in some of the voids in life.

The Bible never says we can do everything on our own. We are meant to help each other out. Christ did not expect people to heal themselves. However, there is a great deal that can be done if the Holy Spirit teaches us in the School of Life. We can learn to replace bitterness with forgiveness. We can learn to improve our self-talk so that we go from self-deception to self-honesty. Yet, even Paul said he did things he did not want to do. For those whose minds have been split with MPD (aka DID), you must get to know your parts, and learn communication & acceptance skills, so that parts can share memories and become co-conscious and blend. As parts work together towards a common goal they will feel empowered, which will encourage them to work together more. Note I said acceptance skills…the Word teaches us: “forbearing one another in love” (EPH 4:2,3) The programmers spend a lot of energy & time placing demons into an alter system. They also spend lots of time with creating curses, and having parts give oaths. Secular therapists totally ignore (in fact reject the idea) demons within the DID person. The deeper deprogramming can’t be done without deliverances.

Sadly, due to the increase in t.b.m.c. the rate of mental health issues is also increasing in No. Amer. And I continue to meet people who are not aware of my Deeper Insights book. (Sadly, some of the people who should be recommending it, are not.) The second half of the book provides therapeutic issues & their answers for t.b.m.c. Rather than write me basic questions, and expect me to rewrite portions of the book for each hurting person, people should get this book and use it. I don’t think I can write better solutions that the ones it provides.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This post has been short look at the healing Christ offers. He approached mental health from: a totally different perspective, a different world-view, & a different value system than the World. The World would like to gain success, while that very picture of “success” was “failure” from Christ’s perspective, “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world…?” MT 16:26. The point is this…what is called success by a worldly therapist, may be an entirely different thing from what a Christian therapist would label success. So your values will play a role in which therapeutic direction you go. So let me ask you, What would you look like if you were mentally healthy? What sustains you as a person? And how do you know what you know?? The Christian has vastly different answers to these than a worldly therapist.


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