A discussion of what is going on. I believe that a short explanation will serve the readers better than a long detailed one, even though the topic is complex. When I lived with my German relatives in lower Saxony during the summer of 1971, I noticed a number of differences. On beaches, children under puberty were nude. Women were bathing in their underwear. After swimming, adults changed out of their swim suits in public. And in some countries like Sweden, adults bathed nude. All of these situations would have been illegal back in the U.S.A. Today, the U.S. is more lenient—but not on allowing children to bath nude unless it is a designated nude beach. My point is this…illegal child sexual abuse is not a single well defined term, it depends upon where and when the child is located. An American lawyer once told me his state’s child sexual laws were so vague, they were essentially unconstitutional. Specifically under discussion in this article is the legal situation in regards to children in the U.K.

I received the following from the U.K. today: “Over the weekend here in the UK the media rumble on further with trials and exposure of people who have exploited underage children sexually. Whether it becomes law they are now considering putting teachers or social service employees in jail if it can be proved they have knowingly ignored a child’s plight and done nothing to help them. At this current juncture NOBODY is mentioning SRA. And nobody knows how much the problem is caused by SRA. What are the proportions of those being abused in SRA frameworks?”
“Fritz, I know you are busy….but if you have anything on this, or can share the burden of it as clearly it is the time for a lot of this to come right out in the open….it would be good I think for you to write something….. I feel it is a window we must use.”

Before I write my observations, for those who don’t know me or my work I will give a short resume upon which this article is written: I have been working in the field of Satanic Ritual Abuse as both a friend to those hurting as well as a researcher since 1991. That provides me with over 2 decades of observations and interventions. I have been hired to consult professional therapists, and have interacted with them at conferences. Over the years, I also have interacted or worked with Christian ministries devoted to helping these kinds of people. What I have learned pertains about 60% to the U.S. & 40% foreign, so I do have some experience with what is happening in the U.K. and Europe. And now for my observations…

THE SYSTEM TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN IS BROKEN, THE ABUSERS RUN THE SYSTEM BOTH IN THE U.K. & THE U.S. I have personally witnessed cases where the child who spoke to authorities about their abuse ended up being the one threatened & punished. It is easier for people in authority to deal with child abuse without acknowledging the aspect of some type of SRA, some Satanic cult or weird religious cult, being behind the abuse. Even if the child does not mention SRA, the child may still not get help.

TWO SEPARATE ISSUES. If a child is brought to a therapist for bed wetting, the therapist does not go to the child’s room and check the sheets; the therapist does her job. So in terms of SRA of children, the child, who has suffered, should receive help without the therapist disbelieving the child’s report. The child is hurting and needs help. Disbelief is just another trauma to the child. The next issue is the legal issue of what to report if it appears a crime has taken place. In many cases there are scars, marks on the body, vaginal and anal injuries to the victim, and other physical evidence. Sadly, I have seen plenty of physical evidence, as well after knowing about the evidence, I have to endure constantly hearing people publicly deny any such things happen. While it may be difficult for some to think that humans could inflict such suffering on others, a review of known history should readjust that misthinking. (For people helping these victims, it is easy to begin to have strong righteous indignation over these tragedies.) In some instances (or should I more accurately say, in most instances), the victim has been programmed with bogus information. They may think that dead bodies have been buried somewhere, and when the police search and find none their story is discredited. Dealing with crimes involving SRA is a special field in itself because along with the SRA comes the trauma based mind control. What many people don’t realize is that the SRA is for the purpose of trauma based mind control. Let me repeat that. SRA is done for the purpose of trauma based mind control which at this time is pervasive among Satanic cults as well as many religions which are used as fronts by secret occult societies. (I defined in one of my books the secretive intelligence agencies to be secret occult societies by definition. Unfortunately, these agencies, supposedly protecting national security, are above the law.) The abusers are very skilled at covering their tracks, sending bogus evidence and bogus testimony to those who are trying to fight both the mind control & SRA in an effort to discredit the sincere therapists as well as both the SRA and TBMC concepts.

No one denies rituals are done. No one denies child abuse occurs. No one can deny that groups with rituals have been involved in child abuse, for instance, the Catholic church has had numerous cases of their clergy being sued, prosecuted and sent to prison. At this point, one can sincerely ask, why is it so hard for law enforcement then to accept the concept that Satanic Ritual Abuse occurs?? The answer is this. The Network, which is running the International power structures, is involved in SRA; and their power has suppressed the public from discovering how pervasive SRA has been, and how it plays a big role in child abuse. There are thousands of therapists who have been dealing with SRA, but the full news of how pervasive it has been has been covered up. Is it important to label it “Satanic Ritual Abuse”?? In terms of therapy it is important to recognize the ritual aspect of it. We are talking about group dynamics and calendar dates. For instance, Christmas or the victim’s birthday may be times of abreactions and terror for the victim. The victim has therapeutic issues involved with leadership & groups & dates. And his or her ability to grow spiritually and have relationships has been tampered with.

Is the label “SRA” important in terms of law enforcement? The word “satanic” may not be helpful, because it places law enforcement in the awkward position of making judgment calls on some coven’s beliefs. As to the word “ritual”… the realization that a group has been involved in the crime is important. In case after case, law enforcement has ignored the group dynamics of occult crimes. So I question whether dropping the label “satanic” and simply calling it “ritual abuse” will improve the negligence of law enforcement. Numerous crimes with masonic or satanic symbols left at the crime scene have merely been investigated as simple crimes, not a group crime. The historical pattern is obvious; law enforcement doesn’t like to go after occult crimes. And the answer from my research and experience is that the network controlling things influences law enforcement to ignore the occult side of it. Various witnesses have reported this bias, but the mainstream media does not expose it.

HOW PREVALENT IS SRA TODAY? One therapist in the U.K. in the 1980’s put the figure of child abuse in the U.K. at 10%. Many children do not have an idyllic childhood. Historically many children around the world have not had an idyllic childhood. Wars, famines, disasters, child labor, child sexual abuse, gang abuse, and many other calamities have spoiled the childhoods of countless children. There is no way to assign a specific portion of these abuses to SRA. I imagine of all the terrible things that can happen to a child, percentagewise SRA is only a small minority percentage. But IF we flip the way we examine the statistics, as to how many children today are receiving SRA as part of trauma based mind control, I would say the percentage is perhaps 20% today. This is because it is standard operating procedure for the intelligence agencies (such as MI-6 and the CIA) and the militaries to use SRA as part of the traumas they use for programming spies and super soldiers and whatever else they create. They begin the mind control long before they recruit these people. People that work in sensitive positions are generally those who are under trauma-based mind control. If one contemplates how many sensitive government and private occupational positions there are, you begin to grasp how pervasive the mind control has become. A news broadcaster is in a sensitive position. A limo driver, who may transport children to be sexually exploited at a party, is in a sensitive position. A high profile popular movie actor whose opinions would be anxiously listened to by the masses is in a sensitive position. The controllers have covered their positions of vulnerabilities with controlled people. And that control is today usually trauma-based mind control which is created with Satanic traumas, which at this current time are very popular with the groups doing this mind control, even if they are not overtly associated with the occult. In the ‘90’s I was visually observing about 10% of the children in schools were showing signs of tbmc. Now I place the figure to be around 20%.

Convictions can be difficult to obtain. What really happened and what the legal system is willing or able to do are two different issues. There is also the possibility that innocent parents may be hounded by law enforcement from reports by a vindictive brat. The legal process “for justice” can be damaging to the child. Most important for the child victim is that he or she receive healing & treatment. A social worker who goes to court may find herself grilled about her own childhood history. Refusing to answer a private sensitive question could result in the witness going to jail for contempt of court. The media in these cases can get out of hand. My point is that legal prosecution may not result in a positive resolution of the situation. This is why I have focused on finding help for the victims, rather than spending great effort to see if the crimes can be prosecuted. Like I’ve said before, the judicial system is systemically broken, and so it rests upon common good hearted people to help these children. We need to also recognize that family life is widely systemically broken, and dysfunctional families are common. Many of these children are living in dysfunctional family situations. Unfortunately, children who are taken from families by the govt. are frequently placed into bad situations. I have seen this, and it seems like it is almost impossible to get accountability in this. So again, looking to the govt. (called Big Brother) to solve these problems, all too often only creates more problems. There needs to be better solutions.

It would be helpful if there were more public awareness about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Trauma-Based Mind Control (tbmc). It would be helpful if the groups behind these activities got more exposure. In terms of prosecuting crimes, the fact that a group was committing it as a ritual could be helpful for catching the offenders. Historically speaking, the police have tended to ignore the occult ritual aspects of crimes, so it is probably not realistic to think that emphasizing the SRA aspect of child sexual abuse will improve prosecution. Still, it is a tantalizing thought, what if the police really quit denying what has been going on for decades???


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