Have you seen the new movie “Lincoln”? Today I saw director Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” 24 DEC 2012

Have you seen the new movie “Lincoln”? Today I saw director Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”. Sally Fields (as Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln) and Daniel Day-Lewis (as Abe) did great jobs acting. Had I not known it was Sally Fields, I would not have recognized Sally from how she looked in the ‘60’s. The movie centers its action around Lincoln’s desire to outlaw slavery by passing the 13th amendment to the Constitution. It does a good job of showing how complicated someone like Abraham Lincoln was. Both Presidents Lincoln & Kennedy were tied to the Illuminati, and both decided to push their own agendas beyond the control of those who helped put them into office. Both paid for it with their lives. Interestingly, many of their deviant actions were similar like printing actual U.S. gov’t paper dollars. I liked the movie because it manages to catch how complex and multifaceted intelligent people can be. So often people are judged by a single thing they have said or done, or are given a single dimensional iconic hero image, rather being seen as capable of common and great deeds both. For example, standard Christian doctrine (Catholic & Protestant) is that Christ was fully human. But it is rare that I meet a Christian who wants to grasp that. The noble lesson in all this, is that we should be kinder and less judgmental towards others. The great people in our lives are also the mundane common people around us. That was why the people in Christ’s hometown rejected him. A prophet is not honored by those close to him. Lincoln gets lectured by the small minded, “…You should try leading!” And while Lincoln & Kennedy are noticed, many great persons have gone unnoticed by history, but not by YHWH God. Whether anyone sees it or not, YOU can be noble and great, even if you see yourself as common.


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