As I write, the last patriots at the Wildlife Refuge are surrendering to the FBI who have the entire area surrounded with armored vehicles and snipers. The FBI has consistently lied and reneged on negotiated conditions and it looked like last night there was going to be a bloodbath. An Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore from Nevada and Rev. Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son) flew in and went out to the FBI to prevent a bloodbath. She arrived last night and drove from Portland’s airport directly to the Burns Standoff area. Last night when the people in Refuge would begin praying together, the FBI bullhorns would go off to create noise harassment. At this moment, the individuals are actually being allowed to surrender without being shot. The Rep. & Rev. Graham are in a black SUV in constant telephone contact with the FBI to monitor that the surrender is peaceful. Cliven Bundy, the father of the 2 patriots that were earlier arrested arrived in Burns and was promptly arrested and taken to Portland’s Multnomah Co. Detention Ctr. & placed in solitary confinement.

MY THOUGHTS. When the patriots were negotiating last night with the FBI, they mentioned that Lavoy’s car had been shot up, and the FBI denied it. The FBI had told the Representative yesterday they would not move on the people, but last night began positioning themselves to assault. The lady Rep. described the FBI as childish “trolls”. I can seriously identify with all this. When my place was assaulted at Aims, after I was arrested I spoke with the negotiator (in case there had been a standoff). I was glad there hadn’t been a standoff because the negotiator was arrogant & obviously not a truth lover. I would not have trusted him. The FBI interrogator handcuffed my hands behind my back, and screamed in my face like some Grade B movie. I found it so silly. Then the FBI made up a totally bogus story about me plotting to blow up their building in Portland. That bogus story was told to the presstitutes. If there had been a shred of reality to that bogus story—which is still out there on the Internet—you know I would have been seriously locked up!! When I was in prison, and my longtime friend an Administrative Judge wanted to visit, they stonewalled approving him for months (which was in violation of the law—an inmate is entitled to get visitors). When he flew in to visit, and they were refusing to approve him, he called Sen. John McCain. The Senator called the warden and in 5 min. both my friend & the senator had approval faxed to them. The pt. is this. The FBI work off of the “reptilian” brain of the mind. They understand power, they don’t understand things like legal rights. To work with them you have to have someone like a Senator with more power to get their attention and immediate compliance.


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