This post is a collection of thoughts on pertinent facts on New World Order.

BIG BROTHER BECOMES THE ULTIMATE VOYEUR. The first concept to mention is the RFID chips. Most of you have already heard about these pesky little spy devices that are the size of a grain of sand and are being put into all kinds of products by the elites’ corporations, such as Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, & Procter & Gamble. The elite’s corporations are working in tandem with the Illuminati, Homeland Security and the Pentagon to insure that everything we have in our lives such as our clothes & shoes can be tracked.

EVER GO FISHING & THE POND WAS DRY? The U.S.A. has no gold. I have mentioned over the years that Ft. Knox’s vault is empty. When America needs gold in the next financial meltdown and collapse of the dollar, if they are not able to seize foreign gold on deposit in America, then we will be goldless. Craig Hulet was exposing the World Order in ’89-90. When he was in the army he had served as the Senior Armor for Ft. Knox. He issued weapons to the guards but no ammo, because his superior informed him that there is no gold to protect. Craig Hulet, who had worked in the govt., had a very credible approach to exposing the World Order, he often used actual govt. documents. He also was well aware of the trauma-based mind control. One of his big concerns were the manufactured fake wars: for instance: War of Drugs, War on Terror that the elite have created to control us. (I am not aware of what Hulet is doing in these days.) Anyway, if you try to find out what is in Ft. Knox by FOIA you learn it is a classified secret. Important people asking to view the fault are told “it is none of your business”!

CRIMINALIZING FREE SPEECH. I had a friend (an elderly man) who had been in a cell with a patriot who taught him to declare his sovereignty, the UPC-straw man-corporate identity approach. You know, I think the book’s title was One Man Out which described how one of the early inventors of the sovereign legal approach won his freedom. Well, this legal approach earned my friend a trip (perhaps permanent) to the psych prison in NC. The Fed judge simply declared him crazy and shipped him to Butner. Likewise, the Feds did not like Brandon Raub’s non-PC facebook posts. On Aug. 16, 2012 he was arrested and also sent to a VA psych ward. As a vet he fell under the domestic spying program that watches returning vets (Operation Vigilant Eagle) to make sure they are not disillusioned & disgruntled! I think they are going to be very busy w/ Operation Vigilant Eagle. Actually, they must be very busy with all Americans, as the FBI threw out any real criteria for why someone is investigated…agents now can investigate any one and do an “assessment”. They are busy infiltrating non-PC groups and watching everyone. One group they watched (just in case they had terrorists) was the Thomas Merton Ctr. which is a Christian group that advocates peaceful solutions to the world’s dramatic problems. Yes, if you hadn’t noticed we have a full fledged police state now.

BLACK. Did you notice the American Winter Olympic uniforms were black?? Black reminds me of Nazi Germany…certainly not the America I grew up with which always wore the red, white, & blue. And we are not done with the Nazi thing. As you may have noticed, they have been arresting some very old men recently that they suspect may have been guards in Nazi Concentration camps. Some of you are probably aware that Hitler & the Nazi occult religion that followed him as god, believed that the spear of destiny (the spear that poked Christ on the cross) gave Hitler the power of god. You can see how Satanic that belief is! Hitler himself did a human sacrifice to gain power. He was certainly a demonic empowered genius…remember that Satan appears as an angel of light…and his top agents are similar to him. The Spear of Destiny creates questions. In the Spear that got returned to Vienna’s Hofburg, where it is displayed, is that a Nazi imitation. Probably as they had many skilled counterfeiters and they believed if they held onto the Spear it would make them invincible. The sub taking the real spear to Antarctica for hiding late in the war was said to have been sunk off Florida. And then there are reports (i.e. Brad Meltzer’s) that a secret Luciferian group has the Spear and is going to take it into the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem to empower the AntiChrist for his global rule.

With all this surveillance & control, it is beginning to feel like America has become a giant zoo run by lunatics. We must not let the World mesmerize us & discourage us. Life goes on. Life is not over. We must focus on what is noble & good. We must focus on the example of Christ. The World has always been rather demonically insane…a study of history will reveal that Christians have usually had to operate under extenuating circumstances. This is a true believers opportunity to show that FAITH OVERCOMES THE WORLD. Don’t waste the time God has given you my friend. Use this wonderful life, and your abilities to glorify the Creator, and the time will come when He in turn will glorify you!!


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