GOV’T PREPARES END-TIME SITES ACROSS THE OZARKS: the bizarre recent construction of Pensmore Castle, multiple large underground bases, & other strange infrastructure in the Ozarks. This post is about end-time facilities the govt. has built in the Ozarks, while giving the rest of us the mushroom treatment. (Those readers who track Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or even the Travel Channel most likely are already aware of these things.)

OZARKS IDENTIFIED AS A SAFE PLACE. A friend (who is a programmed multiple) in 2007 told me that the Ozarks would be a place of refuge when disaster & chaos hits the U.S. After seeing what has been built since then by the govt., the region has my attention! Having lived in the Ozarks in ’76-‘78 when I was Amish, I have been well aware of the large no. of caves, caverns, and tunnels throughout the Ozarks. I’ve personally seen some. In recent years, the govt. has secretly built massive underground structures in the Ozarks that are connected. Jesse Ventura goes into one that is 50 million sq. ft. & is literally an underground city of massive size. It has warehouses, underground farming abilities, crude oil stocks, railroads, etc. In the ‘90’s, I was aware that the govt. secretly had some underground installations in Missouri, but these huge facilities are an entirely new thing. Public access to caverns & tunnels in Missouri are being blocked off.

VERY SUSPICIOUS NUKE PROOF FORTRESS “HOME”. One of the mysterious new sites that seems to connect to all this is Pensmore Mansion, which was started in 2008, & which looks like an enormous castle. Locals nickname it “the castle”. Its rural location is 2700 Woods Fork Rd., Highlandville, Christian Co., Missouri. Pensmore is supposedly the second home of Stephen P. Huff, of Massachusetts/Virginia, but the details concerning it are most unusual. First, its incredible size 72,215 sq. ft. which is close to the size of Buckingham Palace. The White House by comparison is 55,000 sq. ft. Bill Gates’ mansion is also smaller. Next, it was built in a county that does not subject the building to codes or inspections (how convenient!) Next, the man building it, Stephen P. Huff, is mysterious and was army intelligence & CIA. He supposedly left the CIA (cough!) and created a company called Sensor Systems (later renamed Overwatch Systems) which produces software for the military & intelligence agencies. The company logo is the all-seeing-eye. The home is self-sufficient incl. self-sufficient in water, heating & cooling, & was built w/ locals signing non-disclosure agreements for secrecy. The building is on a 500 acre parcel. Construction costs are secret.

STRANGE INFRASTRUCTURE & QUAKES. Mountain View, MO had one bank. But in recent yrs. many banks have come in, so that now they have 1 bank for every 53 people. Jesse Ventura captures the weirdness of this on his show when he says, “In L.A. one bank for 11,000 people—in this tiny town, one bank for every 53 people. 53 people couldn’t even support a bank!” He also points out that the Ozarks have traditionally had few earthquakes, but the area is now having hundreds, as if underground blasting or construction is going on at a furious pace. All this ties in with a previous post of mine, which discussed how Kansas City, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Denver are being prepared to be major hubs in the future…as if the west & east coasts are going to have disasters hit them. It’s been whispered or rumored that Denver would become a future American capital. Obviously, insiders know a lot about what is planned for the future, and feel a need to keep the rest of us out of the loop!


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