This is a short expose concerning the history of t.b.m.c. in Arkansas, the homestate of Bill Clinton.

MAJOR PROGRAMMING CENTERS. When the original Dr. Green (Mengele, aka as Jiminy Crickett, Vaterchen, & other names) began programming Illuminati children in the area, they chose Stuttgart (SE of Littlerock), a town started by a German which has an annual German Heritage Festival. Stuttgart is the co-county seat along with DeWitt, Arkansas. Stuttgart has had some beauty queens come out of it incl. Bunnie Holbert (Miss Ark. ’77) & Furonda Brasfield (part. Of Amer.’s Next Top Model). Stuttgart is flat rice growing land. The area’s major programming center was shifted after a number of years to the Swiss Villa at Lampe, MO which sits in the Ozark Hills close to the Arkansas border. Lampe is a small community surrounded by numerous resorts on the reservoirs. The programming center is a major foundational programming center that has the ability to split children’s minds, give near death experiences, as well as employ new high tech m.c. devices such as virtual realities. The Special Forces troops under m.c. train there, as well as some of the CIA black ops.

CIA PRESENCE. Readers may remember that south of Lampe & SW of Little Rock lays the city of Mena whose Inter-Mountain Regional Airport was the center of CIA drug running flights. The CIA also used a secluded airstrip just north of Mena and just east of the village of Nella. This airstrip also had FBI activity involved with it. Readers may also remember Oliver North (of the Charismatic movement) who at the time used the code name “Cathey” moving around the CIA ops incl. using Camp Robinson, Ark.’s deactivated WW 2 ammo bunker for his secret mtgs. CIA towns get extra security, so during that time period all the pay phones in Mena were bugged by the CIA. (Ours here in OR is McMinnville & the surrounding area, which is also involved in t.b.m.c.). By the way, Mena ran all its blacks out by 1920, and became an all-white “Sundown town”. The name “sundown town” meant that a visiting black had to leave town by sundown. Col. Sander’s (of KFC fame) town of Corbin was another Sundown Town. As you can imagine, the KKK was big in Mena, and their airport had a reputation for doing illegal work on planes…which was handy for the CIA drug running.

THE ILLUMINATI’S PRESENCE. After WW 2, Winthrop Rockefeller (1912-1973) moved to Arkansas. His occupation was philanthropist & politician. People have probably heard me comment how these Illuminati kingpins have as their occupation “philanthropist” –which means their occupation is giving away large sums of money. He was able to self-finance running for governor of Arkansas which he served from 1967-71, while his brother Nelson was gov. of NY. He lived on top of Petit Jean Mtn. near Morrilton, Ark. Winthrop went from private to colonel in the U.S. Army & was placed into the Ft. Benning, GA Hall of Fame. Over the yrs. I have dealt w//known a few of the MPD Rockefeller family members. One person described Winthrop as “ruthless”. His drinking was legendary in Arkansas. His philanthropy supported the creation of medical clinics throughout Arkansas. I have only heard of 3 satanic covens…one in the Rogers-Springdale, Ark. area, an Illuminati one in Little Rock, and another one in Jonesboro, Ark. There are also cult chapels (that pretend to be Christian) in Arkansas that are fronts for Satanic covens.


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